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Queen Latifah Wants ‘Gone with the Wind’ to be Gone Forever

While some have criticized HBO Max’s removal of Gone With the Wind from its streaming service — including those who wonder if it hurts the legacy of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American woman to win an Academy Award — Oscar nominee Queen Latifah says good riddance.

“Let ‘Gone with the Wind’ be gone with the wind,” said the Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy winner in an interview last week.

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Latifah, who portrays McDaniel in Ryan Murphy’s Netflix Hollywood series, says the story behind McDaniel’s Oscar win is not as shiny as the golden trophy.

“They didn’t even let her in the theater until right before she got that award. Someone came outside and brought her into the auditorium. She wasn’t even allowed to sit in there. And then she had to read a speech that was written by a studio. You know that’s not what the hell she wanted to say,” she said.

“Then after that, all she could do was play the same kinds of roles … So the opportunities at that time and the way that those in power in that business were relegating us and marginalizing us and not allowing us to grow and thrive after that was just terrible. And a lot of that is still around today.”

Latifah spoke to The Associated Press while promoting her Queen Collective initiative, which seeks to highlight up-and-coming female filmmakers of color. She discussed George Floyd’s death, her feelings about her lyrics being chanted by protesters and more.

AP: What are your thoughts on the protests following George Floyd’s death?

Queen Latifah:This is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my life. And it’s also the fact that it’s happening worldwide. It’s time, you know? It’s time. What an opportunity we have right now. I can only liken it to what it was like for me as a kid, as a teenager — young 20s, early ’90s when there was apartheid in South Africa, and we weren’t with that. And rappers, we stood up and used our voices, and everybody used their voices.

We’re seeing corporate America and brands embracing Black Lives Matter. Do you think it’s just popular to do so now or is it a sincere effort to bring change?

I think it’s a mixture … we’re seeing things that have been coming for a long time, and this is the powder keg. This is the perfect storm, if you will, for the opportunity for change to come. So we shouldn’t stop — we shouldn’t take our foot off the gas. I read something Viola Davis posted, and … it ended with ‘Don’t take your foot off the gas,’ and that has sat in my mind and that has been my slogan in my brain every day.

Protesters at a march were singing your song U.N.I.T.Y.

That song is a stance. I wish it didn’t stand — I wish it would have played out. But to have to say “Love a black man from infinity to infinity,” “love a black woman from infinity to infinity,” but ultimately: U.N.I.T.Y. We do it together. You know, let’s all get it together. But I had to say things like that. We still have to say that. I have so many records that I wish were not useful anymore. You know records fought for women’s equality, fought for all of us to have an equal seat at the table. I wish we didn’t have to talk about this stuff, but it’s still happening.

I am both ripped apart on the inside and at the same time inspired, and I have renewed vigor every day because we have a lot to do. It’s an election year. I’m inspired by the youth being out there.

This is your second year with the Queen Collective. Was there anything your learned or changed this year?

The only thing that’s expanded my mind is that we need more support and we need to make more movies. We need more production because the same thing (happened) last year: we were able to do two films, (but) we got over 60 submissions last year … These amazing women filmmakers have shown that not only do they tell unique, interesting, cool stor(ies) — not just cool—. but stories that need to be told. But they also hire diversely behind the camera, which gives people experience.

Billy Porter posted an Instagram video stating the black community needs to do a better job embracing the LBGTQ community in the midst of this “Black Lives Matter” movement. What are your thoughts?

I 100% agree. You know, we don’t have the luxury of separating ourselves from one another right now. The whole purpose is inclusivity. … You should be respected for who you are, no matter who you are … that includes the LGBTQ community, especially our trans sisters and brothers that are being murdered in these streets for no reason, other than that they are or who they are, and someone decides that “I don’t like who you are” or “I want to attack you.” It just can’t fly.

42 thoughts on “Queen Latifah Wants ‘Gone with the Wind’ to be Gone Forever

    1. I never realized that Hattie McDaniels was not allowed into the Academy Awards as an Oscar winner , and that the Academy told her what to say… how embarrassing for her. I’ll bet a lot of those privileged actors and actresses never even bowed their heads in shame as this was being done to this talented woman. I agree with everyone who feels that “Gone with The Wind SHOULD be gone! It was a classic movie but we all agree that it must not be shown again!!

