A self-inflated, self-styled bad*ss got himself in a heap of trouble and may well be branded a terrorist after recording himself licking items at a Walmart in Missouri. The man wanted to show how little he cared about legal countermeasures enacted to slow the threat of contracting the Wuhan coronavirus – by spreading his possibly-infected spittle over store products that others would handle.

Cody Pfister, 26, lives in Warrenton lies about an hour’s drive west of St. Louis along I-70. He decided to fight back against the new strain of infectious coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019, by making a double-dog-dare-you video where he taunted:

“Who’s scared of the coronavirus?”

To drive home his skepticism that the public needs to self-isolate and take precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus, the wayward youth bragged profanely to prove how unconcerned he is in the face of a growing public health emergency:

“I’m a nasty muthuhf***er!!!”

The video went viral on social media sites. Warrenton police stated that people as far away as the Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom had voiced their concerns about the message given. The official police response was:

“We take these complaints very seriously and would like to thank all of those who reported the video so the issue could be addressed.”

Court records indicate that Pfister shot the footage on March 11 at the Warrenton Walmart. The miscreant was taken into custody this week. Warrenton prosecutors charged him on March 24 with making a terrorist threat, a low-level felony.

Pfister was booked into the Warren County jail without bond. The unsanitary protester has previous convictions for burglary, theft of a firearm, drug possession, and driving while intoxicated (DWI).

In another bizarre, yet related, incident, a grocery store manager in Wisconsin called police after an unidentified woman licked a freezer door handle while he was disinfecting them. Her actions were meant to display her blatant disregard for federal and local mandatory business closures and self-isolation measures to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The event unfolded at a Festival Foods store in Marshfield, Wisconsin on the afternoon of March 14, a Saturday. According to the police report:

“While sanitizing handles in the freezer section store manager Marty reported looking over at a woman who proceeded to look at him and lick the door handle of a freezer door.”

The official law enforcement report continued:

“Contact was made with a 53-year-old Marshfield woman who stated she licked the door handle in protest of the Caronavirus [sic]. The female states she has not used this method of protest at any other locations and was told her behavior was uncalled for.”

After the woman “became confrontational with the store manager and law enforcement,” a no-trespassing order was filed. The store manager indicated he had not planned to take legal action before that.

Disinfecting door handles and other frequently handled surfaces is recommended to kill the germ that causes the respiratory disease.

Because grocery stores have been deemed essential businesses and therefore exempted from enforced temporary closures, staff members are taking stricter measures where cleanliness is concerned.

A celebrity-seeking social media user made a recent attempt to kick off a “coronavirus challenge,” popular among youthful viewers. She uploaded a video she took of herself licking an airplane toilet seat to disobey the guidelines crafted to minimize disease transmission.

The hashtag #CoronavirusChallenge did trend for a while but hardly anyone followed suit. Most of the post-challenge conversations focused on either making jokes or sharing strategies to avoid spreading the infection.

People who understand how contagion spreads through groups of people by close contact are objecting more and more to public displays of defiant ignorance. Social distancing – keeping 6 feet away from others – and avoiding high-traffic places can and will help slow this new coronavirus.

Disgruntled college students at packed Florida beaches recorded themselves whining about how inconvenient the antiviral measures were. The uploads went viral but, rather than garner support, provoked widespread outrage online.

Ron DeSantis, Florida’s governor who took office last year, refused to close the annual collegiate ritual pilgrimage to the sunny south, holding that self-quarantine and determining safe interpersonal bounds is each person’s choice:

“Individuals need to take responsibility and every level of government has got to be very clear: Don’t be on the beach unless you can somehow be completely by yourself. I mean, we’ve got to figure out the social distancing.”

At the other end of the public safety spectrum, State Senator and former Florida governor Rick Scott advised everyone to “get off the beach,” if not for their own sakes but to help others:

“Don’t take a chance that you’re going to…cause your grandparent or your parents or another friend from school to get sick.”

Scott drove his point home:

“Every part of government has to start telling people: ‘Take some personal responsibility here. Don’t infect other people. Don’t take a chance that you’re going to be the one who is gonna cause your grandparent, or your parents, or another friend from school to get sick.”

The Florida Senator scolded the spring break beach partyers:

“What are you thinking? Stop doing it.”

30 thoughts on “Missouri Walmart Licker Charged With Terrorism”
  1. People need to stop being selfish. Not everyone has a great immune system, it is not only adults who are endangered but children with lung problems or those being treated for cancer or other respiratory illness. Where is the concern for the children. We are ore our brothers keeper. STOP BEING SEFISH. TRY TO THINK ABOUT OTHERE FOR A CHANGE.

