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What’s the Deal With the Mysterious Explosions Rocking Iran?

In recent weeks Iran has been rocked by mysterious explosions. Even worse they have occurred in and around the country’s nuclear facilities and other “sensitive areas.”

Three incidents, including two explosions at nuclear facilities, have shaken Iran in recent days. Are they all connected? Were they caused by accidents – as Tehran claims, or were they carried out by a foreign power? If the latter, who, the US, the Israelis? If so, how were they pulled off, and what does that mean for strained relations in the Middle East?

One of the blasts severely damaged one of the most sensitive and prized sites in Iran’s nuclear program. The focus of allegations of an attack fall mostly on Israel, which has conducted clandestine operations on Iranian soil in the past – seizing documents and files about Iran’s nuclear program. Israel has a vested interest in seeing that Iran never becomes a nuclear power. However, if the blast was indeed an act of saboteurs, Israeli or otherwise, it would mean that there are significant security deficiencies and possible enemy infiltration at some of Iran’s most sensitive sites.

The latest and most damaging explosion took place on July 2, at a workshop near the central Iranian city of Natanz, where scientists and engineers have been striving to build advanced centrifuges to more quickly and efficiently produce enriched uranium that could be used for atomic weapons. It followed a June 26 explosion at the missile facility of Parchin, which was allegedly used to conduct nuclear research in the 1990s, on the outskirts of Tehran.

Iran has now admitted that the July 2 blast caused “significant damage” but has not disclosed what caused it. It has yet to react to allegations in published reports that Israel placed a bomb in the building, but has insisted it plans to build an even bigger – and presumably more secure — facility to replace it.

“There were no casualties as a result of the incident, but significant damage was incurred,” said Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for Iran’s atomic energy authority. “There were advanced equipment and precision measurement devices at this site that were either destroyed or damaged … possibly causing a delay in development and production of advanced centrifuge machines in the medium term.”

According to satellite imagery, the damage appears to be extensive, and potentially caused a major setback in Iran’s nuclear research and development program. Fortunately, there have not been any reports of radiation leaks from the site.

In addition to the June 26 and July 2 incidents, on June 25, a massive explosion, seen many miles away in Tehran, burned a hillside near a missile complex at Khojir. On June 30, a medical center suffered a fire in Tehran, killing at least 18 people.

All of these explosions have lead to key questions about why so many such incidents have rocked critical aspects of Iran’s military-industrial complex. Rumors posted on social media and elsewhere online have suggested not only a cover up, but also allegations of a “cyberattack” by Iran’s enemies. In the past, Iran blamed a cyberattack on the Shahid Rajaee port in May, on Israel. That attack which harmed the port was in the wake of a confirmed cyberattack on Israel by Iran.

Israel is currently the only nuclear power in the Middle East. The Israelis and the Trump administration are convinced Iran is using the guise of a civilian nuclear program to pursue nuclear weapons capabilities.

by Mike F. Strong


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  1. This may be like so many news stories these days. Who knows if any are real. Iran needs to adhere to
    standards of the nuclear community and story terrorist activities in the region and in the world.
    Muslims are going to take over the world but not by force. See what they are doing in other parts of the world. Their numbers in each country is what is going to change the world and the stupid lazy people are going to do nothing until it is too late. Most of the countries are unknowingly helping them. The United States is one of them.

  2. Terry Arnold Bell

    I hope the explosion’s have a mushroom cloud attached to them and cause lots of deaths.

    • Becareful what you wish for! I used to think the same thing back in the day of Desert Storm, Why didn’t America keep going when Iran was/Is the real threat!
      Biblically, that is a terrible thing to think of killing many innocent. There are many wonderful folks in Iran that want nothing to do w/the dictator regime !

      The fools to allow the previous American Muslim Leaders to create such a constant barrage of incidents have taken America back over a Century in time, pretty disgusting that people vote for someone w/o doing their homework on the individuals. I Pray they bring the corrupt to Justice and Drain and Severely Punish The Corrupt Swamp Rats, their disgusting deeds are too many to list.
      Please go to tube to view AWK. news (And We Know) for almost daily updates of what is really going on,
      Pray for our Nations Leaders to seek Godly Wisdom and Protection.

      In God We Trust /United We Stand/ WWG1WGA

      Rev 1:3

  3. I hope they wipe off the MAP.

  4. They are preparing the areas for expansion of their nuclear work.

  5. Billy is right. A few years after 9-11 No-clue Americans voted into the US congress two devoted Muslim women to poison the US political landscape. Did we forget where “the shores of Tripoli” came from?

  6. I hope they continue and get worse, and then when the BIG ONE , goes off and blows the HELL out of the place those rag heads, will come asking the USA for help. And the answer will NO HELL NO.

  7. It”s is time that part of the world is observed and kept under check. President Trump is the only person who can put a lid on what is going on there … No non-sense, and they know it.

  8. “allah” is NOT willing, they are FED-UP with these ayatollahs too….!!!

    • Yeah…Angelika….where is their god Allah when they need him………OH…he is not answering their call………..OH..he must be sleeping……..or just on a vacation…!! There will come a time when the real and True God really is….!!!

  9. Texas Tea Partier

    With that many simultaneous accidents happening, there ain’t no such thing as a coincidence! Israel has to use sabotage to protect their country and it’s citizens.

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