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Internet Hilariously Dunks on Nancy Pelosi’s Hair Salon Visit

It turns out, LeBron James has a competitor for the biggest hypocrite of 2020.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited a San Francisco hair salon on Monday, Fox News reports. Historically, that sentence is harmless. Except, right now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all San Francisco salons are closed.

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“Listen to scientists,” Pelosi has yelled. “Wear masks!”

She is referring to you, not her. Those are the rules for normal people, not elitists. She’s better, according to her party.

The good news, the internet came alive and clowned her. Here are some of the best:

On the left: Nancy Pelosi shaming Americans, saying “you must wear your mask.”

On the right: Nancy Pelosi violating COVID rules for salons and not wearing a mask. pic.twitter.com/aUveM3Fn9m

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) September 2, 2020

This is so true:

Nancy Pelosi can force a shuttered hair salon to do her hair,

Meanwhile if you did this, you’d be arrested.

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) September 2, 2020

The rules are for us. Not for them.https://t.co/7jtKK9a9TT

— Will Cain (@willcain) September 2, 2020

Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example of a Democrat.

They make rules for everyone to follow but themselves.

She knew salons were closed to the public.

It was her party that closed them!

— Andrew Pollack (@AndrewPollackFL) September 2, 2020

Pelosi broke the shutdown rules by obtaining a blow dry (barred under the current rules) and not wearing a mask. I think we can all agree that, no matter how you feel about masks, Nancy Pelosi should always keep her mouth covered.

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) September 2, 2020

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t play by her own rules. Interesting. https://t.co/E7EGpt48Lc

— Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) September 2, 2020

.@SpeakerPelosi is a hypocrite who apparently doesn’t believe in science.


— Benny (@bennyjohnson) September 2, 2020

“This is typical Washington, D.C. They get on national TV, they preach to the American people that it should be one way—and yet, in private, when the cameras are not rolling … it shows a very different story.” – @MarkMeadows on Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy pic.twitter.com/Dlyu1E0fwT

— Trump War Room – Text TRUMP to 88022 (@TrumpWarRoom) September 2, 2020

“My hair is more essential than your livelihood or the education of your children.”

Video captures a maskless @SpeakerPelosi using San Francisco hair salon that has been shuttered by government for months for blow-out https://t.co/VshKwNM9GJ pic.twitter.com/hQ9QzTVElm

— Reagan Battalion (@ReaganBattalion) September 1, 2020

RT @bennyjohnson: .@SpeakerPelosi is a hypocrite who apparently doesn’t believe in science.

While others whom have become elitist thinking govt is there to make a nation in their image. pic.twitter.com/ASfJB5k7az

— God’s HolySon (@dapolitte) September 2, 2020

If Nancy Pelosi can go to a hair salon without a mask, Americans can go to the polls and vote in person! https://t.co/wORmawO7Bq

— Diamond and Silk® (@DiamondandSilk) September 1, 2020

Nothing today beat Nancy Pelosi getting caught breaking her own city’s COVID mandates and a Politico editor getting pissy and blaming the business security camera for it.

— Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) September 2, 2020

Nancy Pelosi Corona Virus Hypocrisy Caught On Tape pic.twitter.com/eZhJEQ41KV

— Hodgetwins (@hodgetwins) September 2, 2020

Good morning to everyone except Nancy Pelosi’s hair.

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) September 2, 2020

Nancy Pelosi says no one is above the law except her of course. #PelosiBlowout

— RD (@real_defender) September 2, 2020

So, so good.

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  1. Ever notice that Democrats ends in RATS!

    • David is right on, This describes the DemocRATS to a tee. They cheat on everything, They steal our hard earned money, lie, make up stories right out of fairy tales and do less work in Washington and there Districts than the Republicans.

  2. It would be nice if every WOMAN looked that good at that age. She’s LUCKY and healthy.. CAN’T knock it!

    • Really, one fricking example, and her stylist wore a mask so get off it.
      Get back to us when dumbo trump quits killing Americans with his feeble covid response

      • You should realize that in a free country everyone is entitled to voice their opinion. BUT, Pelosi gave “orders” to the country that they should wear masks and stay home. Which is not a lawful thing to do. The thing that is insulting to all of us (proud citizens) is her party had shut ALL hair salons down from accepting customers. She then had her staff (that we pay for) make a special appointment for her haid to be done. She also on TV said nobody is above the law. I would guess that she is a nobody and does not need to follow anything.

      • Daniel the covid 19 is a lie. Its being used to enslave Americans.wake up trump 2020

      • …oh…I see your techniques there…when choking on your own hypocrisy and that of the political leadership you support…your form of The Heimlich is to spit up a bunch of Trump lies and malarkey! Ha! Ha! Ha! You photo should be next to the word loser in the dictionary.

      • Nancy Linda Leinberger

        Trump responded way before the Democratic’s!!! The Democratic’s wouldn’t have responded at all!! Just like they did during the Obama’s term with those pandemic’s!!!

      • I refer to democrats as “demonrats”. js

      • Well tell us Daniel what exactly would you have done differently?

    • Grace Bertrand, if you had as many facelifts as that slut, you’d look good too.

        • My email sent to the two faced speaker b 4 she blamed the salon owner for her stupidity.

          Speaker Pelosi,
          Well you have finally shown your true colors. It seems your recent escapade to the hair salon for an illegal hair cut and blow-dry was an indication of your “Do as I say and not as I do” attitude toward the citizens of this country. From the salon owners statement she has not been able to open her business due to regulations by the Democratic governor and/or local mayor. Your visit was totally illegal and I believe you should be fined at least $2500 and spend at least one night in jail.

