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President Trump and Family Attend Funeral For Robert Trump

President Trump said he intends to hold his younger brother Robert Trump’s funeral at the White House on Friday, telling reporters it would be “a great honor” to the late executive.

“We may do just a small service right here in the White House for my brother,” Trump said on the White House South Lawn on Monday after Robert died in Manhattan on Saturday at the age of 71.

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“I think it would be a great honor to him. I think he’d be greatly honored. He loved our country. He loved our country so much. He would be so proud of what we were doing and what we are doing for our country,” he continued.

“I think it would be appropriate, so we’ll have it probably on Friday afternoon, a small service in honor of my brother, Robert,” he said.

It’s unclear where in the executive mansion the funeral would be held, with the nearest chapel St. John’s Episcopal Church on the other side of Lafayette Square.

Trump, first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, returned to the White House on Sunday evening — the first time the trio had been seen in public since before the coronavirus outbreak in winter.

Barron, 14, appeared to tower over his 5-foot-11 mom, and even appeared several inches taller than his 6-foot-3 dad, as the three touched down on the White House lawn on Marine One after spending the weekend at the president’s golf resort in Bedminster, NJ.


U.S. President Donald Trump, First Lady Melania Trump and their son Barron walk to the White House from Marine One

Trump waved to a crowd as the three walked toward the White House. They were last seen in public together on Jan. 17 when they departed the White House on their way to Mar-a-Lago.

Robert Trump, the youngest of the president’s siblings, died just days after he was hospitalized on Friday, with the president rushing to New York to visit his brother at his bedside for close to an hour.

Robert also spent a week in intensive care at Mount Sinai Hospital in June and reportedly suffered brain bleeds since a recent fall, a family friend told the New York Times.

The death appears to have hit the president hard, with Trump describing him as his “best friend.”

“It is with heavy heart I share that my wonderful brother, Robert, peacefully passed away tonight,” the president said in a statement.

“He was not just my brother, he was my best friend,” he went on. “He will be greatly missed, but we will meet again. His memory will live on in my heart forever.

“Robert, I love you. Rest in peace.”

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  1. my condolences to you and your family. Mr. President you and your entire family are so strong, I gain strength each day watching your family walk through the many crisis of your struggle trying to help others.
    My prayers are with you
    shirley Hammond

    • Biden’s lost SO many more loved ones , and really is much stronger, because he’s a REAL Christian and believes in God, and lives his Christian Life faithfully.. It’s ALWAYS sad, when ANYONE loses a family or dear friend..

      • Grace, the only one who can judge whether or not a person is a Christian is Jesus Christ! Not you!
        It’s pretty sad that your REAL Christian supports killing innocent babies before they’re born!

        • You took the words right out of my mouth. Thank you.

        • God has blessed President Trump with remarkable strength to absorb constant blows and tribulations in the White House. Never has he broken down. Trump has demonstrated true Presidential authority and demeanor facing crisis after crisis the likes of which have never tested any modern President, probably since Roosevelt in World War 2.

          • Oh, goodness.🌠🌠🌠

          • I agree. This country, under Trumps administration has never experienced such a rapid rise in the economy, employment for all, prosperity and pride in our America. Then he got hit with the virus, the riots and destruction incited from the far left, protests from liberals who don’t even know what they’re protesting against…just gives them the opportunity to cause chaos and death.

          • Crises that he’s made with his nasty treatment of allies, and sheer stupidity.

          • Why can’t you just let the President have a “few hours” without his enemies giving him grief, for goodness sake! The man has lost has brother- sad for ANYONE! Back off!!

          • You’re so right! Our President is such a hard worker and has been treated so unfairly. He keeps our country strong and safe without buying China, Russia, Korea, or Saudi etc., Biden would buy them out (hand out money to them) to keep the piece and make our country go broke he doesn’t care he’ll give it away. And yes, he doesn’t let innocent babies live that’s either to please the libs or he really doesn’t care. I’m from Portugal, I have dual citizenship and the reason I became American citizen it’s because I love and care for America not because I don’t like my country. I love both. I probably love and care for America more then some Americans who’ve been here for generations.

