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Trump Administration Sues CNN For Millions

U.S. President Donald Trump and his re-election campaign have made good on their threat made last fall to sue CNN as a legitimate news source. The GOPs have charged several media outlets of biased and unfair reporting since the launch of Trump’s 2016 election campaign.

Charles Harder signed a letter dated October 16, 2019, that contained the incumbents’ complaints. The year before, Harder hinted that Trump would take the New York Times to court after publishing a “highly defamatory” investigative report on the Commander-in-Chief’s personal business affairs.

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Harvard Law School professor Rebecca Tushnet, who teaches false advertising law, said the legal arguments raised in Harder’s October letter had “no merit” and, in her opinion, no lawsuit would be filed.


On Friday, March 6, an attorney representing Trump revealed that the lawsuit just filed against CNN seeks “millions of dollars” in damages. The charges include libel against Trump and spreading fake news to Americans.

The complaint alleges that an article published by CNN.com on June 13, 2019, falsely stated as a fact that the Trump campaign had “assessed the potential risks and benefits of again seeking Russia’s help in 2020 and has decided to leave that option on the table.”

At issue is a piece still posted online, contributed by Larry Noble, titled: “Soliciting dirt on your opponents from a foreign government is a crime. Mueller should have charged Trump campaign officials with it.”

According to the lawsuit against CNN, Noble’s “Defamatory Article” makes multiple false claims, including that the Trump Campaign “assessed the potential risks and benefits of again seeking Russia’s help in 2020 and has decided to leave that option on the table” without citing any facts or logic to support this opinionated claim. The complaint stated that the Defamatory Article is false, constituting fake news.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia where CNN is headquartered.

Jenna Ellis, the senior legal adviser to the Trump campaign, said:

“The complaint alleges CNN was aware of the falsity at the time it published them but did so for the intentional purpose of hurting the campaign while misleading its own readers in the process…the campaign filed this lawsuit against CNN and the preceding suits against The New York Times and The Washington Post to hold the publishers accountable for their reckless false reporting and also to establish the truth.”

The suit maintains that CNN knowingly published false information “because there was an extensive record of statements from the Campaign and the administration expressly disavowing any intention to seek Russian assistance.”

Furthermore, “CNN’s actions show willful misconduct, malice, fraud, wantonness, oppression and that entire want of care which raises a presumption of conscious indifference to the consequences, and accordingly the Campaign is entitled to an award of punitive damages against CNN.”

The complaint added that Trump’s legal team issued a request to CNN to retract and apologize last month – a request the broadcast network’s executives declined.

The Trump election team’s legal complaint concludes:

“The Campaign, therefore, was left with no alternative but to file this lawsuit to: publicly establish the truth, properly inform CNN’s readers and audience (and the rest of the world) of the true facts, and seek appropriate remedies for the harm caused by CNN’s false reporting and failure to retract and apologize for it.”

Trump has called out CNN repeatedly and calls the network’s content “fake news.” Other prominent liberal mainstream media outlets have been guilty of unfair and biased coverage, according to the conservatives.

In February, the Trump election campaigners filed two similar lawsuits again the New York Times and the Washington Post.

The NYT went on the legal defense on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, after the lawyers representing the President’s 2020 campaign filed a libel lawsuit that alleged the major newspaper “knowingly published false and defamatory statements” in an op/ed piece that ran in March 2019.

Max Frankel, a former NYT executive editor, penned an article titled “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo” that appeared in the opinion section, which is managed under leadership independent of the company’s news department.

Frankel maintained “there was no need for detailed electoral collusion between the Trump campaign and Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy” since the two parties “had an overarching deal: the quid of help in the campaign against Hillary Clinton for the quo of a new pro-Russian foreign policy, starting with relief from the Obama administration’s burdensome economic sanctions.”

Opinion or not, the Trump campaign’s lawsuit charges that the NYT was at fault because the media giant was “well aware when it published these statements that they were not true.”

The op/ed article was published by the NYT “knowing it would misinform and mislead its own readers” due to the organization’s “extreme bias and animosity” regarding the Trump administration.

