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Is China’s Plan to Destroy World Economy With Coronavirus Backfiring On Them?

A month ago, I wrote asking if China could have intentionally released the coronavirus with the intention of destroying the world economy. I pointed out that the economic collapse would start with the devastating impact the coronavirus would have with the worldwide tourist industry. This would ripple down to cruise lines and airlines and all of the many industries that support them. This would also have a huge impact on tourism in general and many locations around the world that rely on the income from tourism would suffer. In time, it would have a domino effect on virtually all economic sectors except the medical sector which, unfortunately, could see an economic boom at the cost many lives.

What better way to defeat one’s superpower enemies, like the United States, than to destroy our economy and the economy of our allies?

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A month later, we have seen many cities and countries imposing strict travel guidelines. Some have gone as far as to block all travel in or out of certain cities. The World Health Organization has finally declared the highest level worldwide health alert they can impose.

Many airlines and cruise lines are also hurting. I’ve heard from a growing number of people who have had trips abroad cancelled either by the agencies they booked through or they cancelled them themselves for fear of the coronavirus.

This past week has seen the Dow Jones index taking a big hit, the worse in the past few years and it’s all being blamed on the coronavirus.

Japan has been spending millions in preparation of this year’s Summer Olympics, but the fate of these Olympics is being highly questioned. As expected, more and more athletes are wondering if the glory outweighs the risk presented by the coronavirus. Additionally, attendance at the Summer Olympics is certain to be much lower than expected, which will leave Japan in financial straits considering their investment in the games.

There is no doubt that the coronavirus is doing exactly what I predicted it would do a month ago, but I’ve seen some reports that indicate that China’s economy is taking the largest hit of all. It’s important to realize that China has the second largest economy in the world and if their economy collapses, it will directly impact the economies of many other countries including the United States. How could it impact the United States? China owns more US debt than any other nation, at a total of about $1.11 trillion. If China’s economy fails, they could call in the US debt they own and that would not be a good thing.

But, is China’s economy really suffering from the coronavirus?

Listening to a national news report, I heard that in February, China’s manufacturing sector has been hit much harder than predicted. This is critical to China because much of their national economy is dependent on their manufacturing and exporting much of that to counties all over the world, including the United States. One news report said that on a scale of 1-100, China’s manufacturing level had dropped to a mere 35.7m indicating major economic problems.

Therefore, if China did release the coronavirus to destroy the world’s economy, it could be well backfiring on them as it is currently hitting them the hardest.

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  1. It’s all speculation, it’s too early to say tha is China’s fault.

    • Are you for real.Can you say Wuhan China.China wants to be top dog but they screwed up when they contaminated the whole world. Hey Mr China’s premire Ping Pong, you will be paid back and I hope I’m still alive to see it.The debt that you hold will go away as payment for the scourge you brought on the world.May all the free nations of the world triumph. This is what happens when you let Communism run wild,I truly feel for the poor people of China.Also all holdings by China in the USA should be destroyed or absorbed by the USA. If they don’t like it do something about it

    • What rock are you hiding under.Tens of thousands are dead because of Beiging.Hey Ping Pong don’t keep looking to the skies for retaliation. You will not see it coming.

  2. You should warn everyone who orders products online to be VERY careful where their order is shipped FROM. Many American citizens have wondered if this was done intentionally as well. As hard as it would be, I’d like to see ALL travel halted in to the US as people were ALREADY returned here KNOWING they had COVID19. WHY?? That is NOT fair to citizens of our Country that do not travel and WERE healthy. This IS a crisis!

    • I want to only, but MADE in USA, but they did Not tell you this until you get a Bank Accounting of cost and if import?? With a cost on your statements, is then it’s too late. To back out it on your credit card. Thank you for your time hear US out. But let all of use do it DO NOT BUY CHINA 🇨🇳 Made then maybe they’ll get the message. Thanks

      • Great. I’m not buying things from China anymore

      • China will buy and will continue buying up companies at a reduced price and there quite remarkable (because it’s created by the) lack of deaths and spread of the virus. Please the world we MUST NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS.
        Anti China not Chinese

        • Anti China,CCP and their Communist party. We were bound to go round and round and do this dance, only the chinese does not know how to get people to give their all and then some.

