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Obama Calls for Change in Wake of Protests

Former President Barack Obama on Monday condemned violence amid protests over the death of George Floyd and police brutality and called for political solutions to address protesters’ grievances about criminal justice.

The message from Obama, who previously decried Floyd’s death last week when he said the killings of black men at the hands of police “shouldn’t be ‘normal’ in 2020 America,” follows a weekend that saw an escalation in protests nationwide.

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“Let’s not excuse violence, or rationalize it, or participate in it. If we want our criminal justice system, and American society at large, to operate on a higher ethical code, then we have to model that code ourselves,” Obama wrote in an essay on Medium.

As the country’s first black president, Obama is in a unique position to address the racial divide at the heart of the protests. He didn’t mention his successor, President Donald Trump, who has largely stoked tensions by calling protesters “thugs” and threatening violence against looters, though he also called for “healing, not hatred” in remarks about the crisis on Saturday.

The former president also noted that while protesting and civil disobedience puts a spotlight on racial injustice, “aspirations have to be translated into specific laws and institutional practices” and emphasized the importance of electing the right officials at all levels of government.

“Yes, we should be fighting to make sure that we have a president, a Congress, a US Justice Department, and a federal judiciary that actually recognize the ongoing, corrosive role that racism plays in our society and want to do something about it,” he wrote. “But the elected officials who matter most in reforming police departments and the criminal justice system work at the state and local levels.”

He added, “The bottom line is this: if we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.”

In his statement on Friday, Obama called for officials in Minnesota to bring justice in Floyd’s death.

“It falls on all of us, regardless of our race or station — including the majority of men and women in law enforcement who take pride in doing their tough job the right way, every day — to work together to create a ‘new normal’ in which the legacy of bigotry and unequal treatment no longer infects our institutions or our hearts,” Obama said at the time.

Following Trump’s Rose Garden address on Monday, Obama again took to Twitter, this time quoting George Floyd’s brother, who had spoken earlier in the day in Minneapolis.

“Let’s do this another way. Let’s stop thinking our voice don’t matter and vote. Not just for the president…educate yourself and know who you’re voting for. And that’s how we’re going to hit ’em,” Obama wrote, attaching a NBC News clip of Terrence Floyd’s speech.


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  1. Ariel F. Lovelace

    I have a question …
    If people breaking into stores and stealing what does not belong to them, assaulting and killing federal and local policemen are not thugs, then what are they ?
    What should they be called ?
    To be honest I am rather sick of the liberal + “anything Obama is good bias” and the poor reporting of this site overall and quite frankly it is time for me to let this go.
    Good grammar and proper syntax muse meet reality.
    I have been taking Pulse for some time now and I have never been happy with the quality of “reportage” here.
    I am certain that there is a crowd for this and the bias you seem to be so proud of; but the day reality cannot be stated plainly for the most usurious and violent people amoung Us …
    Who are taking advantage of a needlessly wrong and public murder and then the robbing, the assaults, the theft, the property damaged and all that has followed …
    When that, and those people cannot be called out since it is “extolling violence” it is time for me and this publication to part company.
    The political correctness, the willingness to defend any and all evil is just a bit much for me so …
    I wish you the best of luck but if You really want to live in Disney World, I recommend Florida.

    • Perfectly articulated.
      The brutes, thugs, arsonists and their cohorts , of whatever colour or creed, do not deserve to be treated anything other than as common criminals and felons and arrested and fully prosecuted as such.
      For instance most of this nonsense in not calling ‘a spade a spade’ was when they started coining the phrase, word ‘gay’.
      They have hijacked a perfectly good English word and turned it into a totally contrary meaning than that which has been traditionally used in some of our greatest poems and literature.
      The people to whom they are directing this word are certainly not ‘gay’. In fact they suffer more distress, trauma, stress and despair than any other group in society. Together with that, they spread a colossal amount of disease into their own and the general community which is a massive cost to our Health Services, depriving many of essential care.
      And so it goes on….our society is being constantly hijacked by deviants….and the press are complicit simply in order to sell their ‘news’ and are profiting from multiple lies, deceptions and outrages…….at the expense of everyone except themselves.