        • Sorry…but it’s proven they DO abort babies..God is ALL forgiving..Guess you aren’t……..A REALChristian is all forgiving…

          • As the middle of three brothers and 80 yrs old I have not yet lost a brother but I understand d how hard it will be I pray for the president as he survives this his second loss. He has done such great things for AMERICA I hope he will do many more . Please have a long life and a much easier and more pleasant future.,God bless

          • Leave our brave president alone. He I constantly harassed by stupid biased people who support the likes of Biden Pelosi Schumer Cuomo and his worst croneythe stupid mayor of NYC.

          • So apparently you aren’t a real Christian.
            My deepest condolences to the Trump family.

        • I’m not JUDGING ANYONE..Just stating a known fact that’s been reported many times. Guess you don’t read or listen much..

          • You made yourself very clear. You don’t know how YOU come across.

          • Oh for Gods sake. Why don’t you just kick someone while they are down. I will pray for you because you have a sad heart that has to run someone down even though they just lost someone they love. How sad. You should take a long look at yourself

          • Grace, Just because something is repeated many times does not make it so.

        • TharleneLakesMathis

          Amen,Betty Gayle!

        • It is so sad that you just could not just give the President a sympathy note without making it political. I am going to do that right here, right now because of your note. Watching the Post Master General being questioned this morning on TV. without my glasses and unable to read if a Congress member was R or D I could tell just by the tone of their voice and the questions they asked. Mean and not the kind of American I feel we should represent. Republican are so much more gentle and it isn’t the first time I noticed this Look how they handled Barr and the Justice. So sad they have to revert to this.

          • So sorry for President Trump losing his brother. Our president has been through so much but just keeps on fighting for America! So proud of him. He’s a good Christian man and the best president ever! Thank you President Trump! God is with you. ✝️🇺🇸

        • The way we treat actual people who were born already matters. Being kind and loving, trustworthy and caring matters too. Jerry Falwell decided that the not yet born are the only people we should be concerned about and has convinced the republicans that they need to vote on only this issue. Cruelty, dishonesty, greed, disloyalty and immorality are not Christian values and are not good qualities for a president or any other. kind of role model.

      • Who’s asking about how many love ones Biden has lost, you numb nut.

        • Correct!

        • It’s great that DONNIE is FINALLY allowed at a funeral. Most important PEOPLE requested he be kept away from their funeral. Ivanka and Hubby attended important funerals for him..Sad state of affairs for this Country.

        • It’s o.k. if you think Trump’s the only person that’s lost someone..This isn’t meant to be political. Just an observation. Chill…

      • Biden wants partial birth abortion and is a criminal.

      • Grace are you stating that President Trump is NOT A REAL CHRISTIAN? If so, HOW DARE YOU? You are not God! AND speaking of Biden, do REAL Christians approve of abortions? Well Grace, Christians DO NOT approve, endorse or support abortions!!!

      • Wow Grace. Your words of ignorance show you don’t have a clue. Not only are you judging others hearts you are revealing your own ignorance and darkness! Shame on you!

        • Ewwww..and you’re better because of your snotty remark? Hmmmm..takes ALL kinds of you losers! Others opinions seem to get your underwear in a bind.

        • Sorry if stating an opinion puts your shorts in a bind..Time to CHILL..Did God die and leave you judge?😱

          • No God did not die but he gave his only begotten so to save us all. Why do you have to be so crital and compare the losses of Biden to Trump. Who cares. Right now we are talking about our President who just lost his brother. Give it a rest Grace. Your non-Christianity is showing through. Judge not lest we be judged.

      • Grace…Obama is the most corrupt President in U.S. History. He committed dozens of offenses while in office. Look up his dirty deeds on You Tube. Michelle is a man.

        • Everybody has an opinion on politics and Religion 😂 It’s never going to change. That’s a good thing that they have OPINIONS

      • Thomas McLaughlin

        True Christians don’t abort baby’s!

