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China is Building a Naval Fleet – Why the DoD is Concerned

What’s Really Going On With China and Its Massive Navy?

According to a disquieting report just released by the Pentagon, by the end of this decade, China is expected to operate as many as 360 to 400 ships. This significant increase in China’s naval power is concerning to the US Department of Defense (DoD).

The Chinese Navy is already the largest in the world. They have a fleet of more than 350 ships which includes a fast-growing armada of destroyers, carriers, and submarines. This reality continues to raise concerns with the Pentagon and Navy weapons developers.

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“China is the top ship-producing nation in the world by tonnage and is increasing its shipbuilding capacity and capability for all naval classes,” the report said.

How Do We Compare?

China’s growing fleet is already much larger than the U.S. Navy’s 293 ships. In fact, some Navy leaders and observers say pure numbers may not ultimately be the measure of superiority. The Pentagon report does make this point, yet with the clear caveat that China’s emerging fleet size is indeed concerning.

“There is certainly more to naval power than ship counts, total counts of the Chinese vessels, there’s tonnage … but I would also draw your attention to weapons systems and it’s important to highlight the Chinese shipbuilding advantages in terms of its size of fleet,” Chad Sbragia, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for China, told reporters when addressing the report, according to a Pentagon transcript.

According to a May 2020 Congressional Research Service Report, “China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities. “Beijing has already launched its second aircraft carrier, the Shangdong, and the Chinese are already starting work on a third aircraft carrier.”

As we reported earlier in these pages, China’s emerging Type 055 destroyer is also attracting attention and raising concerns from the U.S. DoD.


What do you think? Is the DoD right to be concerned with China’s naval buildup? What countermeasures do you think the US should be taking? In open conflict between the US and China, who do you think would be the victor? Please reply using the comments below.

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  1. Very concerned about the ability of China’s naval size and ability. However, of more importance is the upcoming election and a bigger threat if Binden wins the Presidental election this November 2020. President Trump has done an important job of building our naval and overall military strength that Obama/Biden ignored for 8 years. Should the Democrats win the White House they will again allow our military/naval strength to diminish and put America in serious danger. We need 4 more years for President Trump to lead continued economic and job growth, including additional military resources to keep America and world democracy safe.

  2. We should build more naval vessels to at least equal the number of vessels the Chinse have, especially aircraft caeriers!

    • China has two carriers and is working on its third, which will be its first original design, with the first purchased from Russia and overhauled and the second built to the same spec. They are all built with a ramp for launching aircraft and are vastly inferior to America’s 19 carriers. Their aircraft are retrofitted land based and were not originally designed for carrier operations! They carry lighter ordinance loads and less fuel than American naval aircraft and cannot project power beyond the South China Sea as their carriers are not nuclear powered. Their numbers are meaningless without viable AirPower as they have no way to fight from over the horizon except with missiles the American Navy can defeat.

      • Bob take a look at the carrier’s and the aircraft on them and notice how similar their Fighters are compared to ours somebody stole some technology boycott China including the restaurants who probably shipped to proceeds back home

      • The statement that you made about their carriers not being nuke power and not being able to project power beyond the south china sea is not correct. May I remind you that the U.S. projected naval power all around the world with conventional powered carriers. If China builds enough carriers and uses them to saturate the worlds oceans they would be able project their power anywhere!

        • That’s fine…..but………how do you move diesel and various blends of avgas around the world when you don’t have far flung infrastructure in place to keep the whole chain supplied? The single fact in this equation is that we can supply ourselves in any location to ensure the continuous projection of power.

        • Yes we did,however we had allies and a superior support merchant marine, they do NOT

  3. No help confronting China the last 20 years from Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who married Elaine Chao? His Chinese shipping magnate father-in-law (helped build these ships) gave him $59 million up front. His wife Chao is under investigation for corruption and has been booted from her job as Transportation secretary, finally. Boot McConnell too, he sides with the chinese and needs to be gone. Kentucky, please don’t vote this guy back in please! He’s toxic!

  4. Guess what America you built the Chinese ability to be aggressors stop buying Chinese anything boycott the bastards buy American

    • They are very effective aggressors diplomatically and in financial and political venues but are not eaqual to the US, and other larger economies, in military capabilities.

      • We have spent too much on bolstering American commercialism when are we going to ever be satisfied with what God has endowed America within our own borders

  5. Agreed, Buy American!

  6. Excuse me for not be all inclusive I’m a Vietnam War veteran and I have yet to see anything good come out of China since World War II when they helped us fight the Japanese I will gladly boycott any Chinese s*** it comes in front of me that helps to support those bastards back home

  7. Excuse me for not be all inclusive I’m a Vietnam War veteran and I have yet to see anything good come out of China since World War II when they helped us fight the Japanese I will gladly boycott any Chinese s*** that comes in front of me that helps to support those bastards back home

  8. Big naval fleet , okay more to aim at !!!!!

  9. Big American companies love china because of cheap labor which equates to cheaper products for the American companies to buy and to sell in the USA. The American companies have outsourced American jobs to the Chinese all for the sake of their bottom line and to pay CEOs a heck of a lot more than they are worth



  11. China uses a lot of prison labor. Their prices aren’t lower by chance.

  12. CDR. Robert Knight USN (ret)

    I think that we should take them seriously and build up our fleet. I served aboard USS Forrestal CVA 59 when she was brand new. Our new carriers are awesome and the pilots and sailors that man and operate them are the best. I’d put them up against anybody. They are volunteers and well trained.

    • As a fellow Navy vet,l totally concur with your logic.we can out tech them .The Russians found that out with their inferior “military”. Look at utube and see how many of their subs etal are rotting in some fiord

  13. There are two things they dont have, president Trump and the American Sailors. Trump is making the US military the best in the world and China still requires all decisions to be made by the officer corps individual sailors have never been allowed to think for themselves. MacArthur kicked their butts in Korean war only Harry Truman (Democrat) stopped him !

  14. Inferior products poor if any quality control

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