    • No! Keep them out of Fla..NOT their kind of stae.

    • I agree,Obama did nothing but divide our Country,now he is wanting Americans to feel sorry for him.give it up Mr.your a disgrace to our Country.

      • I agree 100%. People who constantly praise barry soetoro, or barack hussein obama (bs b-ho, is what I call him or how I refer to him in writting, & no this is not short for barry soetoro barack hussein obama, it is for BS B-HO, & everyone knows what BS stands for) for everything he did, does, will do & thinks, just aren’t paying attention. During his campaign of 2008 the man actually said, “we live in the greatest country ever, & I am here to change that.” Then the morons applauded?!? Wait just a minute here, if we live in the greatest country ever, & you are going to change that. Then you are proposing to tear down the greatest country ever to rebuild it in your image, PLEASE! I don’t like bs b-ho’s image of our country. This statement is about the only truth this sorry excuse for a human being ever spoke. He then proceeded to do what he said, & as far as I can see he never told the truth after this statement. bs b-ho then told nothing but lies, for 8 years! You couldn’t criticize bs b-ho without the WVM (worthless video media) claiming racism, because you criticized their messiah. He spied on journalists, & true news agencies who would not repeat his lies, (see James Rosen, & the AP) rolled his eyes at the mention of Fox News, always claimed, when a white police officer killed a black perpetrator, that the police department must be at fault, before all the facts were known. FOLKS, THIS MEANS THAT bs b-ho IS A RACIST & BIGOT!!!!! You are correct about the disgracefulness towards our Country. He just needs to shut his mouth & move on. I will never pay a dime to netflix as long as he & his wife are on their payroll. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

    • Dear sir,
      I am a California native who still resides here. I apologize for my improper grammar, however, your words were 100 percent CORRECT. That uniformed thug would have done exactly the sane thing to any human. No one hates a “bad cop” worse then good cops. I know this because I have been a sworn uniformed municipal police officer for 23 years.

    • Ms. Lovelace


    • You All need to watch out before YOMAMA plays the RACECARD on you. But I have to agree with you because is all he did when he was President is RIP OFF THIS COUNTRY!!

    • You are absolutely right awesome

    • Meet their violence with greater violence. People want to rob, steal, kidnap, burn whatever they desire, wreak havoc on a society that provides many of them with a welfare check, they deserve to be cut off. For the people on welfare that are involved, they lose those checks. If they wish to turn violent, then meet their violence with greater violence. If that leads to fatal injury, then they brought it on themselves for taking part in something illegal. As for the obominator, a good long lasting glue, such that the skin cells under it have to dies, as they naturally do, before the tape over his mouth can come off. We don’t need him being a cohort to those making trouble.

    • Ariel F. Lovelace. Excellent.


  2. This morning William Galston had an excellent editorial in today’s WSJ. He clearly pointed out Officer Chauvin had been cited many times in the past, but was protected the police union from being dismissed.

    • Officer Chauvin “had been cited many times in the past” – so what? Is that a lot compared to other officers? Unsaid. Were they minor or significant? Unsaid. Did they have anything to do with racism? Unsaid. Did they have anything to so with African American perpetrators? Unsaid. In summary this article by Galston by Joseph Libby is useless.

    • And this is exactly the issue, Bad things are protected simply because ???
      A Law mandating no choke holds is in congress and I’m thinking where are choke holds being promoted as a part of training? and yes we can probably find a few places, but they are the exceptions. So lets pass laws where the bad apples get weeded out before we have it become worse than it needed to be. We are a country of rules, they need followed and people need to do their job… stop the politics, enforce the rules.

