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Facebook Deletes Trump’s Back-to-School Video

On Wednesday, Facebook and Twitter deleted a Trump campaign video for allegedly spreading “misinformation” about the coronavirus pandemic.

“Children are almost, and I would almost say definitely, but almost immune from this disease,” Trump said in the video. He referenced the extremely low infection and death rates for young people in defense of reopening schools in the fall.

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“This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation,” Facebook spokesman Andy Stone told CNN.

“The President was stating a fact that children are less susceptible to the coronavirus,” Trump campaign Deputy National Press Secretary Courtney Parella told The Washington Examiner in a statement. “Another day, another display of Silicon Valley’s flagrant bias against this President, where the rules are only enforced in one direction. Social media companies are not the arbiters of truth.”

Children are less susceptible to COVID-19. According to a CDC analysis of cases from February 12 to April 2, only 1.7 percent of cases where the age of patients was known involved people below the age of 18. According to the study, only 73 percent of children who had tested positive for COVID-19 had symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, compared with 93 percent of adults. Only 5.7 percent of all pediatric patients were hospitalized, lower than the hospitalization rate for adults (10 percent). Only three of the 2,572 COVID-19 positive children in the study died.

After Facebook deleted the Trump campaign video, Twitter did the same.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 5, 2020

Trump made the remark during an interview on Fox News. “Children are almost, and I would almost say definitely, but almost immune from this disease,” he said.

He made similar claims in a White House press conference on Tuesday. “Young people are almost immune to this disease,” he said.

Facebook’s decision to remove the Trump video seems particularly noteworthy, given Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that “Facebook should not be the arbiter of truth.”

Zuckerberg was responding to Twitter’s decision to slap an extremely partisan “fact check” on a Trump tweet warning against potential fraud in vote-by-mail schemes. Twiter also hid another Trump tweet, claiming it violated the platform’s policies by “glorifying violence.”

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  1. Michael O'Connor

    All of these people should be shut down. That would make the playing almost equal. The democrats are pushing for a state run news service, DOES THAT RING A BELL FOR ANYONE?

    • Feels like we are in Russia with communist censorship! But would they do it to Obama,Hillary,Pelocy and their cronies! At least Biden can say all his gaffs! I been raised in Russia that’s was the one of the reasons we left and now we end up with tyranny from people who came from Russia like Zuckerberg,Serge Green !

  2. facebook is the new tyranny screw them. TRUMP 2020

  3. Congress needs to act with these companies NOW. The companies are way to big and take too many liberties away from people that do not believe as they do.

  4. Hi,
    All these type business’ are federally licensed to have the right to operate in the US. If I am correct in this than they have to meet conditions set by the FCC to be licensed. Seems to me as this is so, then the government need s to make them obey the U S Constitution in regards to free speech or not get licensed.

    • Krankee The Klown

      You are absolutely right, they should either get their licenses suspended, or Trump should take Facebook back. They cannot censor anybody! Zuckerberg thinks his community policy beats out the U.S. Constitution. Actually I wish they would shut social media down until after the election. Maybe forever, people need to socialize in person, or face diversity forever. We also need the family life again instead of people always buried in their phones, I-Pads or laptops.

  5. And anyone with a brain knows Trump was saying Children are fat less susceptible to the ravages of this disease….But the hateful socialist nit-pick the fly shit out of the pepper because of their hate!

  6. The greatest Presidential accomplishment for J Donald Trump is not the economy, the military , the wall, VA, Prison Reform, etc, etc. His greatest accomplishment has been exposing the evil, cannibal, deceitful- Media/Hollywood/and Democrat-RINO’s Agenda in the Destruction of America. It’s an all out war on our Freedoms perpetrated by the sheep on the Left. Would have Hillary won- The same leftist hating Trump would be begging for him. God Bless America. #Latinos4Trump #MAGA45

  7. Zuckerburg needs to be sued by the American people for violating our free speech rights. The liberals and Democrats can argue about the fact that they are “private” companies — not government entities — however, if they control speech they can control everything — that is against all reason and is an assault on the Constitutional rights of all Americans.

  8. Facebook and Twitter are, LIKE IT or NOT, a public trust and cannot be deciding AMERICA”S TRUTH WE the People can decide. This is an absolute VIOLATION of the First Amendment and they can hide behind any loophole they want to but it is a crime what they are doing. THiis must be stopped—-if they can shut down the POTUS based on their own politicized truth and get away with it we are seeing the demise of our nation happening before us. This is disgusting

    • Seems to me we are having a lot of censorship
      here! Is it free speech, or not? If my opinion differs from yours, and you have more clout than I do..
      your opinion wins? I thought I also heard that young people were not as likely to catch the virus as older persons……

  9. Section 230 is meaningless to these tech billionaires and our right to free speech is severely limited. It is time to boycott these sites as platforms. Use bitchute, Parler, and SteemApp if you value the first amendment! Tell DOJ to file a petition in court to challenge section 230, that these sites no longer publish but censor, Who were never designed to do this,especially before an election!

  10. Good For FACEBOOK! Since The Only “TRUTH” DERANGED donald Knows Is The “truth’? He Creates Solely In His SICKO MIND Just Like The INSANE IDIOT & M-FUCKING MORON He Has Proven To Be Again & Again!