  3. I’ve long felt that the virus was created in a lab; their plan was to unleash it on us and it got out of control. That’s in keeping with China’s long-term strategy; read Michael Pillsbury’s book.

    • I agree with you Ernie. From the beginning I thought that China intended to control the world and meant to use germ warfare to achieve that end and someone dropped a bottle with a skull and crossbones on it.

    • I agree that the virus was developed in China as a strategic weapon to destroy the world economy. It accidentally got out of the lab and infected the Chinese population before they had developed a vaccine to protect their people.
      It was part of their plan to dominate the world and enslave the USA and Europe.
      It is a good thing it escaped the lab and infected the Chinese population first.

      • What’s a Million Chinese Peasants Lives and Might Slow Down a 100 Exported Things…To The Million Strong Government With a 200,000,000 Under 30 Military, and Exports 1000s n 1000s of Things Country ??

  4. The current Corona virus caution & concern ought to be the correct response rather than an undue worldwide panic psychologically, unreasonably impacting life’s activities, travel, the economy & politics.
    Covid-19, kin to the common cold virus, is theorized to be a mutant strain engineered in Wuhan, China.
    It’s highly contagious in the winter months as the varieties of flu germ causing significant annual mortality on many of the elderly, infiirmed & immuno-compromised, a reality of the natural cycle of life to death w/o minimizing the grave threat being pro-actively addressed & controlled.

  5. We have to stop buying Chinese items

    • Yes STOP Buying CHINA, but have to remember, it’s the stores that keep,Ordering the thing in China, WHY NOT MADE IN USA 🇺🇸 ONLY, STORES America Want USA Made things. Thanks

    • The problem is everything you buy is made in china. The chinese know this and depend on it. Thanks to the overwhelming greed from american corporations we are at the mercy of the chinese. If the chinese makes the rest of the world dependent on them they can also blackmail the world economy. American corporations who sold their country out for profit are going to find that they are at the mercy of the chinese who are in fact unstable war mongers. The EPA should take a great deal of the blame for companies moving to china. With their out of control and unrealistic regulations they simply moved the pollution from the US over to china. When I think of the EPA I visualize a group of radical hippies trying to force their commune lifestyle on the rest of the country. Unfortunately the influx of uneducated foreigners from across the globe have strengthened the liberal agenda destroying the American culture which has stood for almost two hundred years.

    • Did you know that Tyson foods sends chickens to china to be processed.

  6. Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?
    2. You lust and do not have; you murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war, yet you do not have because you do not ask.
    3 you ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.
    4 adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God. Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

    • Joe Catanzarite

      You have hit the nail on the head, Naomi. But you will never curb man’s “lust” any control will only come from within and inspired by the Deity.

  7. What makes you think
    It was China’s plan? How about maybe, Bill Gates’ plan since he’s all for population control,just like creating a vaccination that causes poor South American and African women to miscarry and become sterile. Quote:
    “This proved right our worst fears; that this WHO campaign is not about eradicating neonatal tetanus but a well-coordinated forceful population control mass sterilization exercise using a proven fertility regulating vaccine. This evidence was presented to the Ministry of Health before the third round of immunization but was ignored.”

    How better to try to control the population than to kill them
    Off with their man made vaccines.

    • Totally Agree He Held a Corona Virus Mock Pandemic Party 10-19-19 in NY with John Hopkins And In December This Covid-19 Emerges Just Don’t Believe it is a Coincidence

  8. let’s not worry about this virus or any that may come in the future, God has it covered (Matthew 6:27) be concerned with the virus that has and is with us each day since the being of mankind and that is Sin take the cure for that and we will all be healed.

