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Pelosi Is Trying To Overshadow Trump’s Press Conferences

As President Donald Trump beams into American homes with his daily coronavirus briefings, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided the best way to counter him is to be everywhere — even if that means doing so from her San Francisco kitchen.

Almost daily, Pelosi pops up on one network or another — even cycling through the late-night talk show junket — dropping in for interviews from a computer propped up on a dining room table that sits just off her West Coast kitchen.

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“He has the bully pulpit and that’s a good thing for a president to have. It’s a bad thing for the health of the country if the president is not speaking truth,” Pelosi said in an interview. “Our purpose is really to say how do we follow the science, the evidence, the data … that will take us down from this.”

For Pelosi, leading the counterprogramming is the most effective antidote to Trump’s nearly daily briefings. Since first joining the news conferences a month ago, Trump has been repeatedly criticized for peppering his appearances with falsehoods during the briefings, which often stretch beyond two hours.

And even as former Vice President Joe Biden becomes the presumptive Democratic nominee, it’s Pelosi who remains the most prominent face of opposition against Trump.

For Pelosi, confined to her residence like much of America, it’s the longest stretch she’s slept in her own bed in years. During normal times, Pelosi is juggling her legislative load with a fast-paced fundraising schedule that has her crisscrossing the country more than 200 days a year, hauling in hundreds of millions of dollars for the Democratic Party.

But these aren’t normal times — and as the coronavirus continues to claim more lives each day, Pelosi, like all Americans, has been forced to adjust. That means uncharacteristically staying in one place — right now it’s San Francisco, but Pelosi has also traveled back to Washington to help shape the coronavirus relief bills.

And as a top negotiator in those trillion-dollar talks, Pelosi has worked to hold the line against Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, demanding to go bigger even if it meant delaying a deal for days as unemployment numbers and political pressure increased.

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  1. piglosi is a disgrace

  2. This lunatic woman is so full of crap it’s pathetic…get off the tv and do your job you incompetent piece of crap! Let’s try putting you on furlough for awhile or laying you off…with no pay! How about making a contribution to the people who put you in office..take it from all that stock you own and your millions..you don’t care about the people, you are only satisifying your own greed…greed for power…time for you to go!

    • She says that Trump just puts lies up on his briefings. You should go by science, evidence and data. What does she think he’s been doing? He’s been doing all of that. She says he lies!!! Almost every word out of her mouth is a lie.

      • Trump has gotten smarter than Pelosi when he hold these conference he has the VP, Dr. and others backing him, so she certainly shouldn’t say he is lying when the others . She is pitiful and needs to get out.

    • Pelosi encouraged her constituents to celebrate the Chinese New Yesr in opposition to Trump’s stay at home advice and that led to the spreading of the virus in her state… you can bet what ever our President says she says the opposite… she held up the last bill trying to add non virus crap and so many suffered and died due to the lack of funding.

  3. With all the bs and corruption from nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Nader, these are Democrats we can do without. Maxine waters is another one. I hope the people vote these idiots out of office come november. They are all liars and do more harm than good for the american people.

  4. Why is Pelosi not doing this from China town? She hasn’t been at her home long or Rigamortis would set in.
    She needs to stop and face facts, she is too old to run for President and she is too old to do her job. Pelosi is doing her best to tear down Trump, when she needs to be working together.

  5. who really cares about the liar that whole bunch

  6. Nancy Piglousy should self quarantine Permanently and STFU.

  7. Hope she stays in San Francisco, I cringe every time that wrinkled face comes on tv she is vile and belligerent every time she opens that mouth. Complete hatred of the American People is So obvious . Was more fun to watch when she was having difficulty keeping her teeth in, amazing what a poor dental job she had. We were betting how long she could talk, without having to adjust them.

  8. Old witch with the false, which she can’t seem to keep in her mouth without twerking with them, like Joe Biden losing his during the debates! Hey, Joe, you ever hear of PoliGrip? Try it next time you come out 😝

  9. This needs to stop. Pelosi is not the President even though she is living with that delusion and many more. She is wasting taxpayers money and should not be allowed to do this. This egotistical bitch is ruining ths country with her hatred. Let’s all us us ask our scardicat Republican MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO STAND WITH ONE VERT LOUD VOICE AND CONDEMN PELOSI AND THE DEMOCRATS for their actions.