      1. That’s All Bullshit! The Democrats Will twist A Play date Between Two Two Year Olds Into Something Racist!! You all make me sick!

    2. That figures, she isn’t dealing with full knowledge of the history of our great country. Black people who call racist, are the racist’s. I believe the racial divide was truly on the mend until Barack Obama and his racist wife, along with Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch,Susan Rice, and many more, are all recist! The more the racist fire burns and racist’s stoking that fire, we will always have it. Stop stocking the fire. when you stoke it you get what you stoke!

  1. another phony who really has no relavant imput why did she bring this up now???why not before since it bothers her so much?? Grow and move on and stop being a phony like the rest of Hollywod!

  2. Queen Latifah, I admire and respect you; however, I have to say that neither can you rewrite history nor can you erase it. We must remember and learn from the past so that HISTORY WILL NOT REPEAT ITSELF.”
    I think we should toss out Social Studies and get back to teaching the basics of true History, Geography, etc.
    Many ethnic groups have suffered horrific abuse. We also need to learn of the heros and heroines of the times.

    1. l agree 100 percent. Erasing history is INSANE. lt needs to stay available so we know it and learn from it. This is ORWELLIAN.

    2. Queen Latifah – I admire you and your work however, I believe it is not healthy to erase history. History teaches us not to make the same mistakes and doesn’t glorify the wrongs that transpired. There movies, books, statues relating these times.

  3. “Gone with the Wind” is the greatest movie ever made on several levels and for various reasons. It is a cinematic treat. My favorite movie of all time. Hey, history happened. If not, we could erase Queen Latifah.

  4. Who is she? Apparently, she must be a popular person in the BLM community. She probably has not seen Gone With The Wind. There are many movies produced today that are very offensive to millions, especially the black community, but are not banned because of their content. The viewing public will determine their worth by viewing or not viewing the movies. Hollywood should be banned!

  5. That movie she did with Steve Martin, where she put his hands on her boobs is way to sexest and racists , her movies should be band too . Why can only a white man can grab her boobs and not a black man . Even tho she likes women , not men. . You know … when the BLM band everything judt because they can , the only think left to band will be them . So where wil thstl leave us all . Do they really feel afended by all this crap or just doing what their payed to do by rich white men ? I can’t see the hole black nation caring that much about all this crap . They will for the free stuff they steal by looting , but not just for justice like some say . Its the delusional democrats that have BLM cry racists and to loot and burn . Does anyone ever wonder why the delusional democrats do this crap ? Does anyone really care ? Your becoming a slave to the delusional democrats weather you know it or not . They don’t care about you , have you ever gone to their homes and have dinner ? You bet ya ass you haven’t and ya never will be invited there . Time to grow up and stop crying racists about everything . It makes you a racists and let’s face it … it’s all about what you want , not the country or the cops .

  6. Queen Rene says: Queen Latifah sees it wrong. History is in the books forever, no matter what the black race does it will be forever there because it happened. It started all in Africa where tribal heads went out to kidnap the best of the crop from other tribes and sold them to whomever wanted to buy them. They because of their strength were used and abused by other civilizations around the world. Not only in America.
    From there on in slavery spread all over the world. It is were people are oppressed slavery comes alive. Just open your eyes and look around. Slavery is thriving through the protesting in the street by showing their might and towering over people that can not fight back. Stealing and looting, behaving in a way to scare the weak into submission. (That is by the way the communist and anarchist work). Slavery you find in prostitution, in sports although they get handsomely paid to shut their mouth, they still get sold off for more money. Through this method you now even have more colored billionaires and millionaires. What good does trying to faze history out the books by destroying dead things as statues. What happen then will be there till the end of times. The most important thing for human is to remember the atrocities and try to change it in a peaceful way not by might, looting stealing, destroying other folks hard labor. We should teach our children form birth on to always be kind yet firm and stand your ground without switching to the lowest form of destroying other folks property. Because the destruction cost will be handed down to the next and the next generation. In other words. The cost to build this destruction, the repairs to all the shambles is handed down to you the citizen again in the form of higher (future) taxes. The end equation is, you and our generation to come, will pay for it out of our/your own pocket. So all this I get back at you mentalities is not the right way to dissolve the past that happen 200 or 400 years ago. We are in a pandemic and the protesters making it worse with not following social distancing, not washing, hands pooping and peeing in public and still expect to be heard. Our leaders quivering in their shoes because they give in to the dumb and whimsical demands. Showing the world that they have no backbone to stand up for the hard working citizen of all colors by only thinking if we give in, at least they wont destroy my property. Protest were it counts. In Olympia or were your government settles. At the governor mansions or our leaders neighborhoods. Maybe then you get a little satisfaction, but never your way because HISTORY IS HERE TO STAY.

