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“WOW” Democratic Lawmakers Praise Trump’s Handling of the Pandemic

It has taken a worldwide pandemic, thousand of deaths, and a near collapse of our US economy, for some influential and committed Democrats to finally recognize that the man sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office is doing an “incredible” job in handling the health crisis.

That astute observation came from none-other then Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar Wednesday night, after witnessing the President’s daily task force coronavirus briefings.

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The unexpected praise from the extremist Democrat seems to be contagious (excuse the pun), in that other prominent Democrats have also publicly praised the President’s leadership.

However, Omar’s praise is meaningful because of her staunch criticism of the President’s immigration policies, making it all the more surprising saying it was “incredible and the right response in this critical time.”

Moreover, another member of the infamous “squad” Rep. Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts had said earlier in the day, after witnessing the round-the-clock briefings coming from the White House; “unprecedented times require unprecedented leadership” while Omar added, “we are seeing that in our country right now.”

The love-fest actually began several weeks ago when the President reached out to the nation’s governors, assuring them that whatever they needed, they would get, moreover those states that were especially impacted by the deadly virus would be first in line to get federal aid.

California was one of the states devastated by the virus and in need of quick federal aid. The governor no fan of the President, reached out to the administration concerning the virus plagued cruise ship, the “Grand Princess” stranded only a few miles off the California coast. The President assured Governor Newsom that his administration would be there to assist.

Newsom held a press conference that same day, as infected passengers and crewmen were debarking of the ship in Oakland and being treated for the virus. The governor told reporters that “every single thing he [Trump] said, they followed through on.”

The governor then confirmed that he had a private conversation with the President, who told him, “We’re gonna do the right thing,” and, “You have my support, all of our support, logistically and otherwise.”

Newsom then added that the administration did  “everything that I could have hoped for.”

Adding, “And we had a very long conversation, and every single thing he said, they followed through on,” he continued, praising Vice President Mike Pence as well.

While over on the East coast, another progressive governor usually at war with the administration, also praised our Commander-in-Chief, the governor in question, none-other then New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo, who acknowledged that the President is “on it” when it comes to the administration’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

Cuomo said “New Yorkers will do everything they can to be good partners with the federal government. “I think the President was 100% sincere in saying he wanted to work together in partnership, in a spirit of cooperation.”

Adding, “His team has been on it,” Cuomo continued. “I know a team when they’re on it. I know a team when they’re not on it. His team is on it.”

The President when asked by reporters about the governor’s praise regarding his administration’s handling of the pandemic Trump responded, “We had a great talk this morning. We’re both doing a very good job,” adding “we spoke this morning.”

Perhaps the biggest surprise came from CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash, who no doubt went on a limb and lauded the President’s leadership, despite the networks promise to take down the administration at all cost.

Bash noted that Trump has struck a more measured tone in recent days while the administration has won praise from Democratic governors.

“If you look at the big picture, this was remarkable from the President of the United States,” Bash said following the briefing. “This is a nonpartisan, this is an important thing to note and to applaud from an American standpoint, from a human standpoint.”

Adding, “He is being the kind of leader that people need, at least in tone, today and yesterday, in a tone that people need, and want and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty,” she added.

For us, the “deplorables” the President hasn’t changed, he has always been the kind of leader that people need…even for progressives like Bash.

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  1. Awww shucks! Is this for real? Democrats pealing intolerance and hate off, and expressing gratitude? Vicious critism I’d expect.

  2. Barbara BLUMBERG

    Who cares what Omar and her Squad say? Good or bad what she says has no authority. Stop giving her publicity.

    • I do agree with you 💯🇺🇸 We should not allowed any muslins in our country their religion is against everything we stand up for it I don’t want any of them in our army government frankly I want to kick all of them from USA all of them are the enmities of America if they can !they will burn us or covert to islam why do think they are coming here and Europe hemmmmm think about
      Not only you but all non muslins should think about it good luck for America with our enmities in between us

    • Strip the Commie bitch of her Citizenship put her and her husband brother in jail for Immigration fraud, and deport the scum back to Somalia after they get out of Jail!!! POS C–T!!!!!

  3. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

  4. Sleazebag Omar just wants to get along right now to keep her high paying job and shovel money to her new husband political business. Nothing more.

  5. We praiise God for all these positives responses; however, we need to pray for these people’s salvation. Without regeneration there’s no change of heart. We don’t put band aids on sick hearts.

  6. Now is the time for healing, Spirit, Soul, and Body. Read 11 Chronicles 7:14. (If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.)

  7. Don’t believe their praise for one minute !!! Wonder where the knife is they plan to stab in his back. Evil people don’t change.

  8. This is great I myself am glad to see it the President has shown the American people and the World that yes we can come together in times of crisis. AMEN. Let’s all hope this is not short lived and both party’s can move as one from this day forward. All of the world is watching this country and it’s leaders let’s give them the greatest out come from this emergency and that’s we the people can overcome when we stand together. United we stand divided we fall.

  9. She’s putting on an act. Lying hoping Trump will overlook her wickedness in trying to destroy anything decent in President Trump and America and Isreal. Marrying her brother to bring him into America.

    • he truly is a good man and loves our country. he came in office and has been attacked and investigated from the day he won. nothing but hate from the left and he has fought back from day one to survive. But now he can show what he is really like. Hope you really open your eyes.

  10. If it weren’t for Trump and his “I know everything about everything” attitude the U.S. would not be going through the crisis we are now. Disbanding the Pandemic Response Team is one of the bigger mistakes (among many) that Trump has made. Our “Stable Genius” has proven once again he is not a genius. He continues to tell the public lies and is almost immediately corrected by someone who knows the facts. Our economy is going to hell in a hand basked, thousands of Americans are sick, hundreds have died. He has no heart and doesn’t care about the millions who have lost their jobs and can’t afford food or that children who rely on schools for their meals are now having to do without.. If it weren’t for other members of his staff nothing would be done. The only thing he seems to be upset about is the stock market!

    • Riii-i-i-i-ight, Trump caused the Virus, personally brought it in to our country himself. Funny all the Blue states are the first and worst infected with it. I’ll take Trump’s America over anything offered by any Demorrhoid president, period. Maybe someday you’ll realize the withered fruit of your own hateful, ignorant, divisive commentary.

  11. God works in mysterious ways.

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