There have been disturbing reports from various news outlets that white supremacist groups are planning on using the coronavirus to intentionally infect Jews, and others who they believe are the “enemies of the state.”

According to the Associated Press, The FBI’s New York office recently sent out an alert to local authorities warning of extremist groups it said are encouraging their members to spread the novel coronavirus to police and Jewish people.

The alert, which was reportedly issued on March 19, said that “members of extremist groups are encouraging one another to spread the virus, if contracted, through bodily fluids and personal interactions.”

ABC News reported that the alert warned that the racist groups were urging their members to go to places where Jewish people “may be congregated, to include markets, political offices, businesses and places of worship.”

The alert also reportedly said some white supremacists and neo-Nazis were urging members who contract the virus to spread the disease to cops by using spray bottles.

In a statement to The Hill earlier this week, a spokesperson for the FBI said that while the agency’s “standard practice is to not comment on specific intelligence products, FBI field offices routinely share information with their local law enforcement partners to assist in protecting the communities they serve.”

The report comes as the Anti-Defamation League reports some extremists have been pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories online that blame Jewish people for the spread of the virus.

“As the coronavirus has spread, we have observed how white-supremacists, neo-Nazis, and others have used this to drive their own conspiracy theories, spread disinformation and incite violence on their online platforms,” Michael Masters, who heads the Secure Communities Network, a nonprofit that works to “serve the American Jewish community concerning matters of communal safety,” told ABC News.

“While the world faces a deadly pandemic, it’s a stark reminder that certain groups – notably the Jewish community and law enforcement – must also continue the battle against those who wish to hurt or kill them,” Masters added.

The disturbing report arrives as New York has seen a spike in COVID-19 cases in recent weeks amid an international outbreak. The CDC recently referred to New York as the “epicenter” of the coronavirus outbreak in the US.

What do you think? What was it about this woman that caused all near her to be sickened? Please reply using the comments below.

23 thoughts on “White Supremacists are Weaponizing the Coronavirus!”
  1. BullS_it propagated like the Corona Virus itself by the fake news media to keep their uninformed Jewish voting block solidly in the Demonrat column. If any group were to do this it would be the Antifa and Black Lives matter loons who are the defacto militant arm of the Democrat Party.

    1. All’s I see here except for one normal individual are ignorant racists and imbeciles who can’t seem to understand they are a losing minority. This isn’t the good o boy‘S Broke dick white man’ s club. Any longer. You people are nothing but lying, cheating, low life’s without honor. You can have a difference of opinion but, when it comes to hate you imbeciles have stepped over the line of decency . The end is near . Cliff you need to be on meds . What you have written isn’t of a person of sound mind and body. .Your a sociopath who believes in fairy tails . You have absolutely NO credible evidence. What you do have is bullshit from fringe nationalist white pride groups who are dangerous to the Democratic republic of these United States of America . 🇺🇸

      1. First of all You read exactly like one of those Deranged Anti American Disease Brained Liberal Lefty Lunatics that would be out rioting with the Fascist Brown Shirt ANTIFA Thugs , Second My country ,Not yours Comrade is a Constitutional Republic

      2. Yes the Communist Yellow Skin Slant Eyed Gook Demons are Weaponizing Coronavirus to Kill Americans.

        1. You have to remember that Trump ordered a drone strike on Iran and they are close allies of China. I believe that it is germ warfare.

    2. There are probably no more than 2000 legitimate “white supremacy” types in the country yet somehow they are always in the news headlines. Funny how the fake news and propagandists try to always stir the pot.

  2. We should round up these disgusting anti semites put them all in one place and allow them to spread the virus among themselves and maybe nature will step in and thin the herd.

    1. Thinning the herd is what’s going on now with covid19! Aka the wuhanflu! Maybe our good white supremacist group friends are a part of that grand plan! Frankly I’m disgusted that nothing is ever done or said for my people, (indigenous native Americans): here on OUR stolen land! And right before our eyes your still stomping on the bones of our ancestors while spouting your ” poor jew” BULLSHIT propaganda! JEWS ARE NOT FROM THIS COUNTRY MORON!! How dare you! Also FUCK YOU! FUCK your jews, your Muslims and all of y’all who are NOT indigenous native Americans EXCEPT for the white supremacist! Indians actually get on quite well with most of them when our paths cross! I dated 3 gorgeous gifted skin heads during my lifetime and have a dear friend who’s one today! (Also a gorgeous guy!) I also spreche Deutsche! You and all yours should head back to your jew holy land and wail at your wall and leave my country to my people and our friends the neo nazis, white supremacist, and skin heads because nobody here owes jews shit!

    2. Yes- it’s utter stupidity to think u can spread this virus without infecting yourself and those you possibly care about.

  3. This is too late..The DEMOCOMMUNISTS have already been doing this from day 1.
    Ask bill gates and fraud OBUNGHOLE. After all their “film”? about a pandemic came out LONG before the virus was ‘discovered” with financial help from the DNC, and fraud obunghole, and guess who owns “labs” in wuhan china? BILL GATES. Coincidence? I think NOT.