          However, I don’t believe you will be charged and fined with anything for disobeying the law just like HRC has avoided charges for illegally stealing and destroying government documents entrusted to her position.

          Nancy, you and the Democratic party seem to believe that there are two forms of justice in the US, one for real Americans and a different one for Democratic politicians. If you don’t believe that statement, just look at all the ridiculous investigations and superfluous charges against Republicans in the last four years just because you don’t like the voter choice for President in 2016.

          All true citizens, even millions of Democrats, can see for themselves by your actions, your real belief that you and your fellow Democratic politicians are special and can do anything, anytime you want without regard to laws/regulations without repercussions for your violations.
          A real American

          PS: You better get busy on the proposed list and distribution of it or get back to the table to negotiate an assistance plan for all Americans.
          I also suggested, in a previous email, that you should bring in a counter offer of $1.6 – $1.8 trillion to secure an assistance plan instead of your $3+ trillion wish list.

        • We are very lucky that we have President Trump as our President at this time.
          Can you imagine what life would be like if those crazy people were in charge now.
          GOD FORBID!

          Those crazy people need to be locked up somewhere. We have these crazy people
          in power positions
          in our government running our country and telling us how to live. They don’t live in the real world.
          Think about that!!

    • Surgery can work miracles even for her now if they could do something for maxine waters

    • she looks good?……how much of that is the original equipment?

      I have a car that’s 47 years old, and it had a complete restoration, it too looks good. Amazing what paint and body work can do.

    • …yes…she uses all that illegal cash she and her husband stole over her career to keep those boobs up along with her face. Her surgery bills alone must cost a fortune, even though she can’t find a dentist who can help her to keep her teeth in while she lies out her ass.

    • How old is she ?

      Hasn’t she and her husband been charged for hiring illegal aliens and then doesn’t pay them fairly?

    • What has her age and appearance go to do with her breaking the law. This is not a made up story like Clinton’s dossier. She does believe she is above her own laws as she was just speaking with anger of Trump’s visit to Mi. She is simply put: pitiful. She should go home but NOT BEFORE SHE and SCHIFF repay the American people the millions it cost us to “Impeached our President”. After what they have done spying on Trump’s campaign…..An official apology should be made to the Nixon Family.

    • Every Women would look that good if they had her money and make rules for the poor people like she does Rules for the rich not the poor who are trying to scrap by. Dems close everything to try to fool the people to vote for them.

    • She needs a bucket of water dumped on her and watch her melt away

    • Looks like someone beat her with an ugly stick

    • Really Grace? I thought she was just 80 and looking pretty bad, so how darn old is she really?

  3. Nancy Pelosi says, “NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW”
    Yet, she disobeys the Law by getting a BLOW Dry in San Francisco Salon


    Nancy Pelosi violated US CODE 2071 by Destroying TRUMP’S State of the Union Address


    Now, replace Pelosi with TRUMP



  4. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy – shame on you. You must believe you are above us all and can do what you want. You can have your hair washed and not ruin your mask – what a flimsy excuse for not obeying mask wearing and social distancing during this awful time. Make all the excuses you want – but have the courage to say…ooops, I made a mistake!

  5. I wish that AOC and NANCY PELOSI WERE THE NEXT President and vice President they would have to make a movie about it, Ron Howard was in a movie Title (GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS) THAT would be a good TITLE for President Nancy & VP AOC BECAUSE THE UNITED STATES WOULD BE GONE IN 60 SECONDS OR LESS. REMEMBER AOC wants the green new deal while she flies all over the world. She want us all walking riding bikes while she can run over us in her limousine.

  6. Her doing this is bad enough, but worse is her huge lie in calling it a set-up & blaming the Salon owner, who is single with 2 children & has been shut down for 6 months by phony, wicked Pelosi & her phony, wicked nephew Governor Gavin Newsome. Since Pelosi refused to admit what she really did & apologize but blamed the owner for”setting her up”(those salon cameras have been there for 5 years, so this owner had nothing to do with it!

  7. Pelosi will go down in history as being the most hated woman in America..

  8. Jerry, you are right. Covid is being used to enslave American…by the Dems

    • Watch the covid-19 just fade away after the election. The demonrats are trying to keep everyone occupied while the rats do their dirty work behind doors. You will see. js

      • DemocRATS ha ha ha
        Shame Pelosi doesn’t follow her rules.
        Ok i believe you thought the same thing when the Presidency changes COVID 19 changes No longer have to wear THE MASK

  9. Dave from San Antonio

    Pelosi is the perfect example of a democrat. Her behavior and attitude sums up the entire party. ‘Laws are for thee…and not me’. If an ordinary citizen did what she has done and not just with the hair salon…she’d want their head on a pike.

  10. She is lucky the hair dressers didn’t bring mt ice cream cartons and plastic straws. Just plug in the blowers and a brown out would have occurred in the yard.

  11. nancy its cheaper to put a bag on your useless head then you dont have to worrie about how ugly you look

  12. The sad part is … it didn’t help her in any way . She still looks old as dirt . And that turkey neck of hers is worse then her hair style. She needs a neck mask to hide that turkey neck . The old bitch is like old joe … over the hill and usless . Time to hang it up

  13. Listen to the scientists; the CDC says more people have died from the common flu this year then the COVID-19 when only COVID-19 was the cause.

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