Is COVID-19 Preparing Us For Aliens?

humans and extraterrestrials

As devastating as the COVID-19 has been for all Americans, is there any silver lining to be found in the pandemic? Are We Prepared For Extraterrestrials?

Some say that coping with the major societal changes brought about by the crisis, may actually prepare us for the day when and if, we make contact with alien life.

How on earth, (if you will pardon the pun) could a worldwide pandemic help humanity? It may seem like a ridiculous question at first. However, if you take the time to think about it, it makes sense.

Seeing The Similarities

According to

“The social, economic, scientific, and political upheaval we’re currently seeing wouldn’t be entirely unlike what might happen if Earth finally made contact with extraterrestrials.”

Much like we are seeing right now, the first contact with aliens would inevitably result in division, conspiracy theories, and turmoil.

As put it:

“One of the great things about humanity is how we all have different perspectives and opinions. Our strong feelings on a subject can also be one of our less productive attributes. An unwillingness to compromise or even understand other people’s perspectives can cause a lot of problems.

We are seeing this play out in the world today.”

This moment in time will one day be a historical record. It will be used to inform the public on how to face a situation affecting the world as a whole. Especially a situation that’s scary brings forth existential questions and changes the world as we know it.

For good or bad, we can take our current situation of dealing with the coronavirus crisis, and use it as a blueprint for the first contact with intelligent extraterrestrials.



What do you think? Having gone through the COVID-19 pandemic, are we now better or worse prepared to deal with first contact with extraterrestrials? Reply using the comments below.

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10 Thoughts to “Is COVID-19 Preparing Us For Aliens?”

  1. Dispenser4hire

    With everything going on, including a Communist revolution beginning in America, I can’t believe today was that slow of a news day.

    1. Grace


  2. Lowell

    The extraterrestrial contact that I am so looking forward to is the awesome return of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His retinue of Angels. What a glorious day that will be!!!

    1. TharleneLakesMathis

      I agree,Lowell,,however there will be ”the Fallen Angels’ as the Bible says.

  3. Popa

    I don’t know if it will prepare us or not, but ET’s have made contact with us numerous times in the past. The records of them are in the clay tablets and other ancient recordings in hieroglyphics. They appear at intervals of about 3600 years and stay a few hundred years. An archeologist names Sitchin documented this extensively (and was shunned by ‘mainstream’ archeologists).

    By the way, they have been here now (flying saucers are real) and have been for possibly a hundred years. And there is much more to the story and how our future will be affected.

    1. ReadingRealScholars

      You really need to know more about Zecharia Sitchin. The website is a good place to start. Sitchin claimed he could read ancient Sumerian and Akkadian, but that was a bogus claim. On this website, an actual expert in Ancient Near Eastern languages, Dr. Michael Heiser, lays it all out, and goes through each aspect of Sitchin’s claims, and the basic concepts of ancient astronaut theory, and debunks it all. Heiser has addressed this sort of stuff on his Youtube channel “Fringe Pop 321” as well.

      Speaking of ancient astronaut theory, this documentary, free to watch online, goes into great detail, and thoroughly debunks the all of the theories put forth on the show Ancient Aliens.

    2. Joseph

      I guess all those artworks of odd looking beings was just their imagination. That’s all that could explain it! If it looks like a duck and all that!!!!

      1. ReadingRealScholars

        Do you have a specific example? If I’m not mistaken, I believe everything out there has been examined and has a plausible explanation. Some are even a hoax. I do beliege quite a few of them have been covered in the resources I linked above.

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