  4. Gee, funny how the FBI can always find these plots by ‘White Supremacists’ (sic),but could not find Shrillary’s illegal e-mails under their nose. Makes one think it may be time to do a complete housecleaning at Feeble Eye and the Obama Department of obstruction of Justice.

  5. By extremist groups, you mean Muslims, Democrats, Antifa, and other Socialists, like the Sanders Staff Person who plans to put away all Trump Supporters, and the person who wants to attend Trump rallies if she got the virus?

  6. Anybody that does something like that no matter who they are makes them terrorists. And should be treated like they are. And also be charged with premeditated murder because if they intentionally infect, somebody down the line will die.

  7. Something people need to keep in mind is that “White Supremacist” are part of the “Left”, i.e. “Progressives”. When one learns history one finds that what the “Progressives”; i.e. Democrats, Socialist, etc.; promote is the same thing the German National Socialist Worker Party from the 1920s through 1940s. And they got a significant portion of the ideology, especially the racial and eugenics ideology, from the “Left” in the US in the early 1920s. The “Left” started claiming the German National Socialist Worker Party were part of the “Right” in order to distract people from noticing they promote the same things.

    So what is being said is that “Progressives” are going to try and spread the virus to people. And since part of the ideology of the “Left” is “The Ends justifies the means” it is something they would do.

  8. What would the courts say if one shoots a person who purposely sprays him with something?

  9. Tell you what I will believe that bullshit when the FBI becomes honest and admits their role in the failed coup on Trump, till them their full of shit in my book.

    1. Be careful. Biological warfare is not new. Lab breaches not new. What the innocent need is the truth!!! This issue speaks of things created by evil. “What goes around comes around“…..

  10. I read an article back in February that Bill Gates was the owner of the patten on this strain of Corrona Virus. And that it was developed in His Medical Lab in Wuhan China and back in 2019 around October or sometime I’m not certain on the date but that He Bill Gates was speaking at an engagement where he was reported saying we need a pandemic to straighten out things or something weird to that affect. Not an exact quote.

  11. I find it amazing that with all the people dieing both hear and around the world amid all the suffering the news can only find the nuts on the fringe who want to do nothing but do as much damage as possible and barely a line about the old priest who have his vintilater to a younger person so that they might live even though it ment the priests death or the children who are thanking the people who stay on the job at the risk to their own lives to make sure we have the goods and service’s we need not more than a foot more to doing good but a full page spread to loonies, what’s up with that?

  12. Yes the Commie, Yellow Skin, Slant Eyed Demons are in fact Weaponizing Coronavirus to KILL Americans.

  13. As a Racial Nationalist I find this difficult to believe. I have been in the White Supremacist’ movement for over 40 years and this is the first I have heard of this nonsense. Here is our take on this, and note nothing is mentioned of Jews: China, The Godfather, and the Democrats.

    Sometimes art portrays real life, and sometimes it is the other way around.
    The possibility that Coronavirus was intended to act as a diversion by the Chinese in their power grab in the South China Sea, is a real one. Consider that Indian researchers offered a paper on the Coronavirus shortly after it first emerged that found 4 HIV inserts. This forced them to conclude that this was “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature”. In short, it was a virus altered by human bio-engineering.
    Add to this fact is that China, according to the Voice of America, is now moving military hardware to disputed islands in the South China Sea, and some may argue that the Coronavirus outbreak was a diversion. These are the same criminals that gave us Tiananmen Square, after all.
    China is on the move, and it can be argued that they are making this move because they knew that there would not be a unified US response. After 3 1/2 years of the Democrats and controlled media attacking the duly elected president with the most vicious conspiracy theories, our enemies may have seen this as an open invitation. The Democrats and media even attacked Trump for trying to rectify the trade imbalance with that same Communist China.
    In a way, it’s kind of like the scene from The Godfather, where Sonny, opens his big mouth, and shows family division to Sollozzo, the drug dealer. It was an open invitation for Sollozzo to take out The Godfather. This in fact, led to a war between the Five Families, and the Corleone family.

  14. In the Jan/Feb 2013 issue of Science Illustrated, it was discussed the various ways that earth could come to an end. Everything from celestial collisions, to the eruption of a supervolcano, was covered.
    On page 29 of this chilling issue it mentions ‘synthetic diseases’, or diseases that were created, or altered, by man. Here is what it says:
    “In 2011, scientists from the Netherlands and the United States created airborne versions of the “bird flu” virus, making an already-serious disease even more so. If it had escaped the lab, the infectious agent could have spread to millions of people before a vaccine could be developed.”
    This sounds strangely familiar with Coronavirus making the daily news. In fact, some scientists from India have observed that this virus had HIV inserts, in four places. This forced them to conclude that this was “unlikely to be fortuitous in nature.”

  15. What’s the difference , the delusional democrats are the white supremacist and they been acting this way for the last 3 + years now . So what makes this any different . They never stop trying to kill our people . Ask hillary she’ll tell you and nasty nancy . I’d say mad max to but they would more then likely kill her .

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