    • You Have Not A Single Clue on What Is Going On With The Corruption of Our Govt Which is Mainly (Democrats). For You To Trash Trump Is the Exact Same as Trashing America. If You Do Not Love Our Country and Hate Trump That Bad Then LEAVE this COUNTRY and All Of The Other America Trump Hating People Can LEAVE, I Promise You Once You Leave You Will Be Begging Trump & Us The America Loving People To Bring You Back. Stop The Hate, Love Your Country Because Trump is The Best Thing This Country Has Seen. Look Up All Of His Accomplishments For Us The People & Country. Case Closed. Do Not Believe all The Lies & Hate That The Main Stream Media Put Out. That is Why They are FAKE NEWS.

      • Agree! They are being outright hostile and not letting the President of our United States post an opinion gleaned from the top experts in the world. Who is Marc Zuckerberg to say its false news, when it’s the opinion of experts of which he’s not. He’s being a hostile asshole!! Violating freedom of speech. Never seen anything like this in US in my life!!!

  11. facebook, twitter and all the rest should be investigated by somebody

  12. Children can get covid189, but they are massively less susceptible to its effects, with virtually no casulaties. The South African medical community has been urging the govt. to reopen schools for a month now. According to them, it is pointless delaying re-opening. Kids will get the bug now, or later, whenever schools reopen.

  13. ZUKERBERG and the rest of these SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNIST need to be shut down entirely! Either follow the CONSTITUTION or you have no PLATFORMS PERIOD!! Besides the entire concept of SOCIAL MEDIA is WORTHLESS CRAP anyway!

  14. Control !!!!! Suppression!!!!! Evil!!!’ Absolute power! Nazism!!! Sound familiar????! We deplorables need to soo just give up and die on the vine! NOT!!!! We need to get rid of the fat cat politicians who have through no term limits become corrupt, and will stop at nothing. They don’t give a rat about the poor or needy. I’ve watched it— they give a few hours or act like they have done so much by giving about .001 of their take to charity. They don’t get in the trench. They mask up and give baloney. Zuck and Twitter grab this and fill the air w anyone who reflects their pseudo care message. It’s govt control by private monopolies. Oh my Look out. Get out and vote in person !!! Oh that’s right they want the totally inept postal service to deliver ballots— yeah ok. How many times have lost items come months after or wrong addresses or a letter or bill to my dad who’s been dead 42 years. Yeah, let’s do mail in!!! Also, businesses should not be monopolistic like Amazon. Anti trust laws should click in. Not w our congress who still uses an abacus and quill We need people in congress who represent a literate savvy people that understand tech and big business. If they don’t, then they r pd to hire someone to get them in the loop. They are old not incapable of learning and if they are, time to leave. Zuch makes them look stupid— not their fault— he’s a cocky fast talker like Obama and where has that gotten us. I believe in the right of free speech. I’m smart enough to make my own call. Boycott Facebook twitter Netflix. I don’t care how depressed Michelle Obama is. I was depressed for 8 yrs of her gardening and being ashamed to be from here. Control, corruption, no wonder she can’t sleep

  15. Did you know all the “fact checkers’ who are employed by Facebook are also backed by George Sorro’s? No surprise there!! That’s why, if you’ve noticed, ads promoting Trump and just about anything Trump gets taken down by these so called fact checkers!! What a bunch of BS!!!

  16. Facebook needs to be canceled! They do not do this to desecrates! Not willing to give both sides. Like reading the news trash papers!!

  17. -So Facebook spokesman ANDY STONE told CNN “This video includes false claims that a group of people is immune from COVID-19, which is a violation of our policies around harmful COVID misinformation,”?

    -Is ANDY STONE a medical doctor? I will tell you – NO.
    “Andy Stone is not a medical doctor and did not specify what portion of the video it ruled to be “false information.”

    -So ANDY STONE thinks he knows more than the President who has access to all the best medical minds and data from multiple sources?
    No, ANDY STONE is just an employee of BIASED media FACEBOOK and reporting this CRAP on conspiracy network CNN?

    -Does Facebook fact-check the Terrorist organization ANTIFA and BLM Meet-up information?
    That Facebook POSTS?
    -Why does Facebook post pedophilia, adultery, how to make a bomb, how to murder someone, terrorist meet-up information, communism, pornography, etc.?
    -But has an issue posting information about Hydroxychloroquine, which has been approved for use in the U.S. since 1955.
    -It is a medication used to prevent and treat malaria, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and porphyria cutanea tarda.
    -Is it because Hydroxychloroquine is effective and CHEAP?
    -And will cut into the profits of Gates and Fauchi who are trying to force shots on the world that will make them billions off their patents?

    -Two Democrat Politicians have been cured using Hydroxychloroquine and there are quotes online as to their praise for it.

    -So what exactly is ANDY STONE, who is NOT a medical doctors issue with Hydroxychloroquine?
    -Sounds like Facebook is run by a bunch of BIGOTS who are targeting Republicans when they have no medical knowledge or proof that their knowledge is greater than the presidents.

    -If they Democrats win the election, they plan to break up Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. Just ask Sanders and Warren. They campaigned on it.

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