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Police Drones Enforce Social Distancing – Big Brother Is Here

It’s as if the Deep State and the New World Order think We the People are utter morons. Lock us inside so we can’t see what’s going on in the outside world. Too bad for them it isn’t working. Keen observers are on to their evil plot to take over the world.

First, the World Health Organization (WHO) ordered hospitals to inflate the number of cases and deaths attributable to COVID-19, warning of impending doom for hundreds of thousands of Americans at risk from coming down with the disease that, for many, is completely recoverable.

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This move was designed to create a heightened sense of fear that has proved completely groundless. Americans readily agreed to stop working and “shelter in place” rather than enjoying the Spring weather in public parks and the great outdoors. We were told this had to be done to stop the contagion.

Since the federal campaign called “15 days to slow the spread,” which began in mid-March 2020, estimated U.S. cases and deaths have gone down, not up. Of course, the globalists claim that their draconian quarantine measures are responsible and there might be some truth to that. We can never know for sure.

Most Americans have obeyed the variety of swift, sudden, summary orders from their federal, state, and local governments to shelter in place, maintain social distancing of six feet between people, and stop working at businesses the NWO finds “non-essential” – now including hardware and garden seeds in some parts of the country.

Now, we learn that at least two U.S. police departments are taking advantage of the extraordinary emergency powers in play now by recently deploying advanced robotic technologies to spy on citizens from the air and report anyone suspected of violating a stay-at-home order. This is a patent encroachment on our civil liberties and residents paid for it.

Mayor Chris Bollwage of Elizabeth, New Jersey, beat the NWO drum about how lethal COVID-19 is, despite footage showing deserted hospitals and empty parking lots. Here is how the Democratic leader justified trampling on his constituents’ freedoms:

“The most important thing you can do to fight this virus is stay at home. Some may notice drones monitoring your neighborhoods. These drones are going to alert people to move away from each other if they are congregating. This is not a joke. It is extremely serious.”

The drones are equipped with a recording of the mayor’s voice telling anyone deemed in the wrong place at the wrong time to stop gathering, disperse, and go home. The Elizabeth police department’s Facebook page warned:

“Summonses HAVE AND WILL CONTINUE to be issued to those found in violation. Fines are up to $1000. You have been advised.”

Drones aloft in Daytona Beach, Florida, will serve to nag citizens to obey or face the legal consequences. The sugar-coated message “asks” miscreants to “please adhere to social distancing guidelines.”

The police must be ecstatic over the new remote-controlled tool that lets them sit around a climate-controlled room munching doughnuts while they play with an expense tech toy, all funded by taxpayer money.

With national highways all but empty thanks to the enforced coast-to-coast lockdown, what better time to test fleets of driverless trucks? An article that appeared at the same time governments first issued mandatory COVID-19 response measures exulted that autonomous, driverless 18-wheeler trucks are being tested.

Freight transportation executives are gloating about improved profits from automation. Who cares if truck drivers, the #1 job in many U.S. states, lose their jobs? Their work is destined to become non-essential, performed by a machine that requires no sleep, only periodic maintenance.

Chuck Price is the Chief Product Officer at TuSimple, an autonomous trucking firm that operates in the U.S. and China. TuSimple is testing driverless trucks in Arizona and is on track to perform its first driverless demonstration runs on public highways in 2021.

The American Trucking Association estimated that more than 8.7 million people are employed in that critical industry, with about 3.5 million of them working as professional truck drivers in the U.S. Autonomous trucks and taxis promise to eliminate jobs in large numbers under the banner of public safety.

Another industry poised to profit from American’s imposed isolation is telecommunications. With mass gatherings banned, citizens can’t assemble to protest the 5G rollout that many oppose for health and safety reasons. The high-frequency wifi frequencies have been linked to a slew of unpleasant symptoms.

But what do the major telcos care about a few headaches and seizures among their customers, the majority of which have no idea that the powerful radiation has not been tested by its inventors? These corporate officers have gone on record to say they have no interest in spending money to ensure anyone’s benefit except that of their stakeholders.

Verizon is justifying its 5G rollout with its estimated 75-percent increase in bandwidth demand at the beginning of the flu lockdown, between March 8 to 15. Having created the problem – more people using internet bandwidth at home since they can’t go to their offices – the NWO operatives are happy to provide the solution: 5G.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and smell the bacon – while there are still pork producers. Contact your elected officials to share how you feel about staying at home while select industries, owned and protected by the NWO globalists, flourish. Weigh in on illegal drone aerial surveillance while you’re at it.

It is, after all, an election year.

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  1. You guys are a bunch of fake news if ever I saw it. You can just stuff at all right up your nose.

  2. What is happening is illegal and wrong! The Deep State jumped in with both feet! Now Americans need to pray to God, seek His guidance! Americans don’t take this!! The Deep State can’t keep winning!

    • I do not think God cares. She is working on another experiment. The great plague, then the great flood, then … How long can you tread water?

  3. I will shoot then down fearing for my life. I’ll bet they look spectacular while exploding

  4. That is absolutely terrible! How do they get away with that? I’ve had headaches for weeks and 3 suspected (not diagnosed) seizures! I don’t think I will be using cellular unless absolutely necessary. And I feel bad for the the taxi and truck drivers too….What options do we, as tax payers, have? I will do whatever it takes to make this right and help all these people!

  5. This “crisis” has been designed, started, and controlled by the NWO, they have begun their global takeover, any government that has cooperated with this giant hoax, is a sell-out. Think about that this election year!

  6. Oh but the cops (Agents of the state.) are your best buddies. Yes indeed. NOT.

  7. The way I look at it is “If my government does not trust me with a gun…Why would I trust them with one?” A look back in history…No country has ever been reduced to a dictatorship unless that country first disarmed the public then disarmed free speech. We are fast allowing both of these things to happen. Take a look at what the news media are feeding to us with their selective coverage of the actual events that will affect our country. If you do not speak up now and take action you will not be allowed to do so later. I am already a DAV but I would do so again to protect my country from outside or inside destroyers.

    There is one more item…the only elected (by the people) person to enforce our laws is a county sheriff. All other “law enforcement officers (including federal groups) are appointed to their positions. The Constitution allows for a federal group to protect the President (Secret Service). The feds also created the Marshal service to enforce laws pertaining to federal property deeded to them by the various states and territory not yet introduced as a state and ratified.

    • The stunning fact is you are absolutely correct. And watching the dim wits in this pandemic and their draconian actions with no push back for their actions is frightening. It ought to put the nations patriots on high alert and get out there and vote every dim wit out of office and recall the rest.

      And many poll watchers everywhere especially at the vote counters office in every dim wit vote counters territory.

    • Robert, thank you for your Service and keeping us safe. I’m proud of you!!!! So what’s going to happen with this voting system? I don’t want to vote by mail!!! I know what’s going to happen.

  8. Let’s start hearing about drone dog-fights. Ours against the system’s.

  9. if 1 of those drones fly around where i am i own a shotgun and will use it.


  11. now is the time to buy some high powered air rifles and take these drones down whenever they are seen. We have many hackers out and about in America build a blocking transmitter that will take over the controls and bring them down and hard. ———–Grampa

  12. Savannah, Ga is also using such drones to spy on citizens & tell them to “social distance.”

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