        • Sorry…but it’s proven they DO abort babies..God is ALL forgiving..Guess you aren’t……..A REALChristian is all forgiving…

      • I am so shocked when individuals post such hatred bias and especially when someone has lost a loved one. You may judge our President but you will be judged by God and that is not where you want to be. Be forgiving and show condolences.

        • BUT…YOU just judged… HILLARIOUS!!!

          • He was also Vice President when Epstein was continuing his crimes for an extra decade after pleading guilty in 2008!!! Guess they don’t care, or possibly participate, in those evils and crimes against humanity!

      • Judge not lest you be judged!

        • Really? It’s been said Trump wanted Tiffany aborted..Thank God Marla refused… Tiffany is Trump’s smartest and nicest child..Thanks Marla!

          • And now you are obviously oblivious. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today! Tiffany is the smartest? And kindest? Lol ok then.

          • Really Grace? It’s been said? Wow is that supposed to mean something? You can’t go by, “it’s been said.”

      • So how come he supports abortion?

      • It’s great that DONNIE is FINALLY allowed at a funeral. Most important PEOPLE requested he be kept away from their funeral. Ivanka and Hubby attended important funerals for him..Sad state of affairs for this Country.

      • Your response is totally inappropriate! There shouldn’t be an agenda when you’re expressing your condolences to someone who lost a dear member of their family and if you find it impossible to refrain, then DON’T SAY ANYTHING.

      • Grace- I have to say that you are very misguided in your fake praise oh Mr. Biden. He is a fake Christian. He continues to scandalize the Catholic Church. He and is wife are adulterers. And he will never be President of the US. He will suffer his greatest defeat ever at the ballot at the hands of Donald J Trump

      • He was also Vice President when Epstein was continuing his crimes for an extra decade after pleading guilty in 2008!!! Guess they don’t care, or possibly participate, in those evils and crimes against humanity!

      • A REAL CHRISTIAN DOESN’T believe in abortion!!!!

      • Really, such an unnecessary comment. Just to be mean,

      • Grace:
        What planet are you living on? Joe Biden calls himself Catholic but is pro-abortion! Any Catholic who supports abortion, promotes abortion, assist in an abortion in anyway shape or form excommunicates himself/herself from the Church. It’s in Cannon Law!

      • If he was a Christian he would not be endorsing abortions and gay marriage . He is a phony. We have all lost loved ones so stop using that as a crutch.

      • Grace, remember back a week or two, when your nigger went to a niggers funeral, and made it about politics?

      • You do know that he is Roman Catholic and in our faith it is against our beliefs to abort a child? Joe Biden is pro abortion !! You also know that Jill Biden’s ex husband has written a book that explains that Joe Biden began an affair right after his wife was killed and almost two years before he and Jill were divorced he found out about it when Joe and Jill had a small car accident in his car and he was informed by the other driver that Biden was driving his car. After that it all came out. He has also been accused of inappropriate behavior over the years but so has 1/2 of Washington so whatever. So please do not gush about what a great Christian he is. Yes he had a lot of loss very sad to have not one but two children pass away before you. But why are we making this about tit for tat. President Trump has lost two brothers now and one was a young man when he died. No one unfortunately is immune to this but it’s not a political competition. Or a way for you to get you anger and hatred out. Very disappointing and a little disturbing.

      • It doesn’t matter how many loved ones have dies. Biden is the most hypocritical, individual who along with his son Hunter have used the presidential airplane to travel to China, where Hunter got millions of dollars for his war chest.

        If you support Biden you are despicable, like the whole
        Dem party.

        God help you, for anyone who is in favor of the murder of the unborn and harm to their mothers during botched abortions. is complicit in these murders.

      • Grace, if you’re such a GREAT Christian you wouldn’t make the claims and comments you have. You have exposed your sin. Luckily for you the rest if us will just say our prayers for your empty soul tonight.

      • What’s does the death of President Trump’s brother have anything to do with Biden? Maybe you should be checked for dementia as you appear to be in the same situation that Biden is in. Keep it real!!!

      • If he is a Christian, I don’t think that he is TRULY a Christian who lies so many times…

      • Real Christians don’t approve of abortion or extortion, both items on Biden’s “fine with that” list.