The courts will now decide whether published opinions that state untruths as facts are protected by free speech or libelous.

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  1. Jimmie Archie Harris

    I wish all sources of fake news would be fined so much money that they all would learn a serious lesson.
    I am sick and tired of reading news and wondering if it is real or fake. I also become enraged when I read something that is nothing but a lie – therefore fake news.

  2. I am so Happy that President Trump is sueing the Big News Companies for all their worth. FAKE NEWS is BAD NEWS. They have been putting President Trump thru HELL just like the Democrats. Where is the Integrity of the NEWS Companies and the Democrats??? Both need to be sued. Put their money where their mouth is. I like all the improvements President Trump is making. GO TRUMP GO…GO GO..GO………TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!!! From the Real SAMURAIQUEEN. OX

    • Any lawyer who filed this suit may probably face ethics violations by his local bar in future Defamation cases involve damage to one’s reputation as result falsehood by another. That may be difficult to establish in a Defamation suit considering the subject matters of alleged falsehood and personalities involved. Lawyer should critically consider this in his professional career and not just to please Mr President. My advice is allow the media to be and continue with your job as president. Posterity will be a better judge of your presidency.

      • Just read what you had to say. I’m wondering what hole you came out of, seeing it is better to tell the truth and have a great reputation then tell a lye and have to stick your head in sand.

        • It is unfortunate that we can no longer engage in an objective discourse without resorting to insults and name calling. The worst disservice you can do to any leader is supporting him/her and lacking the courage to call him/her out when mistake is made .Kind regards.

  3. I’m glad someone is finally taking action against fake news. I’m sick of it!!! Good luck Mr. Trump.

  4. Good! I am sick to death of the ever escalating lies told against President Trump, as well as for any challenging demonRat! The more outrageous they can make the lies, the better. I hope he gets a HUGE settlement!

  5. Myself and others are very concerned about media making knowingly and damaging false allegations against our president elect. In that same vein of thought the action of many elected political leaders seem to be totally unaccountable to anyone, even God, as they knowingly and maliciously libel and slander American citizens and many of our elected leaders. All the while they stand up their in their high lofty offices and place people in jail for lying to congress. I mean really? Senate minority leader gets away with threatening harm to 2 US Supreme Court Justices? Any other citizen do that and they would be prosecuted for threatening violence to members of the USSC. I’m no legal expert but I and others did not fall off a passing turnip truck and inherently know when our leaders cross a line of fair justice for all. As a highschool student of the US Constitution it is so clear that freedom of speech and press does not grant organizations of media speech rights above any other citizen and should not be allowed to be immune from prosecution for knowingly launching libelous and slanderous attacks on anyone. I am sick of it and DEMAND accountability for harmful lies and slander of other citizens. These same liars want to regulate the 2nd amendment into a right that is no longer a right of the citizens. It’s time to regulate the 1st amendment right to free speech from being used as a tool for lies and deception.

    • There has never been a leader in the world who has successfully held the media ‘accountable ‘.Not even the notorious and unpopular despots in third world countries. The media makes our democracy the envy of world. Granted that the media are not perfect or sometimes biased, just like our leaders and all of us, fighting them will not make them perfect. Only open and truthful communication are the only antidote to excesses of the media.These present law suits may not succeed as proof of malice is usually a high bar to attend because of personalities and subject matters involved.

      • Virus, what country are you from? You make our media out to be something special, in all reality they are the villains that try daily to destroy our democracy, it’s our freedom and our laws that make us the envy of the world, and that includes our slander laws.

  6. It’s about time. These FAKE MEDIA stories are what’s driven our country apart and caused a lot of the hate!
    They need to pay for their LIES! If ONLY the people would vote out the LYING demoncrat/socialist/SICK progressives in November and put a stop to their corrupt deeds!

  7. 👍😂🤣🎉👏 Made my day!!!
    Did you know that CNN is Clinton News
    Network? ❤️ Haha haha 😆

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