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COVID-19 Attacks Black Populations Throughout the United States

We all know that a virus can’t be racist, however it seems that the media has yet to figure that out. In a recent report by NBC News, it was stated that “African Americans may be dying from COVID-19 at a higher rate” and that they would need to have more racial data to determine exactly how many Blacks were affected by the virus.

The facts they relied on for their report were from stats received stating that 70% of people dying in Chicago from COVID-19 were African Americans—although Blacks only make up 30% of the city’s population—and that 81% of people dying in Milwaukee County were Blacks—although the county is only 27% Black as a whole.

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To make matters worse, the article goes on the discuss how African Americans are facing higher rates of death than anyone else and that this has been seen in other places like Philadelphia, Detroit. What’s most shocking is that after giving such statistics, the advocates and health officials in the report go on to suggest that more data be given on African Americans so that the pandemic itself could be better understood.

The only thing that is understood here is that somehow race has found its way into a viral pandemic that will somehow turn global if we continue to allow the media to control the information that we receive. To suggest that African Americans are more prone to the virus given their inability to pay for medical treatment is not only racist, but it’s also very ignorant.

There are a large number of poor White, Spanish, and people from other races and cultures throughout the United States who are unfortunately seeing their fair share of suffrage from this unfortunate pandemic that is currently ravaging through our communities. To single out one race in an effort to prove to the world that Black people are at a higher disadvantage is not only irresponsible, but it’s also lacking in factual weight.

In the report shared by NBC, it was admitted that statistics and data on race and its correlation to COVID-19 was incomplete. If this is so, why would the network bother to discuss the deaths of African Americans in this country without making it clear that the numbers were representative of smaller populations of Blacks that lived in certain pockets throughout the United States?

Has the ignorance of fear and racial divide found its way onto a platform that was once wholly reserved for a universal illness? Is this merely the beginning of a racial war that is targeted toward Black people within this country? Does the network not understand the impact it has on less educated individuals who may not know to do their own research, and instead, will simply accept what they are fed through the media?

Either way, this is far from good. Not only are we witnessing the beginning of a one-world system through this global pandemic, but we are also witnessing the attempt to smear the African American with ideas that they are more susceptible to deadly diseases than anyone else.

It should come as no surprise if the government soon uses racial data to determine which group should be quarantined and which should not. To state that all members of a certain group have the same immune system is not only ludicrous, but it also shouldn’t be allowed in the media. Responsible media is imperative to overcoming any pandemic and it requires the use of compassion, intelligence, and unbiased reporting.

Hopefully we can all learn a lesson in this type of reporting. If not, we will all suffer from it sooner or later.

By Audra L.

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  1. Personally, I am sick and tired of “the race card”, being yet again, pulled out of the stack. A virus or disease does not know color. ALL people of ALL color are being exposed to this virus. Everyone everywhere have heard precautions to take during this time. Being in the medical field. If any, we bend over backwards towards anyone in a medical situation. People are so ignorant to facts.

    • I have never seen a virus that could target specific races or economic groups! What utter BS. The poor of ANY color are often struck with multiple health issues, as well as tending to live in larger groups. THERE is your answer. And BTW, wealthier people have also caught it. How does that fit into this idiot scenario?

    • Amen. This race card is being used when it’s to their convince. Maybe it’s time for a reverse racial attitude and let’s see how that goes. Some people needs to start taking personal responsibility for their actions and get off their lazy asses and be productive humans.

    • The only racist people are the people who claim that they are the only people who face obstacles and believe they are not responsible, they can continue to play and scream VICTIM! And do nothing! Stop perpetuating the lies! Put on your big boy pants!

  2. Michael Anderson

    Last I checked we were all from the HUMAN race, same type immune system. We were all created by God.

    • Anyone who knows history and the Bible knows there is only one race. It just shows the intelligence of these hacks that think they are journalists.

  3. The most irresponsible statement….and Joe Biden picked it up and is using it against Trump….He stated that Blacks and Hispanics are dyring at a higher rate. What an idiot. Maybe it is because, as in Texas, this week,a Congressman saw numerous large gatherings of black youth in his community, all standing and hanging around together, no masks, no distancing. They are idiots, and are they more likely to get the virus than a white person staying at home, the answer would be YES! If Blacks and Hispanics are not following the guidelines to keep the virus at bay, then they are putting themselves at higher risk. THIS VIRUS DOES NOT KNOW COLOR. What a despicable article on racist virus or racism in the treatment of the virus. RIDICULOUS!

  4. Damn chinese are attacking the black population. But. Only American blacks. You will also note that china does not have a black population nor does russia. It is great science when you can engineer a virus to attack a specific race. Can we get a virus to attack a specific ideology? That would be most valuable. How about the communist msm.

  5. Racist? How about obesity, diabetes, smoking and many other medical conditions in this segment of the population?

  6. It just goes to show you-again and again, racism is alive and well America! White Fools!

  7. Personal racism has very little to with COVID 19 death rates among African Americans. However institutional racism and its madding and dangerous effects have a direct effect on African American health and well being. ITS THE SYSTEM!!!!