      • Please don’t bring this up during President Trump’s loss of his brother. Be nice. Have respect for him. My question “Have you learn to love while on this earth”?.

      • Unfortunally naive. Biden is a “menu” Catholic, who picks what he believes and does,nt belive like Abortion. He supports Late-term Abortion e.g. He has no Principles, “whichever the way blows, Joe”

      • Matthew N. Feller

        Youre talking about religion This guy is so full of it , I am 84 years of and this is a CHINESE Communist and full of it he BIDEN needs to die

      • Lula V. Johnson-White

        I agree totally with you

      • You must live under a rock somewhere. Joe Biden is a killer of babies. Not sure how that’s a “REAL Christian.” It seems you’ve been watching WAY to much of the main stream media. Do some real research before you make a statement like that.

      • What is your problem?

      • Do you know President Trump personally? If you don’t, shut your mouth!!
        And do not make light of anyone’s death!
        Question…Do you know Biden personally? If you don’t, he’s making nice because he wants votes.
        Don’t always believe what you hear.
        You were probably a leftist before you were able to vote. Your parents and there parents were too.
        This is a Political Year, remember!

      • If Biden is a Christian hiow can he be for killing innocent little bs babies before birth and after birth?

      • Really. Biden? How do you know how many lived ones our beloved president has lost? Biden is evil. He has sold his soul to the devil years ago. I have no sympathy for that man. He uses the death of people for political reward. How sick is that?

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you and family are hurting. You are right he is in God’s hands now.

    • No words can express my empathy for your great loss. As a beautiful family, you will give one another strength to keep going. Also, you have the power of divine strength. I believe your brother is happily in heaven, and so very proud of you.
      Diana Hoppes

  3. Dear Mr. President, Our Family are so sorry for your Families Loss! Your all in our prayers!
    Sincerely, The ROBERT Bush Family

    • Sorry for your loss. As a narcissistic sociopath, I’m not sure how much grief you feel, but to the extent you feel grief, consider the >200K Americans who have died from covid and attempt to show some empathy (even if you have to pretend) for the grieving family & friends of those that have died..

      • If you want a true opinion you are the narcissistic sociopath to be so full of hatred to make a post so despicable durning the loss of a loved one! No matter how you feel about Our President this just shows your true self! It is much more self serving to keep hatred to yourself! You would be happier! Hatred breeds EVIL!

        • Lula V. Johnson-White

          I agree totally with youSorry you feel that way bc the President not only shows he speaks HATRED & Lies everyday.Sure I sorry for his lost but he won’t feel sorry for all the Americans who have lost theirs. Remember Covid19 is just a Hoax that the Democrats made up. 🥶🥶

      • Oh, how can you be so thick headed — do you REALLY believe all the political hogwash that is being “foisted” off on the American people. The ONLY question which is germane is “was this virus the result of INTENTIONAL breeding in a laboratory in China (or some other place). No one in their ‘right’ mind believes members of EITHER party are ‘trying’ to kill Americans. The disasters in Washington, New York and New Jersey were the result of ignorance, NOT INTENT. I only wish the subsequent handling of this pandemic were less political and more realistic (honest).

      • Addlelson, look to your Dem Governor’s for the high deaths such as Cuomo for the 92% death rate being the Seniors he sent back to the nursing homes to infect the others… NY’s dealth rate is 92% SENIORS… same for 4 other Democratic states… numbers do not lie… so .. who is the narcissistic sociopath? Look to your other liberals… and to yourself for your rude, crude and lack of empathy comment you posted… your colors are showing… and your ignorance.

      • Addelson, go back to your cave of ignorance, hatred and stupidity. I believe you are a liberal plant spewing your garbage to get folks to respond to a nobody like you. There are plenty of zombie sites that would fit your intelligence level better.

      • Hey Addelson you need a reality check! Even at President Trump’s loss you continue to spread sarcasim and lies! If you want to blame anyone put it on China! He’s saved thousands of lives from this covid 19, of course you wouldn”t have the facts because you listen only to the left! If you have nothing good to say don’t say it at all !!!