    1. It’s interesting that all the people who are so incensed about our history that included slavery are not out protesting the slave trade going on right now in Libya under Muslims. Black Africans being sold as slaves today in Libya.

    2. Icame from Asia before coming to America as a legal immigrant 40 years ago. America educated me about slavery, because no slavery existed in my country where I came from.I got discriminated but I considered as a common thing that happened to all of us. But I keep on doing what I felt as right for me. As I learned from what happened with Black Lives Matter, I learned that it’s a lie, because ALL LIVES MATTER. Black lives Matter supporters always defended themselves no matter how wrong they were in some instances. They resort to the term racist whenever they could not get what they want, this I have observed in my workplace. They need our prayers that they see their shortcomings so they will all be see the light.

    3. your vocabulary sucks it’s banned, not band, offended, not afended, so you see the hole black nation not the whole?

  7. another hollywood big mouth,theres movies we all dont like maybe movies should stop being made then she can get a real job

  8. Poorly educated people like her seldom are aware of the importance of ALL parts of our history.You can lead a dumb bunny to water but you can’t make them think.

  9. Our history is what we are today—You cannot ERASE IT. If the QUEEN is a Dem she has no clue as to what she is talking about anyway. It was the Dems from before the Civil War who have subjugated the Blacks. It was the Dems who were the KKK. It was the Dems against the civil Rights Act and the 13 th and 14 th and 15 th amendments. What a farse She “hates “Gone with the Wind” Of course–all those folks HATE REALITY They live in a “make believe world”

  10. Gone With the Wind is one of my favorite movies and I’m a black successful male. This is part of our history and it shows how far we’ve come.

    This movie shows the fear, anger, insecurity and naivete of a young country, something that we strive to grow from, that’s why we have millions of people trying to come to the U.S.A.

    I wish she was as strong on abortion, rap lyrics and black people not living up to “Black lives Matter”

    I’m sure everyone who watches old movies see shame in the way some things were, at least I hope.

    Gone with the wind is full of moments to teach about history not run from it.

  11. Gone with the wind is a 1939 classic and it hasn’t been an issue all these years so why is it an issue now , if you watched you would know that she was not treated like a slave and she was all kinds of full of it . Why would you keep egging on trouble? Here’s a thought if you don’t like it don’t watch it . What happened to freedom and choice?

  12. She ain’t QUEEN of nothing and her words are worth nothing, yet “GONE WITH THE WIND” is a CLASSIC BOOK AND FILM about THE CIVIL WAR and a part of our HISTORY……insofar as her and her work, let’s consider that GONE!

    1. How dare you call her a nigger cunt? Oh, I guess your wife and mother were white cunts. Okay, I get it.

  13. Is it true that Black lives Matter are really just part of the Muslim brotherhood. The Muslims sold them into slavery and are using them now

  14. Stop. Let me get this straight up. There is no balm. NO.!!

    ALL LIVES MATTER. Get yourself used to this. GWTW is a great movie, Get ride of the bad democratico and Nancy Pelosi. Do not ever shut down the police. Look at poor Pelosi. She is an old woman with no sense at all

  15. I think she should be Gone with the Wind. It is one of the greatest movies of all time. It’s history and you can’t change that. I’m Jewish and I can’t eliminate the Holocaust, it’s history and we have to learn from it.

  16. I sorry but, I always liked you until now. Miss Jersey Girl. Why do you call yourself Queen ??
    Hattie was a queen. A movie queen when a lot of white and folks of color didn’t get roles in Hollywood.
    She was funny and in my opinion quite a talent. The best scene was Mister Rhett gave her the red petty coat.
    And she wore it and rustled with pride. Movie star Pride !!!

  17. Down with the Queen she is obscene. Deport her for attempting to change history. That makes her discrimatory. What right has she got to destroy the truth by banning it?

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