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Yale Students are using Coronavirus as an Excuse

Leave it to Yale students to make a crisis about themselves. While worldwide death tolls from the coronavirus grow exponentially every day, these privileged Ivy Leaguers are putting their (supposedly) considerable brainpower into getting out of homework.

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That’s right. About 24 hours after the semester went online due to coronavirus fears, Yale students demanded a “Universal Pass” policy for the semester. No grades, deadlines or benchmarks. Everyone automatically passes their classes.

As representatives of one of America’s most important institutions, I assumed Yale students would rise to the occasion and lead their communities during a crisis. Instead, they see an international health disaster as an opportunity to nullify the one meritocratic standard the college has left: grades.

Their call for a Universal Pass betrays a mindset spreading among too many Yale students: “I should be shielded from every crisis.”

Any trouble in the world is apparently too great an emotional load for my peers to bear. Parkland shooting? Time to walk out of class. Climate change? Let’s have a school-wide “strike.” Coronavirus? Just cancel grades. That’s the only solution.

Students’ self-centered pity was recently exemplified in a recent New York Times opinion piece titled “I Just Don’t Think We Have the Luxury to Have Dreams Anymore.” In it, a Yale junior claims that the prospect of a recession is just too much for Generation Z, lamenting that all hope is lost because her internship might get canceled and a furnished sublet in NYC is so difficult to find — truly a tragedy for the century.

The university, led by mollycoddler-in-chief Peter Salovey, is feeding this defeatist mentality, allowing Yale students to become accustomed to the university dropping its academic standards whenever they’re mildly inconvenienced. After President Trump got elected, students demanded midterms be canceled because of the adverse effects on their mental health. Professors capitulated.

This semester the Yale administration offered a reasonable accommodation: students could opt-in to a “Pass/Fail” grading system. But even that wasn’t enough. Students, including the Yale College Council Senate, are still mandating that every student be forcibly opted-in to “Universal Pass.” Who cares if some students want to receive letter grades? Everyone gets a “P.” (Meanwhile, Harvard, like many other peer institutions, has adopted an Emergency Satisfactory/Emergency Unsatisfactory (SEM/UEM) grading policy for the spring semester.)

Universal Pass, unsurprisingly, has been framed as a fight for low-income students. Infantilizing the disadvantaged is a typical activist behavior at Yale. Whether protestors are “striking” because of climate change’s effect on indigenous communities or pushing for the nullification of grades because a slipping economy will harm low-income students, the demands of elite Yalies always conveniently line up with those of the underprivileged.

But, in reality, this latest crusade is just an excuse to do less work and abolish academic standards altogether. In my four years at Yale, I was consistently shocked by the creative excuses used by my peers to skip classes and exams. It’s quite brilliant, really — get out of class and virtue signal by arguing it’s a way to “advocate” for low-income students. I wish I had that type of ingenuity in second grade. You can only fake a stomachache so many times.

Ironically (or perhaps intentionally) Universal Pass hurts disadvantaged students by ending their ability to distinguish themselves based on merit. It also, invariably, helps wealthier students with friendly connections at prestigious employers or top-tier grad schools, who are more apt to overlook mere passing grades during trying circumstances.

Meanwhile, don’t believe for a second that these Universal Pass demands are temporary. The real motives for easing standards have nothing to do with coronavirus at all. What students really want is to jettison grading permanently so they don’t have to work so hard. It’s nothing but laziness and virtue signaling disguised as activism.

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  1. What with free college education and free passing grades, our young people will get a free 4 year vacation and then take their college degree and go drive a garbage truck!!! Isn’t socialism/communism wonderful?!!!

  2. And I thought they were smart

  3. Joseph K Weydemann

    I do not think this should be lumped in with the panty waisted diaper wearing children that could not take a class because of Presidential election.

    This is a world wide event. I think the semester gets redone at least the end of it. At no cost to students.

  4. I hope that some businesses step up and say that they will not hire Yalies who only have a “P” grade. Let them pass on a real job – seems fair and appropriate.

    • ….tell me again why an ivy league diploma has become the entitlement to elitism? The more press coverage I see from college students on campus, the more cynical I become about the contribution to real life that these pampered prodigies will actually provide to humanity at large. Could this new dynamic of industry, commerce, and society, be the change that causes us to reassess the lasting value of launching this caliber of ” movers and shakers” into our new civilization.

  5. It is not hard to understand what there theory is. They don’t go to college to get a education, they just go to put in there time to get a diploma, it shows when they are asked questions and the answers they give are what you would expect to hear from a 8 year old.

