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Limit on meat purchases in supermarkets causing consumers to head to farms, butchers

Meat processing plants have been affected by COVID-19. Now, some major grocery store chains are limiting how much meat you can buy because they are receiving fewer meat products.

So, when you head out to get your groceries this week, you might not be able to get everything you need.

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“Tons of customers, new customers coming through just because a lot of the grocery stores have got a pause in their chain because we don’t use the same suppliers as them,” said butcher Will Lightner.

Giant Eagle is limiting ground beef products and on-scale meat items to two per customer, but those limits may not be necessary for local butchers and farmers.

Lightner’s Fresh & Smoked Meats in Struthers said people have been coming in because they typically have what the big stores don’t.

“Chicken breast and ground beef, like the 80/20 and all of that,” Lightner said.

Most of Lightner’s’ orders have been filled and they think that having two different suppliers has helped.

“In the past, when I call to order something, it’s there and ready to go the next day I need it. Now, we’ve kind of had to play the game of, is it going to be here tomorrow or later on in the week?” Lightner said.

At one point, Lamppost Farm in Columbiana had to limit how much chicken customers could buy, but the biggest problem right now is getting their cattle processed.

“We have cows that can be butchered but the earliest date we can get them to the processing plant is June 24,” said Melanie Montgomery, director of organizational life at Lamppost Farm.

Montgomery said she and her husband are even looking to get more land and raise more cattle, but that wouldn’t make any sense right now if they can’t get what they currently have out to the customers.

“Certain processing plants that are now inundated because the major processing plants are shut down,” she said.

The Montgomerys are prepared to adjust their available products, but in the meantime, they are working to get another USDA-approved processing plant that can get their cattle processed and ready for customers.

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  1. well !!! do you think they may stop donating to the elections of these politicians that want to rule? this is what happened in Germany with Hitler. the intellectuals and owners of large companies supported him. then he jailed and killed the teachers and seized the assets of the companies. take a close look at history and see your fate. The problem is that they are delusional to think it won’t happen to them. this condition is prevalent to many on the left that think themselves as privileged and will somehow gain favor is they snitch on the vial lawbreakers. ———-Grampa

  2. What baffles me is the citizens are putting up with This nonsense. Destroy the economy you destroy America. Um i wonder if they thought that

    • I will never take the vaccine. If we are going to start the same thing as something to track people.
      I am more concerned about how China has been able to buy our packing plants and food supply. Drugs is another issue. Why is China making our prescription drug and over the counter drugs? Who allowed this? How many plants does China own in USA?
      Trump 2020
      Virus opened the door for lots of investigation in our Democrats and fraud.

  3. I’ m with you, Gramdpa; “they” (Gates/gov., press, et al) are trying to keep people frightened and – above all – obedient to the powers that be. IF or WHEN they come up with a vaccination, I will decline – there would be all sorts of “controls” in such a vaccination to control one’s thinking, without their even knowing – “oh, I think differently now.” Any thinking person would not submit – and by not doing so, would probably end up in a reindoctrination facility 0R, being as criminals are now being released from prison, be jailed and controlled until we are forceably vaccinated. Stay safe wherever you are Grampa – may God be with you till this c r a p is done, and with you for the rest of your life, but keep a lookout for a resurgence down the road. Schools nowadays DO NOT teach history and thus are condemned to repeat history.Those who do write current history twist and lie or ignore true history – but we lived a good part of 20th century and are in on the plot they plan – is Hitler going to re-emerge? He gave Germans the same type of falsehoods we are now exposed to. Grandma.

    • No vaccines for me either. Since our future will be determined by the forced vaccines, I am wondering how many others will really refuse and how many are a lot of hot air that will succumb anyway.

  4. Larry Haik, Sr

    Americans have become a nation of frogs. Like a frog that’s placed in a pot of cold water, then a fire lit under it. The frog will sit there and cook to death, not try to save itself.
    With few exceptions, over the years, the geniuses that we elected to political office, have been slowly destroying our country. They care only about keeping the power that they award themselves once they get there.
    Now, they have another crisis to use to gain more control and they are definitely using it. They are basically putting the American people under house arrest under the guise of “protecting” us. We are all supposed to be too stupid to know what’s best for us. Next, they will want cameras in our homes to be sure we practice safe sex.
    Are you a frog or an American.
    Wake up before its too late.

  5. I would like to know if the Pharmacial companies are having all the prescription drugs made in China and packaged in USA by a Chinese owned company. Same with over the counter drugs
    The companies pwmwd by China in USA, os our inspectors able to inspect the plants? Who allowed our packing plants to be bought by China and other foreign countries.
    My son lost his job because the company was sold to French companies. They fired every America citizens and brought in French people.
    Democrats allowed this abuse.

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