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Conspiracy: How Much of 2020 has been Coincidence?


Like the now-banned words “retard” and “lunatic,” the charge of a conspiracy theorists is a classically Soviet slur. It is designed to make you think that your judgment is so distorted that nothing you conclude about the world could possibly be real. “Conspiracy theorist” is akin to calling someone an enemy of peace and order. The Nazis turned everyone who ...

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Is COVID-19 Preparing Us For Aliens?

humans and extraterrestrials

As devastating as the COVID-19 has been for all Americans, is there any silver lining to be found in the pandemic? Are We Prepared For Extraterrestrials? Some say that coping with the major societal changes brought about by the crisis, may actually prepare us for the day when and if, we make contact with alien life. How on earth, (if ...

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Are We All Aliens?

A month or so ago, the internet was exploding with ridicule of President Trump for supporting a doctor who believed that “alien DNA” was being used in certain vaccines and medications. While that idea has been widely rejected by most mainstream scientists, there is a legitimate theory that suggests we ALL might have some “alien DNA.” The theory is called ...

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