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Postmaster General Shreds Dems USPS “Conspiracy Theories”

Despite being the target of controversy, President Trump’s recently appointed Postmaster General destroyed left-wing conspiracies that have been leveled against the USPS.

U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy reassured Congress last week that the Postal Service is not hindering any of its mail processes leading up to the November election.

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“As we head into the election season, I want to assure this committee, and the American public, that the Postal Service is fully capable of delivering the nation’s election mail securely and on time,” DeJoy said.

The deplorable accusations of the left about DeJoy, the USPS and the election have been proven false or unfounded. Yet that has not stopped their “All-Stars” including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Taylor Swift, and members of Congress from continuing to spread the conspiracy theories as truth.

The widespread hysteria of this issue led Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to call an emergency congressional hearing to question DeJoy, who fell prey to Democrats’ accusations that USPS and Trump are colluding to purposely remove mailboxes, slow mail delivery, and decommission mail-sorting machines.

However, when questioned about the integrity of USPS during the November election by members of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees in said hearings, DeJoy guaranteed that the allegations against him and Trump were unfounded. “There has been no changes in any policies with regard to the election mail for the 2020 election,” he said.

He also stated his disdain for the “outrageous claim” that USPS is intentionally slowing down mail services and delivery, claiming that he is “extremely, highly confident” that the Postal Service will continue to serve the American people.

The Postmaster General also denied claims that he ever colluded with President Trump to change USPS policies to meddle in the November election.

“I have never spoken to the president about the postal service,” DeJoy said.

By Mike F. Strong


What do you think? Are the charges leveled against Trump and DeJoy by the left in any way founded? Reply in the comments below.

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  1. Re USPS….. it’s just more Nancy Pelosi bullshit!

    • Yes it is more of Pelosi’s bullshit. My big question is because I have heard NOTHING about a deadline for mail in ballots – they should have to arrive by the day of the election. And it is the democrats that are spreading false conspiracy allegations much like the 2016 Russian collusion conspiracy.

  2. More dumbocrap BS and propaganda about fraudulent mail=in=voting. We know it’s full of voter fraud,it’s already happened in the last 6 states that just had it done in.NY,iowa.nevada,maine,NJ needs to have another election bacause of fraud.

    • Dems are just scared cuz they know it will be Trump 2020 as the winner. Polosi and her band wagon of cry babies need to retire they cause America more problems than we need.

  3. sorting machines are retired at about 700 annually, except for this year–over double that number. the corner mail boxes have never before been removed at this rate. mail records reflect a definitive drop in on-time delivery. in what universe do mail sorting machines, operated by 3 people, save money by being replaced by 30 employees doing the job by hand? the denial of a plan to reduce performance are provably lies.

    • There were 14,000 mail boxes removed during the Obama/Biden time. They are moved/ retired when they are no loner used due to emails replacing mail use.

    • Wow, Luann off of my reliable source I find that during obama/biden there were 1750 per yr. That’s more than double what YOU’RE CRYING ABOUT!

  4. NO, The Charges are false.

    FACT CHECK= Non-profits pay$00.118 (bulk 5 or more) mail while the rest pay $00.55¢.

    Also deduct from REVENUES for Maintenance of Buildings and Vehicles, Employees pay, Competition (Amazon) and Associates (FedEx & UPS).

  5. The charges are FALSE!

    Fire the Dems!

  6. The mail volume has dropped by 50% or More in recent years. That’s one reason to retire sorting machines. Also, as the machines age, the maintenance becomes more expensive, and new technology allows fewer machines to sort the same volume of mail. Local post offices decide where the mail drops are located. When volume in a box at a particular location falls below a set volume, the box is relocated or removed from service because few people use it.

  7. Anytime the Dumocrat’s Lips are moving, THEY ARE LYING!

  8. Just more of the same by the DNC/Sorros/Pislosi/Shimmer and all D’s in office in DC and throuout the country in D controlled cities and states…terrified that DT will have a bigger wave in Nov…they see it coming. Daily, try another false narrative…developed by their war room talking points team…located in BHO’s war/fort…behind 12 walls, just down the street from the WH. These lies are coming at the sheeple now daily, almost hourly…all have failed for almost 4 years not…tomorrow will be DT’s failure with the 2 Hurricanes in the Gulf…not to worry…he will keep on keeping on till he is inaugurated for his 2nd term next January…bank on it….hoping that the D’s keep it up…open their mouths, nationally…another million votes for DT and America.

