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LEGO Requests All Marketing for Its Police and Fire Sets Be Removed

I remember a project in elementary school — each student had to create a presentation about a hero they might like to be.

A popular choice among the boys: policeman or fireman.

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My, have things changed.

Apropos, according to ToyBook.com — which follows toy manufacturing and marketing — LEGO wants to distance itself from support of America’s first responders.

The Toy Book reports, “The tragic death of George Floyd while being restrained by police in Minneapolis sparked major protests all over the country, and today we’re seeing the first impact in the toy department.”

Indeed — the site received a copy of an email on behalf of LEGO sent to marketing companies by Rakuten Linkshare.

It requests that product and feature listings for more than 30 LEGO products be removed.

The items will still be sold, but LEGO doesn’t want them visibly promoted.

Among them are the following:

LEGO Fire Station, Fire Plane, City Police Station, Patrol Car, Police Dog Unit, Police Highway Arrest, and Mobile Command Center.

The toymaker’s Police Handcuffs & Badge Set is getting arrested, too.

And fans of plastic construction toys in support of fried dough will be doubtlessly disappointed: The LEGO City Donut Shop Opening kit made the list, as it contains a police officer figurine.

There was substantial response online:

LEGO sent an email asking that police/fire/whitehouse (and donut shop) sets no longer be marketed effective immediately. pic.twitter.com/ydFE7dGTGA

— STiTCH KiNGDOM (@stitchkingdom) June 2, 2020

Just had an affiliate email asking for certain LEGO sets not to be advertised. They all seem to be related to emergency services – anyone have any idea what’s happening?

— SilentMode (@silentmodetv) June 2, 2020

I think the way the police is portrayed in LEGO city as well as the criminals is highly political and somehow also problematic.

— History’s Bricks (@Historysbricks) June 3, 2020

One user pointed out that America needs “brave activists and leaders, not police for sure.”

LEGO is the ideal world. That world will be crushed once a kid uses the minifigures and re-enacts what they are seeing on TV. It’s a sad world. https://t.co/AocXYk7aAq

— Matt’s Brick Gallery (@mbrickgallery) June 2, 2020

Man — even the Forest Fire one got burned:

Got an email earlier from @Rakuten telling us to remove any ad links for @LEGO_Group products including a police theme.

The products are still for sale, they just don’t want them advertised.

Challenging times. pic.twitter.com/sxdjyUXZmJ

— Michael P Clark (@firstmentormike) June 3, 2020

Lego police are the only good police

— BLM⟭⟬DAECHWITA!⁷⟬⟭ (@jessthkgeek014) June 2, 2020

Not the donut shop too! 😆

— Jed (@Jaell_O) June 2, 2020

The Toy Book reached out to LEGO, which confirmed the move via email:

“We requested that our affiliate partners refrain from posting promotional LEGO content as part of our decision to respect #BlackOutTuesday and pause posting content on our social media channels in response to the tragic events in the US. We regret any misunderstanding and will ensure that we are clearer about our intentions in the future.”

On Wednesday, the toy giant tried to let everyone know it was on the side of the protestors:


— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) June 3, 2020

If only the looters — not to be confused with the protestors — had seen that earlier:

So there ya go — if emergency services is a waffle, LEGO wants to Leggo their Eggo.

But if you find the marketing maneuver less than politically pacifying, permit me to serve up satiation:

Also on the blacklist is the much-reviled White House playset.

This is the LEGO White House being pulled out of the market in the ultimate Danish act of passive aggression. pic.twitter.com/lnVhdx0qFU

— Tero Kuittinen (@teroterotero) June 3, 2020

Now we’ve got the kiddos straightened out.

¡Viva la Revolución!


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  1. darn it all.. now that is going to really upset those child criminal rioting mourners.. Hey how about a new lego set showing aholes burning buildings and running out of stores with goodies.. that will go great guns… whoops probably should not written “guns”.. that should sell like hot cakes..

  2. Arielle Lancaster

    MY opinion is that this is a DISGRACE ! To totally eliminate ALL Police, and Firefighters, and even Doughnut Shop Lego’s because Police go there is beyond ludicrous. Apparently Lego thinks that it is MORE important to pander to CRIMINALS, LOOTING, BURNING BUILDINGS, and attacking other people, then it is to stay with a VERY respectable, and honorable profession, like Police Officer, and Firefighter !

    • Great. Will never buy Lego again. Marxists and traitors

    • I have purchased Lego toys for my children and grandchildren over the years. I will never purchase one more Lego. Hope your bottom line drops like a rock. Many business owners should learn not to take side, it doesn’t pay.

      • Monique Durocher-Hart

        Prejudice against law enforcement is learned, so stop teaching prejudice. This is feeding the gangs and lawlessness to take over.