    • Instead of a P – give all a Very generous C

    • Americans are not getting educated on things needed in order to succeed in life,they are brainwashed from elementary grades about gay life & then in college they are brainwashed about the big bang garbage.Most are not intelligent enough to work as a cashier making the overly inflated minimum wage…it is pathetic & what makes it even worse is that they Vote in OUR Elections!

      • So true! Pampered kids! Oh God save our country! Just to be fair, there are some real hard-working intelligent young people out there! Time to unite our country! God Bless America! God bless our President Trump!

  6. The real question will be do these spoiled brats know how to work instead of just flaunting their Yale degree. Getting a pass only grade doesn’t tell much about a student’s initiative. ALOT OF KIDS TODAY WANT THINGS HANDED TO THEM with minimum work.

  7. I agree 100% with Roland and moosegringo. Spot on.

  8. they are mostly a load of thicko`s anyway and wasters

  9. Instead of a P – offer a generous C

  10. Since when do students instruct the teachers in what to do. What is wrong with the teachers and administrators? Oh,yeah, it’s all about the money. Diplomas for sale.

  11. What a bunch of babies. They don’t know what really amounts to hardship. They cannot sit in front of a computer and do their assignments to earn a true grade. Wow maybe they should be called whinnies instead of yalies. I won’t dignify their school with a capital because they are losers, not all of them just those who are yelling for a universal pass. I graduated from McKendree University with a BBA and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with an MBA/A by doing my work while sitting on top of a United States Army Tank during rain, snow and heat. These yalies couldn.t pass in life even if they do get a universal pass grade.

    • Reformed Liberal

      My 9th grade dyslexic son is taking online classes due to the shutdown and working hard for grades. He is a much better role model than these entitled snobs. What horrible role models for those coming up behind them. And Yale is supposed to be producing tomorrow’s leaders ??? (Looking at you Skull and Bones Society)… how sad

  12. I wonder if some of these guys and gals are the same law students that voted against “Due Process”??

    But, education has always been a joke at Yale since they only believe in Progressive agendas. Progressive believe you should “Empower” experts, them, to make all the decision about social issues regardless of what you or I think, our our rights under the Constitution.

  13. People are dying, and these pampered little princesses (of both – or “all”genders) can only think of themselves. maybe this pandemic is the Darwin activator – removing the weak from the gene pool. Yale sounds like a good place to start.

  14. What a bunch of spoiled white wusses

  15. Seems they would want to prove themselves since Yale is suppose to be such a elite college but seems they are showing their ignorance . Guess that is there parents fault to be honest . Most have been spoiled and never told no to anything and the few that have actually gotten there on actually being smart are having to pay for it now due to the elite that are being lazy . I agree that they are spoiled wusses as one here stated , but wusses come in all colors not just white . I can promise you that . I also agree that if they do get the P for passing . I think employers should see that as a fail and not hire them . Cause if they are going to pull this in school , just think what they will pull in the work force . There will be no end to it .

  16. Look at the pictures of those punks trying to look so tough…What a bunch of wimps..
    Parents must be so proud

  17. So they want free pass and no paying for it lol this from kids that can’t decide what sex they are . Nice try tho lol . They think there are 96 genders … so what’s the other 94 ? I only know of 2 genders . That’s all they said there were in sex ed class where I went to school . That’s what the Bible saids to . Kids today are from mom’s and dad’s who didn’t take part of their kids life’s growing up . They were to busy getting high and play video games … If I turn the game off now Skippy will die , and I’ll have to start over at lv one … 😢 . So now we have to deal with the dumb ass’s . Thanks mom thanks dad . My kids grew up playing in the woods learning to track animals, make fires , set up a camp , fishing and hunting . How to live off the land if need be . They didn’t want games till later in life . Now they teach their kids the same . I had to yel at them to come in at nite . Which I didn’t do offend . They learned not to be afraid of the dark . My daughter had this why with animals . Always coming home with wild animals they either followed or she carryed them . Some hurt , we healed them and then set them free again . Many came back for free meals some with their baby’s . But only she could get near the baby’s . This is what we need to teach our kids first . Start their life’s giving instead of wanting or just taking in life . Your kids are a reflection of you . Spare the rod … spoil the child

  18. How about an F for each student for the full year? Then close the school down. If they don’t want to work for a grade, they don’t need a school either. All the employees can find other work I’m sure. The students (or poor excuses for students), are lazy. It can’t be explained in any other way. Worry about reopening sometime in the future when the present students have gone their merry little ways–back home to Mommy and Daddy. See if the parents will take them back home and let them cry on their shoulders for sympathy. A real bunch of candy asses. Let them try to get into another school–perhaps a junior college back home. They might have enough in the smarts department to get in. Otherwise, get a job and earn your keep, whimps.

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