      • Roger Addelson your post is Pure ignorance and meanness! The plandemic was created by Globalists and foisted upon populations to Ruin the economy and cause fear and harm. Trump is not a globalist. He has done everything to help the US. Put the blame where it belongs. Global elitists!

      • Addelson Roger, the narcissistic one was you coon Barry. Trump in his life has been successful. All your coon ever did, was a community organizer.

      • My Question to you Addelson–“Have you learn to love while you are here on this earth”? Love others as you love yourself. Even your enemies–you should love them. Even all others–you should love. My word to you is this–that is if you accept it—If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior then you need to admit that you are a sinner and believe in your heart that God send His only begotten Son to die for your sins and confess this with all your heart. We all have fallen short of the glory of God and we all have sinned, but Jesus died on the Cross that we will be saved. There is a heaven and there is a hell. When you (all human beings) you will go to one place or the other.

    • I don’t any of those liberal idiots will bother or threaten Barron again with his height.

  4. Mr. President,
    The strength you exhibit is amazing.and it makes me so very proud that I cast my vote for you and will do it again! My prayers are with you and your family for the loss of your beloved Brother.god Bless you all !
    Stay Strong ! This country needs you !

    • Trump is full of shit and his supporters Aretha dumb for words

      • Wow. You’re a bowl full of class aren’t you? If you don’t like this country you can leave. Because he WILL be our President for FOUR MORE YEARS! 🙂

        Keep up the great work Mr President! Haters are goin to hate! Especially if they listen to the fake news! They are to ignorant to research things for themselves.

  5. We are sorry that you have suffered the loss of your brother Robert. He was successful in his own right but most of all he was loyal and protective of the family, which is priceless. It must be very sad for you all to go on while grieving. Rest In Peace, Robert Trump.

  6. We are sorry that you have suffered the loss of your brother Robert. He was successful in his own right but most of all he was loyal and protective of the family, which is priceless. It must be very sad for you all to go on while grieving. Rest In Peace, Robert Trump.

  7. Joe & Ophelia Trindade

    Our condolences to you and your family Mr. President. Be strong, our prayers are with you.

    Joe & Ophelia.

  8. Dear Mr. President I am so sorry for your loss your all In my prayers and may he RIP.

  9. Dear Mr.President, I am so sorry for the loss of you brother Robert, my prayers are with you and your family everyday. God Bless you.

    • It’s heart-breaking to lose someone you love, I know.
      May God give you solice in knowing he’s with The LORD, and he’s at peace.
      And, may he give you strength to withstand the hateful comments of spiteful people. They are so full of hate that they are like venomous snakes.
      I’m praying for you, and your whole family.

  10. Arielle Lancaster

    My condolences to you, and your family. Robert was a great protector of you and the family, and that is a wonderful thing. Robert Trump Rest In Peace.

  11. God bless you and your family in your sorrow at the loss and death of your beloved younger brother Robert. Remember that he now has no pain and that he is with Jesus his Savior in Heaven. Look up to the clouds in the sky and see him watching over you. He will always be with you in your heart and memories of him..

  12. Fear mr. President Trump and family I am sorry for your loss Prays..Will help heal my prayers and the nation pray for you and yours Robert love will keep you safe always

  13. Sorry for the lost of a loved one . Sounds like he was a true American and gave what he could to the country . That’s all anyone can do . Now waiting for the delusional democrats to cry about using the white house to honor his brother . It will give them something to whine and cry about for the next few weeks .

  14. My condolences to our President and his family on the loss of his beloved brother. God will be with you as you go through the grieving process and burial of Robert.

  15. Ben & Carole Stefanelli

    Our deepest sympathy to you and your family, our prayers are with you during this difficult time. RIP Robert

  16. My condolences to you President Trump on the loss of your brother, and friend. May God be with you and your family at this difficult time.