  2. 90 days in jail for the Walmart Licking idiot should be a good sentence. $2.500 fine and 3 year probation. Sounds fair to me.

    1. I don’t know. You just can’t seem to fix stupid and arrogant. I think he needs to be removed from society longer than 90 days. Maybe till he’s an old man, lol, depending on how “dense” he is.

    2. Jail during the coronavirus might just prove to be the death penalty, it’s a crapshoot. He bought his way in with his blatant antisocial behaviour, filmed himself and published it, what a dumbass. I worked in a county jail for 30yrs before retiring. Lotta dumbasses like him in most of em. Some will die in detention, it’s pretty much a slam dunk.

  3. These ridiculous individuals (alias Morons) should be arrested and charged. Maybe a little time in a cell would remind them how stupid they were. Other people are dying from this Virus and these people think they are cute or clever? Are don’t think many of the rest of us would agree.

  4. Poor man. You can tell by looking at him that he has less than “average” intelligence. Where is his CNA?

    1. These people and I use this description with reserve show how the mentality of people has de evolved to less than that of a crap throwing monkey.

    1. This is a virus to the world every age color it has no one in special people are blaming off the wall shit they have no idea what there saying they’re just saying it and I agree with dr peloci it may die down but it could easily makes its way again so maybe on the second round people will see that is a very dangerous virus and also to the people that are licking on stuff omg if you just knew how stupid that looked if you got the virus what would be you say don’t forget you would be awful sickly person

      1. Possible attempted murder?! Maybe they should be deliberately exposed then isolated in a jail cell for 6 months!

  5. These people are of VERY LOW intelligence ! To DEFY the rules that are in place to help keep ALL of us safe
    from this horrible deadly virus, and PURPOSELY, put their mouths, spit, or whatever all over the place, should be PUNISHED by being charged, and in Prison !

  6. Probably went to college and studied how to be stupid. He’s so stupid, put him in a hole pour concrete on him and call him pillar of the community.

      1. This fag is trying to spred his AIDS and Corona virus. How can anyone tell? Just think first of the extreme lack of intellect, therefore the lack of rational judgment in both segments and as for toliet sets it is better than even money he tosses salid

  7. Cody, Cody….. you’re hilarious….. I’ll bet you’re calling yourself a DUMB mo’fer now….. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    Age 26 going on 12…… Ah, American young people…. they just grow up so fast nowadays…. LOL LOL LOL

    Baby boomers spawned some real winners….. LOL LOL LOL LOL

  8. These young people have not been taught to care for others, and they think it’s all about them and they deserve special treatment and don’t have to follow any rules or laws. This reflects on the parents and some of the youth that are in college are getting the idea from Professors, teaching them that they are entitled to all types of freebies. Thank God not all our youth feel this way because some have respect for their parents and others. What is really sad, it this is our future leader’s. My children, grand children and great-grand children, all respect us and their parents. It does not mean they can’t voice their opinions and discuss their ideas with the parents, etc., it just means that respect the fact that other people have opinions and their is nothing wrong with having a heated discussion, but walk away with respect for their ideas, and you might learn a lot of common sense items.

    1. I agree, our youngest was a normal semi-conservative person … two years of liberal college ruined him, and now believes Bernie is the greatest thing ever. Maybe it’s time for “ALL” public places of learning, for all grades 1-12, then college … have two subjects that are off limits … Religion an Politics. Those should be off limits to especially teachers on every level of instruction … and if so, and they got caught spreading “liberalese values” they’d be fired, and then lose their teaching certifications for life.

  9. This jerk has quite a future. He’s a burglar, druggy, thief and now branded a terrorist. His parents must be so ashamed. His cellmates, though, will have a new girlfriend!!

  10. I’m convinced. Satan is in full swing. People (mostly demoncrat/socialist/SICK progressive’s have lost their freakin minds!!!

  11. Maybe these people who are not taking this seriously should go work in the emergency department in hospitals near them. They can work without gowns or masks or gloves. Not because they’re brave but because there isn’t anymore to use. Let them watch people who are sick die. Maybe then they wouldn’t think it was such a joke. They are so brave and don’t want to follow directions. Let them walk around with a sanitizer wiping those same surfaces they want to lick.

  12. Ya know … when people won’t go along with the minor rules … then you can be sure to count on the fact that breaking other laws like the man in article has done in the past won’t matter to them either. It’s way past time that those who’d so willingly disgrace themselves, and do harm to us be taught a lesson. He needs to pull 6 to 8 months hard time, in the prison’s general population … I’m sure someone in prison can find something for him to lick there.

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