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Trump May Veto FISA Bill If “Attempted Coup” Isn’t Investigated

The President doubled down this week warning lawmakers on both sides of the aisle that he would veto the newly passed House bill dubbed the “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Bill” if congress failed to investigate the “attempted coup” – which has undermined his administration for nearly 3-years.

Trump tweeted out that, “many Republican Senators want me to Veto the FISA Bill until we find out what led to, and happened with, the illegal attempted ‘coup’ of the duly elected President of the United States, and others!”

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His apparent warning came after the bipartisan House bill was passed with broad support to reauthorize the investigative tools used by the FBI in obtaining warrant applications due to expire on March 15th.

The bill supposedly reforms the secretive FISA court along with the abuses committed by the FBI outlined by the IG report last year.

The bipartisan bill brought together an unusual cast of characters from vocal Trump supports like Reps. Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, to impeachment crazed critics like Reps. Jerrold Nadler and Adam Schiff, all concerned regarding surveillance abuses by the FISA court.

The bill also has the support of Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray, who said it will protect against future “abuse and misuse.”

Congressmen Jordan from Ohio also chimed in stating “The legislation begins to address the problems that we saw with the FBI’s illegal surveillance of Trump campaign associate Carter Page.”

Who happened to also weigh-in on the merits of the new bill, calling it a “sham.”

Page, a former Trump campaign worker blasted the new bill along with the “failure” of Republican lawmakers to do their due diligence, before attaching their names to the bogus bill, saying it represents a “lazy authorization” of the surveillance tool that improperly targeted him during the FBI’s Russia investigation.

The 48-year old former foreign-policy adviser to the President on Wednesday sent a message to Fox News reminding the network of their coverage of the 2012 attack in Benghazi which claimed the lives of 4-Americans, including his friend, US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

“Just like the Republicans in Congress failed to achieve justice following the death of my friend Chris Stevens, this sham bill represents the latest lazy authorization of completely unchecked bureaucratic power.”

Page continued, “After the Deep State put so many lives at risk, none of the corrupt perpetrators have been held accountable. Meanwhile, Congress has still not authorized reparations from the countless Trump supporters, who remain as powerless crime victims amidst all of the DOJ’s and the FBI’s lies.”

He added: “This remains a historic failure of epic proportions.”

Even Fox’s senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, who seldom agrees with the President, implored him to veto the bill.

Appearing early Thursday morning on Fox & Friends, Napolitano argued that the bill just passed by the House was nothing but “cosmetic” reforms, with little substance

“I want the President to veto this because the President knows he has been victimized by this culture which allows suspicionless warrants on no basis whatsoever,” Napolitano said.

Adding “Mr. President, if you are watching, tell them this is not good enough and it violates the Constitution and that you have been victimized by it,” he continued, speaking directly to President Trump.

“The only changes in this new bill are cosmetic, some secret reporting requirements to the attorney general,” Napolitano said, adding that “the same thing will happen again.”

The likelihood that the President will veto the bill is almost a certainty if he doesn’t get a promise that a real investigation concerning those within the deep-state, who attempted to overthrow him, isn’t being properly investigated.


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  1. anything the liberal whinnie democrats have hidden need to be exposed and show publicly and tell the people whether they like it or not

  2. Add paranoia to trump’s problems.

    • paranoia is an illusion of something not there, jim, why then as an example 17 errors in the process and all slanted against MY President and his Team? Some will forever refuse to believe they are part of the problem and not a solution to bringing together our country. President Trumps problem is that he must stand and defend all Americans, even those that would be considered dangerous and crazy.

    • I suggest you support a full Republican ticket. Once we re-elect President Trump, regain the House, and strengthen our representation in the Senate, you and I will join millions of others in urging the Republicans to find a way for people like you to succeed from the United States.

      This could not happen under the Democrats because, as you know, all they want is power and money. But there’s a chance with the Republicans who do respect individual rights.

      You and those like you, all the muslim “refugees”, illegal aliens, discontented minorities, etc. can form your own country. I’m as sure you will prosper and thrive as I am that Jeffery Epstein committed suicide.

    • Are you complete stupid… or just asleep.??

    • Dear Mr President,,
      Please do not sign this bill until It is posted on a web site for everyone to see. With or w/o your comments below the bill.

  3. Our lawmakers and law enforcement and courts have proven that they can not handle, in a responsible manner, the power that FISA and FISC have been given to combat foreign terrorists.

    Citizens of this country would be better off without this terrorist protection if we have to give up our rights under the constitution. The FBI, NSA, and CIA can still investigate foreigners suspected of working to hurt us. They can do this without FISA or FISC.

    They are using these powers as weapons against the citizens of our country and the average citizen does not have the money to fight them. Even Trump didn’t have the money to protect himself. How does the average citizen do it other than STOP VOTING for any politician who supports and votes for continuing this corrupt FISA system. It can not be fixed. It needs to be discarded.

  4. LOCK up the ones guilty for TREASON and SEDITION as per the U.S. Constitution. Remove them from Office ASAP in HANDCUFFS. One Concerned Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. To many to name but it’s already known just who they are . As long as their in any kind of office in our government they won’t go away . That only leaves one way to deal with them . Fire them first then arrest them . Best to do this befor they can kill any more for knowing who and how their corruption works

  6. We will have no reform as long as the democrats keep getting their way . The republicans have to grow a pair and start sticking together like the democrats. That’s the only positive thing I have to say about the democrats is that they stick together. Republicans if you are now the party for the people then start fighting back and not give into them. Don’t take the easy road. Trump deserves some justice. McConnell telling us all that it’s going to be looked into and not doing it then it’s not looking good for your leadership. This will continue to happen to every republican person running for office if not vetoed now. Don’t allow Obama to keep influencing congress. The sad part is the democrats don’t even try to hide it anymore because they know the republicans won’t do anything about it. Look at Schumer, if he was republican he would have been expelled.

  7. FISA was abused multiple times. Someone should be held accountable. Is it Congressional, judicial, or FBI? Someone should be held accountable. I realize that it is most likely many people, but somebody should be named as a scapegoat if need be.

  8. The Demoncratic Congress voted themselves immunity from prosecution. This is why no arrests have been made. Understand; the Democratic party has aligned with big-money donors, the media, foreign puppet masters, Leftist judges/Supreme Court Judges, District Attorneys, FBI, CIA, etc…they are all connected with each other and covering each other’s butts. Trump is so within his rights to demand a thorough investigation into this sham, but at this point, it would not be fairly conducted as the Democrats are still ruling the House and would be the one’s investigating this corruption. Crooks investigating themselves and their crimes, undoubtedly will go no where.

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