      • I agree. New laws are not needed, use what we have. As for special privileges for those who feel left out, get over it. Everyone goes through that. Maybe some of those rules need to change to how the police of Nippon handle people who are set on being an issue. They may use martial arts to quell the unruly, but a fast kick to the jaw with steel re-enforced shoes is going to hurt almost as badly as being shot. Maybe our officers need more martial arts and kick and punch wrong doers senseless, and a court system that responds with, you should not have been doing what you were doing. This fast paced cry of police brutality needs to end, NOW. If a person is committing a crime, then there is no brutality in stopping them.

        • very true no one asks what was he doin wrong to be treated like that by the police cause if you co-operate willingly they got no reason to choke hold you or other things like shooting you

    • Obama now you want change were where you when you were President.

      • john
        Now if you were around you would know Obama tied to get further Criminal justice reform and reform of police. Now there was one big problem called the Republican Hpouse and Senate, both controlled by Republicans who would not even bring anything to the floor Obama had the house generate, Even keeping a Supreme Court justice at bay for over a year. Most of the things people accuse Obanma of not doing, was things he tried but the Senate would not let it even come up for a vote.

        • Harry Childress

          Really ! He wanted change, but it led to un-constitutional socialism and massive “gifts of public funds” to illegals. He called that change ! Now he asks for,change again? What, change to put the socialist shoe on the other foot. A shoe on one foot just destabilizes a Free Country. What’s his change now ? A totalitarian Socialist Government that puts control in the hands of a single race? They gave control to Blacks in White South Africa, and then they confiscated all the property and possessions of all white people, so is that the CHANGE ?

        • Robert, BS the man has caused all of this misery himself. History will prove this man a tyrant, a us and white man-hater. Smart enough to fool most people, like Robert. He is full of the devil’s hate and very dangerous to all US citizens, you will all see who he is in the near future and most of you will be shocked, not me.

        • You should check your facts, because you are wrong. Obama had a democratic house AND Senate. Try again, I’ll wait.

        • robert you lying piece of ass. obama did nothing except taking our tax payers money for vacation for him and his family. shut your lying mouth and stop defend this loser. President Trump had to clean up his mess he made for 8 years. I thank God everyday for this President because he will be the greatest President ever and its eating your hearts out because you all dirty liberals know its true. All you liberals are in denial that obama was nothing but a loser. thanks to you people for putting a loser in the white house. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

        • Gee, looks President Trump has had that very same problem, huh?

      • He was dividing our Country and taking everything he could from our Country.

      • Letting blacks do as they pleased and crying racist if anyone did anything to them. He did more to divide the country than he even attempted to keep it together. Personally, he should be called opbominator, and a bad infection that soiled the White House, and the respect of foreign powers for America.

  3. Obama, hypocrite has no right to talk!
    Racism flourished in 8 years! It s about Obama’s buddies, Subversives groups like Weathermen, Antifa, Jorge Soros…. it’s not about racism , it’s all about US under seige Thanks Obama

    • Obama needs to go to one of his multi-milllion dollar homes and shut his mouth. He did enough damage in his 8 years in office and the only thing he accomplished for the African Americans was to give the “Obamaphones” to buy their votes. Those doing the burning, looting and killing are criminals and should be in jail. The peaceful demonstrators should look in the mirror and ask what they can do to help themselves — it is up to them as well as others to address the problems with welfare, multi-generations on welfare and why they are not pushing their children to get an education and find meaningful work. How many generations does it take to realize the socialism called welfare inflicted on them by Democrat Lyndon Johnson and his cadre is a failure. And one of the big issues is driving fathers out of the welfare home.

      Obama had 8 years to make changes and he did not. He made the division this country worse. And God help us all if Biden or another Dem gets elected. Trump is far from perfect, but his is not a socialist.

      • All of you are so true about Olebummer now and right about everything he has destroyed in our country . I wish he leave our country and take the rest of his idiots with him.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better!

    • I think its also about the hypocrisy of being politically correct vs simply doing the correct thing.

  4. I’m surprised that black people view this as a white/black issue. It’s a Law Enforsement/Criminal issue. Who cares what COLOR the participants are???