  17. Randall Daugherty

    Dear Mr. President:
    May God Bless and sustain you at this most difficult time on the sad loss of your dear Brother and Best Friend. May you take great solace in knowing that Robert is as close to you as can be as he lives in your heart. May God Bless you and your entire family!! 🙏🏻

  18. Efstratios Sourlis

    Dear Mr. President, please accept our more sincere and deepest condolences for you and your families loss. May your brother rest in peace. I am sure he is looking after you now as always and is very proud of you. God Bless you and your family.

  19. I’m sending this message NOT to President Trump but toDonald J. Trump, a man who has just lost a beloved member of his family! There will be NO political references whatsoever. I just want to speak to your grieving heart for a few moments, Sir. I don’t lnow you personally, Mr. Trump but I do know the emptiness, sorrow and pain you are feeling right now. Being a God fearing, God loving Christian man, I’m sure you know that even though your brother is physically no longer with us he’s also no longer suffering as he was while here on earth! Dear sir, he is now with Jesus Christ, our Savior, his soul no longer troubled but now beginning the joyous, wonderful journey of thanking, praising and worshipping God the Father, God the son and God, the Holy spirit in Heaven for ALL ETERNITY! Please, dear Mr. Trump let your sorrowful heart be comforted, gladened and at peace with knowing this! GOD BLESS YOU! Amen….

  20. Dear Grace Bertrand, I cannot judge Joe Biden, but I can certainly judge his actions. This is a man who lied about the death of his first wife, blaming a “drunk driver” for her death. Unless he knows something about his wife’s condition not public, the driver who hit his wife was thoroughly checked out, and was in no way impaired. Bidens wife ran stop sign and drove in front of a semi-trailer truck, and nearly killed himself trying to stop. Biden knew this – it was in the papers, but for years he played for sympathy, blaming the truck drive unfairly. Now we learn that Jill Biden’s first husband divorced her because she was having an affair with Joe BEFORE HIS FIRST WIFE’S DEATH! So much for the Fairy tale Oprah spreads that they met on a blind date after his wife’s death. Joe also abused his position on a senate health care committee to get his federal health insurance carrier to pay for his hair plugs. Biden could have paid for them himself, but he has been a cheap chiseler from day one. Biden used to brag ab out going home from DC every night on the Amtrak Train. He never mentioned how many nights he got Amtrak to hold the train for him, delaying everyone else who took the train for his convenience. Finally in his last year, he cancelled a traditional Christmas Party for members of the Secret Service. Seems like a lot of the wives got tired of being groped and fondled by the then V P, and refused to go. The husbands were still coming, but Biden got angry and cancelled the party out of spite. This is not a comprehensive list of his bad behavior – there is more, and I hope some of the Secret Service agents tell the public what kind of dirt-bag Biden is.

  21. TharleneLakesMathis

    God Bless you Mr. Donald Trump for the loss of your Brother,May God & Peace be with you & Family.

  22. May God comfort you as you grieve the loss of your best friend and brother. We pray for you every day as you’re under constant attack from the left. God has used you mightily throughout your first four years as our President. You continue to stand strong, and we’re proud to call you the leader of this great nation. God bless you, your family and your administration.

  23. Lawrence I could not have said it more clearer. Grace is talking out of the side of her mouth. From what she said she must not listen to or watch the real news. Every thing President Trump was blamed for was proven he had nothing to do with the Russian problem, do to the fact Hilary had all ready paid for the story that was told. Than we have the money President Obama and Biden gave to Iran. Grace should have seen the video of the plane unloading a well stacked bundle of money that the President and VP knew all about. The good citizens of the United States never knew about. I am not sure about the amount but I believe it was in the Billions. Grace should step back a couple of feet and watch FOX news, she might learn the truth about life while the world is still turning.

  24. It doesn’t matter how many loved ones have dies. Biden is the most hypocritical, individual who along with his son Hunter have used the presidential airplane to travel to China, where Hunter got millions of dollars for his war chest.

    If you support Biden you are despicable, like the whole
    Dem party.

    God help you, for anyone who is in favor of the murder of the unborn and harm to their mothers during botched abortions. is complicit in these murders.

  25. Agree! 👍🏻

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