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Corporate Media Didn’t Report What It’s Really Like In Kenosha, Wisconsin, So I Will

Kenosha, Wisconsin is situated in the southern part of the state, about an hour and a half from Chicago, and has a population of approximately 100,000. Republican Rep. Bryan Steil, who represents Kenosha in Wisconsin’s First Congressional district, told The Federalist the city “is like a lot of cities in Wisconsin.” Steil says Kenosha is “family-centered” and “hard-working.”

Kenosha became a very different place after police shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times. Subsequent video footage showed that Blake was armed with a knife and had been wrestling with officers, threw off a Taser, and was disregarding police commands to stop after they were called to address a domestic violence complaint.

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Following the shooting that left Blake paralyzed, rioting erupted in the city. Although the first night was relatively peaceful, after the second night, things were “spiraling out of control,” said Steil. Fire and looting consumed uptown and downtown Kenosha, and Steil said the city was no longer the “Kenosha we know.”

In uptown Kenosha, on Tuesday night, a woman, who said she has lived in Kenosha for more than 40 years, broke down in tears, saying her city felt like a “war zone” and she was “terrified.”

Indeed, the scene on Tuesday night was something I had only seen in photos of war-torn countries. Men and women stood with baseball bats, hand-guns, semi-automatic rifles, and shotguns in front of their businesses and homes. Many Kenoshans explained to me that law enforcement lacked the necessary numbers of officers to control the situation, forcing them to focus on defending public buildings, such as the courthouse, leaving citizens to fend for themselves.

Chuck, who owns an uptown tire shop, said he has been spending every night on his roof guarding his shop “with guns.” Chuck, who said he is “for Trump all the way,” was exhausted from several sleepless nights and fed up with his livelihood and life being terrorized by Black Lives Matter rioters. Chuck glared into my iPhone camera and said to the rioters, “Come to my shop and I’ll blow your heads off.” “I’ll even tell you where I’m at,” he said, adding, “C’mon, boys, I got something for your -sses.”

Not everyone was as prepared as Chuck. People who did not take their defense into their own hands met a sad fate. Sam, an Indian immigrant who owns a family-run car dealership in downtown Kenosha, lost “every dime” he has, and the 20 people Sam employed have all lost their jobs “for nothing.”

Sam said his family has been “in tears” for the last few days. BLM rioters burned his lot two nights in a row, destroying all the cars and looting his office before burning that as well.

Overwhelmed law enforcement protected the courthouse, but Sam’s business and many others were left at the mercy of the mob. “I’m a taxpayer,” said Sam, clearly distraught that law enforcement did nothing to protect his business. “This is not the America I came into,” the shattered man said. “What did we do to deserve all this?” he asked. “I’m a minority too. I’m a brown person. I have nothing to do with this.” Sam and his family set up a Go Fund Me page, which at this moment, has raised a little over $10,000, nowhere close to the over $2 million raised for Blake.

After it was clear that law enforcement did not have the resources to protect people like Sam, Steil “got to work.” On Tuesday morning he said he was able to get through to President Trump within “8 minutes.”  Steil told the president that Kenosha was in desperate need of resources and reinforcements. President Trump then reached out to Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers, extending him an offer for aid, which Evers refused.

For three nights, Kenosha experienced dangerous rioting. It wasn’t until three individuals were shot and two died that Evers accepted help from President Trump. “It’s pretty darn clear who demonstrated leadership and who did not,” said Steil. Since federal agents and national guardsmen were sent to Kenosha, there has been relative peace in the city.

The overwhelming consensus among Kenoshans is that violent rioters did not come from their city. “Kenosha locals did not do this to their town, man!” said Jason, who came to Kenosha to check on his family.

One woman, who was working in uptown Kenosha on Wednesday morning, confirmed, “Out of town-ers came in and rioted in our city… if you don’t live here you shouldn’t be here right now.” She refused to make further comments on the rioters, explaining, “I don’t want people mad at me.” She is not alone. Many people that I asked to speak with denied an interview out of fear of being targeted by Black Lives Matter.