  10. She has got to go already
    Your desperation attempts with your old cronies and your idiot squad whom you can’t seem to control, to undo and undermine President Trump is pathetic at best! All of you are so stupidly obvious 1How about trying to focus on the American people and doing something worthwhile for us besides blowing money uselessly on investigations, impeachment proceedings and the like. Try blowing the millions out of your personal bank account, not the people’s money. Take Schiff along with you while you’re at it 👿🤬Do tired of your crap ❗😝

  11. Peolsi need to realize a .0001 watt bulb like her is just so dim, like a democrat.

  12. Tammie Pobiedzinski

    Hey hag how did you make over 35 million while in the house. Does your company still exempt from the health care law. Why did you call the police on the poor illegal guatamalans in your vineyard. They were just looking for a better life. Concentrate on the shithole you represent.

  13. Why is it OLD WHITE MEN are ridiculed while this OLD addle brained power hungry White Woman gets to keep her job? I honestly don’t know what’s wrong with this old broad, I seriously don’t! It’s so ugly to watch her as she tries to rule from the podium with her teeth slipping and her slurred words. Is she drunk? On meds? Or insane? She has this fixation with Trump and she stalks him constantly! Isn’t stalking a crime? I wish she’d stop! It’s such an embarrassment to our country. Remember people, she was voted in. She can’t stay there if she’s voted out. Our country can do far better!

    • This old leftist dingbat Bitch just turned 80 years old a few days ago. The only way to get rid of her, is for people to vote her out of office. And she really does need to be permanently retired. The seat is up for reelection in few days. She has done enough damage over her lifetime.

  14. Why can’t President Trump fire her ass. She has done things that proves treason. Why let these friggen. Democrats walk all over you. I still support you . Get rid of her, Schumer,, and shuffle. So charge her for treason and bulling the President.

  15. She makes it very easy to support our businessman , President Trump

    Who pays for all those fundraising trips which takes her away from Washington where she should be doing what she was elected to do? which is not always trashing our truly elected President

    I was raised in a Democrat household where my father worked for the CT democrat party

    He would “roll over…..”

  16. Pelosi is worse for our nation than this virus and this virus is terribly dangerous. She would rather hold the American people who are the hardworking tax payers who keepthis country functioning, as her hostages, while she promotes her left wing agendas that are tearing apart the foundations of our country. The division is our country is no longer a division of democrats and republicans; it is now a division of a fair leftist, socialist, communistic agenda and an independent American society. If people keep keep blindly following Pelosi, in 10 years America will be a total socialist regime heading toward a communist dictatorship. America, open your eyes!!!

  17. Is she sucking down a beer?

  18. Why doesn’t she put the BONG down, CLEAR the SMOKE out of her head, THEN speak? . . . She DOES have the “limelight” – she is PROBABLY the MOST hated woman (?) in America. It’s all about her and her MISERABLY failed Liberal agenda . . . and NOOOObody wants it! One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. The only thing bourbon breath Pelosi fights for is the bottle…otherwise she id obstructing the nations business!

  20. I think this is so funny. Trying to out shine Pres. Trump. Trump has & is an outstanding. Pres. First he had ful filled the campaign promised he made to everyone🚁. I for one so happy we are getting. A. Border. Walk. Much. Safer in. Tex. Pushed our economy forward like never before. Businesses have returned to America. Nite will follow with the Trade. Agreements. Peace
    Instead of wars in our land & sea. I give thanks to our. Lord for. Trump being our. Pres. I as u. Democrats to help him make it much. Much better.

    God. Bless

  21. What is that crap around he eyes. Looks like she has eyebrows on her eyelids. She should let someone else do that she looks like, not to sure what she looks like. Haven’t seen anything like that before. Hope never again!