    • The DEMOCRATIC PARTY cares because the schism of black and white is core to its regaining power.

    • How ignorant are these people. If you don’t have anything nice to say about one of the best presidents we ever had,don’t say anything at all, period. And speaking on thugs that would be the other 3 criminals that stood and watch that hard criminal kill an unarmed man that was already detain in front of all those witnesses. How stupid oh I’m sorry Ignorant can you be.

      • joanne its people like who is causing advantage on white people you jackass. i am not white, I am an indian woman and is disgusted about your stupid comments. apparently, you are still dreaming that obama was a good president . keep on dreaming you jackass. its what you do all day and night. I came in this country 40 years and ago and if it was not for white people, I would not a great life that i have now. Thanks of my fellow white men and women. No one else did anything for me and my family. they cant even take care of their own home much anyone else so just shut your dirty ass liberal mouth and keep dreaming.

      • Joanne, everything your coon touched, he fucked up. He did accomplish one thing. He doubled our debt with nothing to show for it.

    • same as i have said all along a crime issue and no one asks what he did wrong

  5. Police kill more white people that are unarmed than any other race every year! Let’s not tag just black people that are being handled brutally! I want to know who the other (3) officers are that stood by watching George Floyd be killed, their names and faces should be out there! They should be charged as accessories to the crime committed

    • Apparantly he was not prosecuted either by the former AG, Ms . Amy Klobuchar
      when she had the case in front of her. He had quite a few complaints filed against him for significantly questionable behavior while on duty. Let us make sure we get all the facts in

  6. Two solid years in control. From 2012 – 2014 , Obama and his party controlled the WH, the House, and the Senate. What specific work did they do, what legislation did they enact, what common sense direction and protections did they put in place to move the needle on this systemic racism?

  7. I really do not know why you are addressing the racism problems in America at this time being you and your wife created most of the division while you were in office. You stated quiet for a while but all of a sudden you think we need your advise. Believe me we don’t.

  8. Francis Mazzarella

    The fucking big eared eggplant should just shut his POS mouth. I’d love to see him get his teeth kicked down his throat. Had to pit up with that piece of crap for 8 years. He did nothing for his people and trashes Trump when he is the one who funded black colleges, had the lowest unemployment rate in the last century (that’s 100 years for the morons out there) and signed the bill helping black people by reducing there time in jail.
    Never forget that this Soros piece along with the garbage in Hollywood that fund this criminal activity and along with their buds in the FAKE NEWS PRESS continue to demean the only worthwhile President we have had in decades.
    Body bags are the only way the CRAP in our country can be flushed out NO RUBBER BULLETS for this vermin live ammo to the3 head if not break their legs so that they never walk again. PERIOID

  9. Oh great..Obama is “CALLING FOR CHANGE”…he had 8 years to do the “Hope and Change” thing, which when you look back at those wasted 8 years, the ONLY thing it did was fatten his BANK accounts, so he could buy multi million dollar properties, in Chicago ( his home town that he hardly ever visits ) his Mansion in Washington, and his lavish estate on the ocean front in the White enclave of Martha’s Vineyard…yeah, he “FEELS YOUR PAIN”…how gullible can people be?

  10. Obama wants change-odd, because when he was president, so did we. Obama says the change has to be made at the voting booth-I couldn’t possibility agree more. If we take notice, the crime at the bottom of this debacle was committed in a state run by Democrats. The greater portion of the rioting (I intentionally did not use the term, “demonstrating” because when the bricks start to fly and the fire balls get thrown, we move from demonstration to rioting) has taken place in cities and states run by Democrats. While Trump is being blamed for establishing a racial tension in our society, I don’t believe racial tensions were ever higher, in the history of the country than they were during Obama’s two terms in office. Trump has provably done more to help black people in his three years in office than Obama did in eight.