  9. The Post Office delivery has slowed down since DeJoy came on board. We own an Ecommerce business and ship products around the world daily. What used to take 3 days has, at times taken up to two weeks to ship. We have been in business 12 years and have never experienced this ever.
    Ask others in Ecommerce and you will hear the same.

    • I haven’t had one problem. Ship ups and have problems all the time. USPS is working fine.

    • USPS and FEDEX are also claiming the the Covid-19 problem is slowing mail. I had 2 small packages come from Eastern Europe, They took 6 weeks to get here. 4 weeks to NY and 2 more to Kalifornia. That was BEFORE these BS claims from the demonrats.

  10. Well, Joan how much are they ( the DEMS) paying you for that tidbit of information?

  11. Typical democrat/not/democratic-(this implies they belive in democracy) throw crappie at the walls hoping that something/any thing will stick-stragity!

  12. Friends….

    The RNC, MUST get 10,000 (if possible) lawyers to counter these DEM bastar*s, who will be assigned to EVERY PROBLEM, POLLING BOOTH VICINITY….ready for the legal assault…….
    # 2…. We need at least 100 VOLUNTEERS at every polling booth, in the Country.
    They must be trained to be CALM, COMPOSED, but, if be, READY TO USE THE BATON, at anybody, who might try to disrupt the POLLING BOOTH…… I would NEVER TRUST the POLICE nor any POLLING OFFICERS/PERSONNELL’S…… (a citizen, has a RIGHT to protect his/her prescient, against ANARCHY)… yes…. Pres. TRUMP…… must NOT be involved, in these ACTIONS…….

    Friends….This is OUR COUNTRY…. & IF THE AUTHORITIES WON’T PROTECT US, THEN WE HAVE TO PROTECT OURSELVES & OUR COUNTRY…. If anyone wants to call me & interact, with me, I am at 613 767 9990…. God Bless America…..

  13. O M G……I am with U 100%

  14. Fake news. Democrats are once again pushing their agenda to stop the re-election of President Trump. Postal worker 30+ years. Zero political mail, first class letters or flats in our building. All packages are scanned and delivered each day. NO routes are ever left in.

  15. The issue of mailing ballots to everyone is NOT AN ISSUE of whether the Postal Service will do their job……It is however, a matter of the Voter Registration Rolls! They are so out dated and on purpose, it has won a lot of elections for the Democrats.. For example there have already been found over 1.5m (million) on the rolls in one county in California that ARE NOT VALID. Who will get these ballots when they are mailed and delivered timely by the Postal Service??????? Anyone that makes a concerted effort to do so!! This is typical in many States. THAT IS WHY THE DEMOCRATS WANT ALL BALLOTS MAILED. In one State there have been 50,000 deceased still on the rolls!!!!! Nobody wants to keep anyone from voting but it needs to be a fair vote. The only way that can happen is if people (with ID) go to the Polls or request an Absentee Ballot.

  16. It’s really amazing to me that you can vote without a voter ID – criminal !! You have to have an ID to buy cigarettes, booze,drive a car, fly anywhere, and thats just a partial list. If you don’t have a valued State ID then either get one or lose your right to vote. States should be required to issue either Drivers licence or a voter ID card and should require that the drivers licence number or the number on the voter ID card be entered on their ballot.

  17. It’s all BS . Their trying to fix the Elections again . Turkey neck Nancy said she will do everything and anything to win . The postal service said they don’t need any money to help them . it’s all about votes for the delusional democrats . It doesn’t matter they have more votes then voters . ( if I die , don’t let me vote democrat ) there’s no way in hell mail in votes will be fair and turkey neck Nancy knows this . She’s counting on that fact and with all the dead voters voting for the delusional democrats. .. she’s hoping for a easy win . It will really disappoint me if trump doesn’t go after all the delusional democrats for all the burning , looting and killing going on in the delusional democrat states after the elections are over , and he’s in his 2nd term . If nothing else bring the corrupt democrats to justice . Can’t let this stand as it is . If he doesn’t … things will never get any better for us true Americans . Your vote can make the difference … so vote wisely .

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