Alvin was with his young daughter, Kaya, on Wednesday morning after visiting and shedding “some tears” with the son of a shop owner whose business was destroyed. “All this destruction did not come from Kenosha,” he said, “People came in here and did this.”

Another indication that the rioting did not come from Kenosha is the widespread community effort, called “Love is the Answer,” to get rid of any political and divisive BLM graffiti that has been splattered all over the city, replacing it with positive unifying statements and murals.

One woman, who is part of the “Love is the Answer” movement, explained, “A lot of people knew a lot of the business owners… I really don’t believe that anyone that’s been from Kenosha would be willing to watch their city be torn up that way.”

On Thursday afternoon, I came across a group of young people carrying signs and water out of several vehicles with blacked-out license plates near the county courthouse. Among the vehicles was a large black van with the words “BLM,” “ACAB,” and “The Revolution” written on it.

I approached the BLM organizers and asked where they were from, but they refused to answer. I also asked if they knew Kenoshans didn’t want outsiders coming into the city. One of the organizers responded, “Oh, yeah.” He followed up saying, “This is the earth, it belongs to everybody.”

I tried asking more questions of the individuals who were with him, but they refused to engage because I wasn’t wearing a mask, even though we were six feet apart and outdoors, perhaps another indication that the individuals were not native Kenoshans, or even Wisconsinites. Not one Kenoshan I interviewed was wearing a mask. Outside of big liberal cities, where virus counts are extremely low, large numbers of Wisconsin citizens have been unreceptive to Evers’ mask mandate. In fact, many county sheriffs have refused to enforce it.

On Wednesday evening, local and federal law enforcement officials stopped an out-of-state caravan of vehicles filled with fuel cans and illegal fireworks. Police reported, “the vehicles contained various items, including helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks, and suspected controlled substances.” Nine people were arrested for disorderly conduct and are awaiting charging decisions by the Kenosha County district attorney.

Wisconsinites have seen the violence in America’s major cities, but never imagined it would come to one of theirs. The destruction and violence that outside agitators brought to Kenosha has scared many people who once believed the state, which is 97 percent rural and home to long vowels, rhubarb pie, and friendly folks, was a “safe place,” as Sam said.

This could be very bad politically for Democrats in Wisconsin, a crucial swing state in the 2020 presidential election. Many Wisconsinites blame Democrat Evers for allowing a historic industrial Wisconsin city to go up in flames.

For better or worse, Democrats have tied themselves politically to the Marxist Black Lives Matter organization. Joe Biden, who has not been to Wisconsin in 670 days, finally but weakly denounced violent rioting, although he refused to explicitly condemn Antifa or BLM.

CNN anchors Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo also condemned the violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday because recent polling shows rioting is not being well received by voters. Even though the corporate media is beginning to denounce violent rioting, they still do not seem to care much for the victims of BLM, like Sam, by refusing to report their stories. Polling in the upcoming coming weeks will show whether Biden’s response was too little and too late, and if support of BLM by the Democrat Party and corporate media is out of step with average Americans.

Unequivocal support may prove to be a politically untenable position for Democrats if riots begin to erode support from key demographics such as suburban moms, blue-collar workers, and black inner-city voters, who live in the areas most devastated by BLM riots and lack of police protection. Watching Kenosha burn at the hands of out-of-state BLM rioters may have a significant impact on Wisconsin voters, who may now be adding safety and security to their list of top election issues.

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  1. FINALLY, FINALLY, a well written non biased report of the truth of what is going on with many of our cities and the civil unrest that is shown to be coming from BLM And it’s supporters, who are mostly out of Towners.
    Can you please investigate the funding sources for these organizations. Most of us just want fair and respectful treatment to ALL LIVES. Local residents can protest all they want but keep out of Townes and riots and property damage out of it.

  2. Thank you for the truth.

  3. T.Evers needs to be recalled, this jackass, is the reason that many bussinesses were burned to the ground and people killed.Like all dumbocrap senators and mayors with TDS, they are to blame for not accepting help. Sign the petition to remove thid incompetent, worthless,pos.