    • yep on the nose but some are forgetting the fact that more black people were shot during obama’s term as pres’ than any other president out there what gives there and hey if the people committing the crimes are in the majority black then why do you call it racism if police respond the only thing obama said that was right is this has to start at home and people need to examine themselves as to whether they want anarchy or protection ’cause shit loads of those trouble makers are quick to call police when their own civil liberties are being violated but hey the world is full of hypocrites

  11. AND THAT WAS WRONG!!! However, we had enough FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE from b HUSSEIN o for 8 long years. Now it is time for him to step back and shut up!

  12. First of all why is is still allowed to have a voice? He is no longer president. congress needs to tell him to stoop acting like he is charge. He needs to be held accountable for all the bad and illegal he has done. he still wants to destroy America. We need to kick him out.

  13. Obama is irrelevant. He should make like the wind and blow.

  14. George Floyd’s death had nothing to do with racism, it has to do with cops’ abuse of power against the people they are paid to protect. It’s not just blacks, not just whites, not just teenagers, not just elderly, not just homeless, etc… it’s everyone – I’ve seen it myself many times. These riots are not about George Floyd. The protests are legit and valid, the world needed to see the reality of bad cops. This far-left, anti-American Left groups saw an opportunity to jump in and hijack this protest by inciting riots and discord, spreading hate. When others saw this large booming crowd and looters getting free stuff, they jumped in to get stuff too, taking advantage of the chaos while the opportunity presented itself. I saw a clip of young black women trying to stop rioters from defacing and smashing into a building, the rioter (a white guy) was dressed in atifa garb and spray painting “Black Lives Matter” on the building. The young woman kept telling him to stop, that this wasn’t what they were here for, that the Black people are going to get blamed for this and they didn’t do it. He yelled back at her, “They’re gonna kill you anyway.” and continued trashing the building. The rioters were planned and pallets of bricks and rocks were stacked neatly in major areas to supply the weapons to these people to destroy. The fact that the Demorats are openly stepping back and excusing this behavior and allowing it to happen – bailing out rioters who have been arrested, refusing to call in the National Guard to put an end to this violence and destruction, clearly shows that they hate America, it’s people and all that it stands for. This is to further their agendas by trying to blame our President for this destruction (look at all the fake news narratives) and keep the country divided. The Dems serve George Soros and he is funding this chaos. History clearly shows that the Dems have worked to keep minorities and whites divided for decades. Most People are not prejudiced, it’s been set up to make it look that way on all sides of the aisle. What do the Dems, fake news, the elites, Hollywood all do time and time again? If you have a different opinion that they don’t like, you’re racist. If you disagree with anything they want, you’re racist. If you don’t like Obama because of his failed policies and the lies he fed everyone, then you are racist. They pull that race card at every opportunity and we can all see that. These cops that killed Mr. Floyd all 4 need to be charged with no less than 2nd-degree murder, as they were accessories to his death. Chauvin may be charged with 1st-degree murder as he knew Mr. Floyd and may have had a grudge to grind against him and used his power as a cop to execute that grudge. The only positive coming out of these riots is that it has shown a bright light on police brutality and effecting actual attention to this whereas protests on issues in the past have fallen on deaf uncaring ears.

    • Barbara Emerson

      I think Obama did so much to cause the division of the races. And why is he called America’s first black President? George Washington isn’t called Americas’s first white President. Also Obama is half-white. Does that count for nothing? I am so tired of being politically correct to the extent we cannot express ourselves. President Trump called them thugs-what are they- chiorboys?
      I hope everyone saw the video of Antifa bringing in pallets of bricks to all of the citites that protested. Oh that’s right—–it was taken off the air.
      Get a grip and grow up America. Was the murder wrong. In so many ways. Should the policemen who participated and watched by tried- YES. Leave it to the legal system. That’s where it belongs- not in our streets.

    • nailed it

  15. lillian reheusser

    The greatest change this country has had in the last 100 years was the change from Obama to President Donald J. Trump. God bless and long live the United States of America.