  22. Pelosi, YOU are Not the President of the USA. Humble yourself and get out of the way. Retire or go away, far away.
    You are destroying America and you have blood on your hands.

    May God forgive you.

  23. This Bitch needs to have a heart attack on live broadcast, and everyone just look dumbfounded while she just goes away!

    • Everyone relax Nancy realizes she will be done come November. The Republicans take over Congress and retain the Senate. bye bye douche bag

  24. While she is sitting at home she should do the country a big favor & stuck a pistol in her mouth & pull the trigger. It would be greatly appreciated

  25. I do not want to be in that bitches kitchen or anywhere else with that hag!!!!!,!

  26. I as a christian, feel sad for Ms. Pelosi.
    She is so wrong in her thinking about what is right for the people of America.
    Her head, her methods, her demands, her actions are those of a delusional politician. She has be one so rich in money and power she cannot let go for want of more.
    Any woman with the fortune she has, at her age, failing in meaningful demands, lying to the people she is paid to serve….well with any dignity, common sense, she would pack up, go home and spend the rest of her days trying to love and be good to her family.
    May God open your eyes, your heart, and lead you to acknowledge that HE IS GOD NOT YOU! Pay some respect for HIM, and the American people!
    Leave President Trump to do the job we elected him to do, and are NOT SORRY WE DID. LADY, THOUGH YOU DON’T APPEAR TO KNOW THIS….GOD IS IN CONTROL….BACK OFF!! May you be blessed for doing the right thing for once!
    I sincerely pray you live to enjoy retirement family, and funds. We are not jealous of you, your thoughts, or your money. We are Americans, happy to work Honestly all our lives at jobs that actually help people but doesn’t make us rich. However, we are rich in love, giving, and respect for everyone.
    Happiness and self worth doesn’t require
    money, power or fame. It is a belief in God, a creator, a love so big it cannot be understood by our finite mind. It is a sacrificing love , desire to help those in need, rather then garner everything for ourselves. Looking to the guidance , wisdom, and holy power of our saviour to show us the RIGHT way to live….that is happiness.

  27. The entire United States of America should demand her resignation. She has done nothing for the people of our great country, except cause problems. Her latest stunt padding the small business relief package for her pet projects is abhorrent in these extremely difficult times. She must go.

  28. Pransy Nancy should just stay put in S F for good

  29. The party of “diversity” sure has a lot of old white people displaying dementia and in charge. They don’t seem to have any idea when the time to retire comes along. Nancy may have a screw loose, but you can bet she’ll stay in office until the day she stops breathing. It’s just who they are.

  30. Quote: “…(President) Trump has been repeatedly criticized for peppering his appearances with falsehoods during the briefings, which often stretch beyond two hours.” Yes he has been criticized for lying. For example he referred to it as the Wuhan Flu which according to the media is a lie. He said that an anti-marlarial drug might help, which the media said was a lie. Unfortunately the media was wrong on both counts.

  31. this disgusting corrupt politician needs to start thinking for a change. instead of constantly criticizing and opposing everything that trump does, she should be willing to help. what can she do to help the situation and improve the situation in MY country? instead she continues to the politicize everything and continues to divide MY country. she makes the dems worse than the already are. it is because of her, that i will never vote democrat again. she is not helping the democratic party. possible dementia

  32. Scotch Sloshed Hag is broadcasting from the Congressional Bar…..! Broadcasting from the Congressional Uni-sex Throne while sitting in the urinal while taking a leak….! While sitting on the throne taking a crap while staff freshens up her Drink…..! Scotch Sloshed Hag is even Broadcasting without her weave while puking on Congressional bath-room walls…..!

  33. Have pitty on her she’s going through menopause and we all know what that does to a women of her age . She just can’t help sitting there with her head up her ass , And coming up with these shitty ideas of hers . She doesn’t stop to think about what she saids befor saying it . Guess menopause doesn’t have a filter that stops one from speaking befor thinking . But then that describes every delusional democrat that belives every thing she saids about trump . Good thing the real of our country are smart enough not to belive her BS .
    Trump 2020 … … make them cry again … approved by deplorables everywhere

    • Menopause? How old do you think she is??? She went through menopause 20-30 years ago. She is now suffering from age related dementia. This is why she can support good old Joe-they speak the same befuddled language!