  3. Do you throw out a basket of apples or potatoes because you found a rotten one in the basket? Get real Leggo! Let our children have their dreams and the parents to explain a situation seen on TV! Children shouldn’t be watching it anyway. They have not experienced life long enough to understand and process such a situation!

  4. No I did NOT request Leggo sets be removed from our children! I said allow our children to keep them. Get your facts straight and read what I actually wrote! How dare you misquote me!



  6. Yet MORE liberal hysteria !! They might have to get real jobs next – then the real weeping and gnashing of teeth will start.

    • I’ve never seen a time in history when rioting looting and pillaging every thing in sight were praised. Where is the respect for these police officers and firefighters who come to your aid when everyone is in desperate need of help. Where would this country be if all of the police officers and firefighters abandoned their jobs. It would be complete chaos and death.

  7. Lego, I will buy no more for my grandchildren, you company can kiss my u-know what!!!

  8. My children started playing with LEGOs over 42 years ago, and our grandchildren have played with them for 10 years, AND we still have a bucket of Legos in our living room for small visitors!
    How can you possibly cave to the recent “Demonstrations/riots mania”.
    What you SHOULD be doing is supporting our law enforcement and fire fighters and ALL 1st responders.

    Of course, George Floyd should never have been mistreated the way he was, but the officer who helped cause his death, and the other officers involved, ARE being prosecuted.

    Not every group is perfect; MANY have “bad apples” who did not get caught in time. That ONE officer, and the others who were with him, should have the power to taint all of those who are good and dedicated to serving and protecting. THAT should NEVER be the norm.

    You should be ashamed of pulling your advertising of Police and Fire Fighter Legos!!!!!! Until you start promoting those figures, you can be sure that 3 generations of our family will not be LEGO or any related products’ customers!



  11. Add LEGO to the list of cowardly, demented institutions that are becoming more of the problem instead of part of a solution.

  12. Lego, I will buy no more for my grandchildren, your company can kiss my u-know what!!!

  13. This is sad. Because of this I will not be buying any more LEGO toys for my child

  14. George Floyd was treated wrongly, no doubt about that, but LEGO should be ashamed of itself. They should be supporting the Police and Fireman not condemning them because of a hateful officer. They should be going after the D.A. of Minneapolis who for years look the other way when this same officer had been reported for inappropriate actions way before this action.

    So, I say to all those Cities, Communities and States that want to “get rid of the Police,” GO AHEAD!” When there are actions that need these forces are not there, No Problem! When they have no one to put out a fire, are to stopped someone from breaking into their home, or beating you are your wife or your kids Who Will You Go To?

    Maybe a better Training Course could be devised for the men and women who risk their lives to save us all and put their lives in danger. I don’t know, but to downgrade the amount of money to fund these Civil Servents is not the answer. But, if you want Chaos then go for it and when you have lost a loved one are your business is set on fire or your home then don’t cry about it.

    • Someone needs to dig deeper… what that officer did, knowing he was being filmed is equivalent to a surgeon pulling a pocket knife out of his pocket for a planned elective surgical procedure. I have been a police officer for 23 years. We get trained every year on defensive tactics. You know not to apply pressure to neck except using the carotid hold for 5 seconds. There are reports Chauvin and Floyd new each other from a security job… what if this was planned with Floyd not intending to be killed? It is too blatant of an act by Chauvin for him not to know what he was doing. 99% of police want to protect and serve. Our job is ridiculously complex… btw, why are there not protests over the black male captured on video beating the elderly white male who is lying in a hospital bed? This happened before Floyd incident… over 7000 black males were murdered last year by other black males. That is what we need to stop!!


    Must say this new world order, thinking quite contorted. Like Rip Van Winkle Biden state, 15% of people are not good people. I would add they also lack scruples. The left is so desperate that all they do and say is in a rolling barrel of confusion that when it stops for a second to figure what may “help” them, it is just another piece confusion added their barrel!

  16. Lego company is not getting one more penny from me.

    • As the Mayor Lori said to our president I now say to LEGO. First letter of wording begins with F and ends on you.

  17. Damn, now I have to go delete all the YouTube videos with LEGO stuff that my grandson and I have looked at, and throw all his LEGO toys into the trash, were it now belongs. Fare thee well LEGO!

  18. Michael O'Connor

    My grandson isn’t going to be happy but I think he will understand why I just dumped all his lego stuff on the backyard fire pit. Sad when a company who has brought some much joy to young people on birthdays and at Christmas. No more in our house. I hope you go broke.