  9. I just Pray that the powers that be will put aside some of their greed to help President Trump make America Great again . The fact that we manufacture hardly anything anymore is criminal . Please STOP buying crap that is made in china whenever possible . You may have to pay more but why would You aid in the takeover of our country to save a little money . President Trump warned us about china and even with ALL the headwinds He faces from the dims and even some rep , He is doing all He can . It all started with clinton allowing china into the WTO and since then the powers that be have sold our country to china just to pad their personal bank accounts . Think about this , mitch mcconell sen majority leader went to DC with 100k in his bank account . With a salary of 175k he now has 25 million in bank account . And he is one of the good guys . Both sides have sold us out while we fund our own destruction . Thank GOD for President Trump and His Family and All who support Him .

    • None has a more lust of greed than this president. That is why he called the virus a “new” hoax. This is why he has to tell 13 lies per day. He has duped the 30% and coned them. It is precisely because if his greed that he is willing to sell out the country to Putin. Nothing matter more to him than making a dollar.


    • evelyn anderson


      • Yes, the media should print in bold letters that Obama wanted China (a known enemy of the worst degree) to be making/preparing in their labs, 90% of our Pills and Antibiotics! Who in the world would EVER EVER allow that??? Why, or course, our former president, a friend of the countries that hate America. So now we’re almost “up the creek without a paddle”, i.e., before our supplies run dangerously low (NOW), write your lawmakers to have Trump bring back all production of those pills here in the USA so we know they are of good quality. I hope its not too late before any Americans will die because of lack of these medications. We must always make them here in our great country!

  11. Perhaps China unleashed biological warfare on its own people in Wuhan to see the result. Was it more devastating than they thought, so they watered it down and then allowed it to be transmitted to the rest of the world, so there would be panic. The statistics show that the deaths were of older people with impaired health already. Others are dealing with it like any other flu and maybe do not even know they have it, but people are buying pallets of water — I have not heard they are turning our water off. So China has let lose a devastating economic virus on the world, and whether deliberate or accidental, they should be held accountable, but they will not be. And do we know if the strain that they have shared to try to develop a vaccine is even a correct DNA chain.
    And is this the worse we have. Michigan has an outbreak of tuberculosis that is drug resistant due to the Muslim population that Obama let into our country. The Cali governor is declaring a state of emergency because one person died of the corona virus – what about the disease from their third world slums — bubonic plague, for example.

    If we can get a control on the carona virus and get our economy back on track we will not crash as China wants, but the Democrats have to work with Trump and stop trying to defeat him and panic the people of this country. Two people die of the carona virus and it is headlines — 35,000 die of the “normal” flu and it is business as usual.

  12. Yes maybe it was transmitted on purpose and created by them.

  13. You are so right, I agree with all of that
    Michael Pillsbury is the last word on China .

  14. The normal flu is worse than “19”. Both mostly attack the infirm elderly and those with poor immune systems whose days are numbered already. When this becomes more known the Democrats hoping for the worst will be disappointed again! However, “19” is very contagious and nobody wants to suffer or be “Qed” so much pain ahead. Time buy more stocks! Odds are 5 to 1 up. Maybe 5% down but 60% by Sept. Just my guess and my play.

  15. I have believed for decades that China is intentionally screwing us in every way they can. Our selfish politicians have screwed us, the country and themselves.


  17. What’s a Million Chinese Peasants Lives and Might Slow Down a 100 Exported Things…To The Million Strong Government With a 200,000,000 Under 30 Military, and Exports 1000s n 1000s of Things Country ???

  18. Hi world, if you buy anything, do not buy it if it is connected with China. They gave the world Covid 19, we must give them nothing from now on and beyond. Rest in Peace China Government, you have screwed your wonderful people from the rest of us on our planet. Bad decision but you have missed the big picture and you will now pay for your mistake as you should.

  19. Need the OLD CONSERVATIVE PARTY that was started by Bill Buckley. God knows we need more like him. I left the democrat party when I was old enough but the rest of my family stayed true to the Dems. Mom and Grandma, must be spinning in their graves

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