    • Kind of reminds me of the old saying, ” I ‘d love to see your point of view but I just can’t get my head that far up my azz”.

  34. I see lots of comments about The Mummy. She has looked like one for years. I wonder how her brain is sloshing in? Whiskey, Bourbon, vodka? Alcohol preserves.

  35. I am sorry fir her. she forgot what her job is. that is helping the American people not illegals. If we dont stop her she will destroy this country with the help of her party, who wants control of our lives. I prayer to God every night to stop them and make them accountable for what she and her party have done to us the last 3 years.

  36. CNN even has there ace reporter Abidildo Acosta stuffed into Pelosi’s toilet pipe to tape her drinking straight out of the Scotch Bottle while she Tinkles and drops little nuggets of turd into his eyes and mouth….!


  38. Someone who must be being paid, as I can’t think of a single other reason anybody would write such a false and misleading article about Nancy Pelosi has lowered themselves to say these things. Most are blatant lies and misdirection by a person who could care less about the plight of real Americans who have been forced out of jobs and confined at home, without ice cream! Most just want the basics to stay alive not lose their homes and cars. Nancy Pelosi in my opinion is the head crocodile in the Swamp and has been right up there at the top for way too many years. Her looks even resemble one, oh wait a crock actually looks better and can be trusted more. If the people of California keep her in office or others like her like Schiff, then there is no hope for them. If the country cannot stand this woman then why can’t the voters there remove her from office or are they so drugged out and brain dead they don’t care?

  39. Seems to me, Nearly everyone is of the same opinion, Ms Pelosi is not to be believed any longer. She is full of hate for Donald Trump. The DNC, the Clintons, Obama and Soros all had a great plan in the works. They have worked for years to set up a take over communications (5G), used a hyped up false flag flu to contain The People and fill us with lies to keep us contained. They are systematically removing our 2nd Amendment rights and are now denying we have 1st amendment rights in that we are jailed for speaking out against this flu virus farce and their tyranny. They had big plans. The Bidens and Obama laundered money thru Ukraine. The Clintons, with the help of a few D congresspersons, had plans to funnel more of our money to Iran to continue their nuclear weapon advancement. (to help with their corona virus fight is a bunch of bull, Ms Warren) Please remember that it was The Clintons and Obama who started/funded Iran terrorist organizations. In the meantime, they needed to drag our economy so far down, we all would be forced to turn to government for help, then they would have you by the short hairs. Enter the Businessman, Donald Trump. He was elected to stop their hostile takeover and they are pissed! They will do anything to destroy him because he got in their way. Now, they will use this virus as an excuse. Jobs were lost, people died, economy took a dive – ALL of this was democrat doings who then turned the blame on our president. The democrat party has imploded. It is no longer part of our balanced governmental system. It has turned into a collection of overbearing bullies who will destroy anyone and anything that gets in their way to greatness. We need to remove as many of these old & corrupt politicians (R’s included) as possible. By upcoming elections AND by recalling governors for no confidence. The Swamp does extend to state offices. Governors that have turned tyrant by use of drones, mandatory stay in home orders, arresting people who are out without permission paperwork, shut down businesses but let their offices still run. Destroyed the 2nd half of this school year. (but, the good thing is no socialism, no Islam and no gay rights are shoved down these kids’ throats.) Trump is clearing The Swamp on the federal level. It is our turn to clean up 66 local Swamps. (50 states plus 16 territory states). If you need to go more local. do it! My township has a scam going where, if you want to put new windows in your home, you need a permit and you must buy from the board member’s brother. My goal this year is to bust that corruption wide open. We All Need To Get Off Our Duffs And Take Our Country Back!

  40. let her go on TV all she wants. the more she opens her mouth the more her minions will know her for what she stands for. she doesn’t represent the people just the power she wants to wield. ——Grampa

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