  19. Daniel Anderson

    Well liberals, do nothing Democrat’s, Nancy and her ilk. It came to actually stripping our once sovereign nation of its true democracy thru deeds of chaos, disharmony and fascist protocol that have NOTHING to do with Americanism. I’m 64 yrs old. I love my country, who the hell are these idiots that think absolving police and fire fighting first responders of their use to society would better the world?!!! What freakin reality do ANY of you reprobates actually live in? A society with no law…… yeah, that’ll work just fine. Minneapolis is going to be a litmus test (I guess) for life with no law. I’ll pray for the people of Minneapolis who actually have a brain and can think for themselves, perhaps you all should be planning your exodus from there. You’ve got politicians like Ilan Omar to be there for you. Excuse me…… this is a fucking nightmare that I have to leave this world soon enough knowing my kids and grandkids have the fate that they do. God help each and every one of us! Muslims leading our country and the masses are ok with that. Creepy

    • Daniel anderson

      Just saw a comment below where “I” requested that LEGO police and fire sets be removed. I said nothing of the kind. That’s idiocracy. Lego is a sell out left wing liberal loving company……. oh hell, now that I think of it… go bankrupt LEGO Company. You suck out loud

  20. Anybody that thinks that democrats are good for this country are brain dead..please look at yourself in the mirror today and ask youself… do I want mykids growing up in America lawless.
    While u gonna call wen uh really need help..ghost busters…please vote nancy shummer shiff out..we need common sense people that love America to run this country…they put trump thru the ringer and look at the stock market..he wants america to win and duing it without one
    Democrat to help..can u imagine if we take over th he house what we could accomplish with out every day trump bashing..vote red..america. WAKE UP

  21. Martha L. Watson

    My grandson is a masterful engineer with LEGOs. He builds and designs, and, I might add, is very good at it.
    However, due to the extremism of this liberal company, I will no longer purchase LEGOs. Who is the crazy person who even considers removing police officers and firemen from LEGOs??? And the Donut Shop???? You have lost your sensibilities. This is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of or seen!!
    Yes, we all are, and were, sickened by the murder of George Floyd, and it was murder by one who swore to protect and serve. But there are some wonderful, kind, compassionate officers and they outnumber the evil ones by a great majority. LEGO, you just showed your ignorance, and by your taking a stand against law and order, you will lose.

  22. To all of the left leaning, white guilt pontificating, virtue signaling, empty sack, no nut snowflake, basement dwelling,no job having pieces of shite that bend your knee to the flag : Suck me off til your head caves in. All of y’all can fuck off, then keep fucking off til you come to a sign that says “ No fucking off” go past the sign then fuck off and die! This applies to Legos the NFL any white person who sows death/ destruction in the name of protest, liberals who are trying to destroy our Republic from within, the media that glorifies the former, millionaire athletes who preach to us from their glass houses, politicians that vilify all Police for a couple bad apples and continuously try to subvert our 2A rights, all race baiters and I’m tired of typing so the rest of you pos’s fill in the remaining blanks. WPWW

  23. The headline should B, : LEGO KNEELS TO THE MOB!

  24. I propose a list of names of all anti-police and anti- fire men be composed , for all public servents to access so that they can be advised of the names on list that do not want or deserve their help.before they waste their time on people that do not need or want they help.

  25. Extremely disappointed in LEGO buckling to political correctness. They don’t care about patriotic Americans. I therefore will no longer purchase any product from LEGO, and I’ve bought a bunch for six grandchildren. Shameful!

  26. Remove all of the Black ugly Legos too…..! We would want the child to take a hammer to them or flush them down the toilet with their black turds…..!

  27. BOYCOTT LEGOS! I was just getting ready to make a big purchase of legos for BIRTHDAY gifts ! I have 6 grandchildren and 1great grandchild , and numerous nieces and nephews!! Two have a FATHER that is a FIREMAN & EMT! He just spent 12 days from home helping with these so called peaceful protests! Putting his life in danger and a chance of leaving his 2young children fatherless!Then you have the gall to band these legos!!!So stuff your LEGOS where the sun don’t shine. All of the legos that I have already bought will be burnt! I hope everyone else does the same thing ! You better get rid of Star War, Harry Potter , Pirates, Mind Craft, Soldiers! What happened to our rights to purchase these items if we want! You know there is 3-D Printing!

  28. Oh yeah, buy the way ,I hope if you are ever in need of the fire department that they take their sweet loving time getting there to put out the fire!They could always get stuck in traffic! Just like they did when the rioters wouldn’t let them through and the police had to break everyone out of the way to get the truck through and thank GOD the POLICE were GREAT enough to get a CHILD out of the BURNING house! The Rioters knew there was a child in the house!!! And you Condemn these Great MEN!!!

  29. Has everyone gone nuts? This is about money for sure. They are destroying children’s dreams. I predict this will blow up in their faces. I sure won’t buy their products anymore. So long Legos. I was tired of stepping on those sharp corners in the dark any way.

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