  4. Even with the truth being said , it makes no difference . Not when one has the corrupt delusional democrats backing them . The delusional democrats show every day where they stand and nothing is being done to stop the government corruption of theirs . Only when the army is sent in and Marshall law is set will the delusional democrats stop the burning , looting and killing . Who takes the corrupt democrats down for breaking our laws . They don’t even try to hide any of their corruption . No one is trying to stop them . They won’t stop on their own . Power corrupts them and it’s all about the power . If they win come November we as a country are f#cked big time . So you see the truth means nothing if the corruption isn’t stopped first

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  6. When a movement arises we need to follow the money. So who is funding this dangerous nonsense??

  7. I am English. I have been to the USA and simply loved it!
    I probably know as much about your country as the average Joe…….and maybe more.
    My heart bleeds for TRUE Americans……those lovely people who have allowed into their GREAT country and who respect your flag and your short BUT GREAT history.
    , adding to your problems, are purely gangsters and terrorists……plain and simple.
    So…my advice to your local Police Forces? SIMPLE!
    If you get a call from a black family about a domestic incident ….JUST DON’T TURN UP….
    Just drive in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.
    Let them abuse, rape, pillage, riot and terrorise themselves in THEIR ‘HOOD’.
    Leave them to it.
    That way less harm can come to your Police Forces……..more black lives will be lost…as a consequence, you will have a little less to pay out in Social Security ‘hand-outs’……and they can run their internecine ‘domestic’ justice in their own inimitable style……..with black on black crime proliferating.
    Why risk the lives and reputations and valuable lives of your local law enforcement when they suffer constant abuse?
    In other words, friends………LET DOG EAT DOG. THATS THE WAY TO GO!
    Oh, and God Bless America, always.

    • That may work with a minority of the black people that eat each other. But what about the majority of black lives that do not eat each other and is being abused by the minority of the race? Don’t they deserve attention? Of course they do. Your comment sounds like you think all black people are that way, and they are not. Majority are fine decent people, and need protection like all Americans do. Many of these fine people have protected us in the services of the country and are policemen themselves. We cannot let the HOOd eat themselves, because they are attacking the good people mostly, that cannot defend themselves. What the fine people are saying they need more policemen and protection, not less.

    • all black black people are not bad you are as bad as the president white people are not all good either
      God made all people some police officers are not good people and as for you are a piece of shit no wonder black people don’t are angry.you will also die and have to answer to God.good luck you are a hateful perwo

  8. I agree these no good liberal politicians should be removed from office. But lets not forget how they got there to begin with. Their policies and beliefs never changed. But finally caught up with them. The hard core democrats amd liberals voted them into office. These same people get to vote again!!

  9. Mr. Austin

    You are no different than the BLM groups causing civil unrest in our communities. Everything you said was racist and divisive. It’s the very thing we need to fight against and love for your fellow American is the answer. So, keep your opinions to yourself and stay out of the United States business. We have enough problems without you spreading your poison around.

  10. ANTIFA and BLM are terrorist organizations. Treat them as such and make them disappear. If the government won’t, we citizens will. And don’t expect trials. It will be handled much more quickly.

  11. Our United States problem –we are letting the news media get away –telling lies and and stories about different stories –that has caused a lot of person (officers and honest persons) from telling the honest story instead of the news media telling all kinds of lie and different comments that never happened. Time the media is taken before a United States Federal Court and the honest information is presented — so that the law enforcement can get a honest hearing–before the communist press comments can be checked before court action. The American news media it seems is taking their orders from Soros and a few other persons when writing their stories

  12. i will shoot to kill all anafta or terrorist you come near any of my stuff . i am an american . not afraid. not amused. but damn mad that you really think your going to get away with this unacceptable actions and burn a town TRY IT HERE SUCKERS I WILL PERSONALLY PUT A SIZE 11 BOOT UP YOUR ASS

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