  8. 90-95% of the people in Chicago who die from Lead poisoning are Black too.
    It happens every weekend for years now.
    The MSM news never seemed to be worried about that one.
    It’s all political BS being used to try and smear the President in any way they can muster.

  9. The fact is that a lot of African Americans have hypertension and that’s one of the preexisting conditions that can cause death with this virus. Had the people around those who caught the virus followed the safety guidelines, these people probably would not have gotten the virus in the first place. Racist virus, no, race bating media.

  10. Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure all frequent symptoms in that community are common with Covid mortality. Maybe the racists who are pushing for some Gummint program to address the high incidence found in that demographic SHOULD consider quarantine. Then watch the crime and murder stats drop.

  11. If I were hazard a guess, Blacks have more diabetes and obesity, percentage wise, than the rest of the American population. Check out the facts before playing the race card

  12. In my humble opinion, the article is written by a person who is hiding bigotry under a tarpaulin of quasi religious fervor against racism. The article itself is racist.

  13. People who would rather live all jambed up in public housing and sit on their butts and eat junk food all day rather than get up, get a job and take care of themselves are more likely to die of anything.

  14. Only racist people see everything as racist, including virus’s.

  15. The only things that are racist are the media and the left wing.

  16. Well the democrats exploit 3 words: racist, unconstitutional, xenophobic. That’s their answer to anything that doesn’t agree with them. Obama is the one who started the racial divide in this country.

  17. Seems to me the virus is hitting Democrat run cities with sanctuary cities.

    • Exactly! Maybe the fact that illegals and the poor often ignore immunizations that help strengthen the immune system has something to do with higher numbers of cases? You literally reap what you sow!

    • Haha haha haha
      The black community and the virus comment in this article was taken out of context. Idiots.
      But I loved your comment! “Democrat run and sanctuary cities”! Haha


  19. Those Do-Nothing Demo-Crooks media suckers are always stuck on race, This reporting is trying to dissuade African American from voting for our greatest President ever, but sorry for you leftists, because African Americans are going to turn-out for our present PRESIDENT like never before in our entire history and that scares the do-do out of those Do-Nothing Demo-Crooks. African Americans = Landslide in the 2020 reelection of our great President. YEAH BABY! ..2020..2024..2028 here we come

  20. When the left hasn’t a viable argument it pulls out the race card. it is usually the joker!. this is to qualify every accusation they make. it is time to expose them and why the word even exists. it was created because the word prejudice didn’t carry enough hatred in its meaning. everyone holds prejudice to many things, not just people. the reasons being many and complicated. it was the democrat that formed the opinions of the black man for one reason for their profit. it started when Lincon signed the emancipation creating the Citizen notice the capital C because the black was created by the government They were given five acres and a mule. the Democrats many who owned the banks controlled title to the land. they ensured that the land given was the poorest to be had. the blacks now without a house or tools to build one or plow and harness for the mule were forced to sell the land to live. they now became sharecroppers to the bankers that owned the land. they had to “borrow” from the company store. now the bankers had control. These people were allowed to survive and when one is dressed in rags you are looked down upon from others who thought themselves better and superior. many blacks excelled anyway despite the democratic run banks and government. The democrats formed groups with only one goal, to keep the blacks down with the industrialization of cotton slavery would’ve become too costly and abandoned.it was the banks that pushed their freedom because the plantations had the best land and the only way to get it was to bankrupt the owners. to get the land given to slaves they too were driven bankrupt. now the banks own the land and the organizations created by Democratslabled the blacks as second class citizens and as ignorant and untrainable and not to be allowed to advance own business and most of all vote. how many rules were set by Democrats to prevent them from voting? jump forward and look at the Democrat. They still want to control the money, and will. I predict they will try to ban the use of cash. telling us it is the way the virus is spread. everyone will panic and start using the plastic. now the government can track every cent exchanged. now they are able to tax every cent. it will only take stopping the press that prints the dollars. stop making coins and they will be gone quickly by people holding them. it will take only an act of Congress to make it illegal to use in any transaction. now the government has control. it already has ownership of your land.just because it is paid for doesn’t mean you own it. you don’t have the title it is a warranty deed and subjects to liens because the banks own title. more control. we are divided by the government to keep us distracted. racism is only one way. Well, I have extended my rant far too long. I feel my pain medication taking hold. I had to put my feelings down before my mind turns foggy and hope you all understand and I thank all who do and read my posts even as they wander about from subject to subject. stay well people I can’t afford to lose even one reader. God Bless America. ——Grampa

  21. Grandpa . You said it beautifully.
    I hope the readers “listened” and learned.

  22. Yet in San Diego not one black individual has died.

  23. Really ? Only a idiot would ask a question like that . It’s a virus that kills . Because trump called it the Chinese virus you ask this question ? Really ? Didn’t it come from China ? Just Like the other virus that were named for where they came from . Trump like most call it the Chinese virus . What’s so hard to understand about that ? Only the delusional democrats use crap like this to blame on trump . It’s all they could come up with . No real thought as to what they say . Kind of Sounds like a crazy old lady bitching about something her husband did 2 years ago . Just can’t let anything go

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