  16. The only CHANGE I want FOR OBAMA is . . . FEDERAL PRISON with a LENGTHY, STIFF SENTENCE for that TREASONISTIC TRAITOR. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  17. This coming from the Divider in chief who make things so much worse in his 8 years. Then he tried to undermine a duly elected President. He is low class scum and nothing but a snake in the grass. He would be better off with his mouth duct taped.

  18. Nobody’s Interested in Anything the Old Liar in Chief has to Say he lied about everything in His Old Presidency he Never cared about Our Country America or the American People BLACK OR WHITE so he Needs to Go Away with His Husband and Rented Girls !!!!!!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🏼❤️

  19. Mr. O. It would be refreshing if you accepted your own culpability in encouraging the lawlessness that we see spreading throughout our country. Your own selection of A.G. Eric Holder, that tacitly gave black lawbreakers a free pass on prosecution for the most heinous crimes has contributed to a loss of life to the very community that elected you. Moreover, your own palpable disrespect for the Constitution, and the rule of law that it represents, provided an example to those whom held you in Godlike esteem, that you were presiding over a new day in American politics in which white people and “the rich” would suffer the full wrath of the judicial system, while the epidemic of black on black crime would fly below the radar of your own Justice Dpt. You bear a considerable responsibility for the Afrcan American lives that you left in your wake.

  20. Judy Ann Hansen

    Who is Obama to call for anything much less what to do about the protests going on in the US? He is powerless now and never went by the Constitution most of the time. He is part of the problem and many Americans don’t and never did
    like him or his policies much at all!

    So, said nicely, be quiet as we don’t care to hear from you at all!

  21. I find the man responsible for supercharging race inequity talking about how to fix the situation very funny. Want to close down the riots arrest Soros(all), Hillary and Obama.

  22. yes by all means lets revamp the justice system, and let start with your sorry a$$, lets put you in jail and then on trial, for treason, corruption,fraud, un-lock you sealed files and let all find out just what kind of a fake you really are, I say 100% FAKE, a paid stooge for the soros corruption corp. You should be in jail right now with your old white jew father, awaiting hanging .

  23. Quote: “Former President Barack Obama on Monday condemned violence amid protests over the death of George Floyd and police brutality and called for political solutions to address protesters’ grievances about criminal justice.” So why didn’t he and Biden do anything about it when they were in the White House for eight years? Just what political solutions does he propose the federal government to do to solve what is a state/local matter? Contrary to his perceptions police brutality is the rarity which is why the media hypes it so much. It happens so seldom.

  24. Look, This clown had his 8 years to ruin this Country, and his time was up long ago.
    Shove a SOCK in it Obummer, or a box of yellow fruit, anything so we don’t have to
    hear anymore of your worthless blunder. Maybe you should spend more time
    instructing your daughters how to conduct themselves when they are ever confronted
    in a police situation.

  25. “…who has largely stoked tensions by calling protesters “thugs” and threatening violence against looters.” Why do you lie? People who riot and loot are thugs. Urban dictionary definition of thugs: “A thug is typically referred to a male or female who commits crimes for personal gain through stealing, selling drugs, but especially violent crimes such as robbery and assault.” Quit lying you coward! The president did not mean the protestors and you know that. One more lie comes from your “news” and that’s it for me. I despise lying. Lying is the same as stealing. You steal the Presidents reputation. So by definition you’re a thug. Knock it off!


  27. What a waste him and his husband were. If any body is to blame its his muslim ass. Him and Michael did nothing but divide this country. He managed to get a couple of muzzys into office but theirs and his plan to get an impeachment didnt work you would think he would be a little embarrased. The most racist couple ever in the white house and ugliest too

  28. Terry Arnold Bell

    I hope and prayed for 8 years that someone would shoot the basturd dead and we would have have a change from this half breed muslin nigger !

  29. Why in the hell,dose anyone even listen to this lying treasonous bastard. While president he only lined hus pockets and caused major race issues.America get your head out your ass and protest and run him out of our country,along with Bidens,Clintons and his administration.

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