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Jerry Nadler Has An Accident on Live TV?

Yeah, sorry, I have to put the daggers away for just a second. I know we are in the final stages of a presidential election. I know we have a SCOTUS fight ahead of us. But we have to settle right now whether or not Rep. Jerry Nadler has an accident on live TV. Seriously, have you seen the clip?

The New York representative looks like he straight-up ‘sharted’ and tried to get away as quickly as possible without evidence of his accident spilling into the public view.

Better Take a Bathroom Break Before You’re on Live TV

The footage looks like something really bad happened and Jerry Nadler (D-NY) tried to scurry off as quickly as possible before anyone noticed, but there is no way no one else noticed obviously.

First, he is standing right there next to Nancy Pelosi. Second, he is a top Democrat, chair of the House Judiciary Committee. And third, he is front and center at the speaker’s presser. That shuffle is not going to fool anyone. There is no covert slide away from the Speaker of the House, no matter the situation. Also, we all know that’s not how you walk, sir.

Look, I know it’s Thursday morning. You probably didn’t expect this during your morning cup of coffee, but I think there is a good possibility that Jerry Nadler has an accident on live TV and tosses those pants into the furnace. We have a new ‘poopgate.’

Is this worth a special counsel? Well, given how absurd the Trump-Russia collusion myth was—it is definitely possible. Look, crazy things happen when people have to go. In Oklahoma, a woman actually led police on a high-speed chase because she had to take the Browns to the Super Bowl.

It is a nice little break from the endless stream of stories that have made 2020 scarily entertaining.

Watch the clip here

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  1. Gives meaning to ” Nadler you’re full of shitt!” Doesn’t it? Well not so much for the momentt.

  2. Also gives new meaning to Schitt heal as he skates off the podium. His parting words (or farting words)
    “Oh! Schitt, turkey squirts”, farottt!

  3. Did you see Nancy try not to laugh 🤣🤣 and that guy with the mask on, was probably glad that he had his mask on so he couldn’t Smell it Too🤣🤣😂😅😂😅😂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. He is one of the most disgusting people in our government, he puts the D in disgusting!

  5. Now everyone knows why we always say the dumbocraps are full of it, but nutty,stinkey,nadler takes it to a new level, this looneytune craps his pants on live TV, tries to waddle off like a duck, how disgusting, these sick people have become.

  6. Nadler just started the trend early. Wait till the demonrats see the election results in November, they will all be crapping themselves!!!

    • Love it👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • No corrupt and incompetent trump and his useless administration will finally get what’s coming to them. They will be run clean out of Washington. And thank GOD the corruption and lies the division and chaos will finally be gone

  7. Some times older people have a hard time holding it and can not get up fast enough hope he had his depends on

    • I think that was a pay off to Nadler for what he did to the Attorney General Mr. Bill Barr when he asked Nadler for a 5 minutes break to go to the bathroom and Nadler say no to him, Mr. Barr accepted and waited until the abusive, arrogant Nadler allow him to leave, that is call “KARMA”, and also people say “What goes around, comes around”, I am glad that that happened to the Dwarf Nadler, what a Shame, you are too old to be in the Congress, is time to retired.

  8. I can not think of a more deserving person, no one can forget him sitting on the bench, with that smug ass look on his face, during the impeachment trial, knowing it was all lies. what goes around, comes around, too bad it didn’t happen to the so called speaker of the house also, everyone knows she like all democrats, are full of shit.

  9. I always knew turkey neck Nancy can make anyone sick in the stomach by just standing next to them but this takes this shit to a hole new level .

  10. Trump appoints a third SCOTUS Justice to replace RGB – Nadler loose it!

  11. It sure is great when I see karma biting Nadler in the ass. That what he gets when he didn’t let Barr take a pee break. Nobody really likes Nadler little cocky runt ass anyway. Good riddance to him also .

  12. Always said Nadler was a POS

  13. Nadler now knows that god works in mysterious ways. Pay back is a bitch ain’t it Nadler.. I hopes this happens happens more often to his cocky ass.

  14. Nadler now knows that god works in mysterious ways. Pay back is a bitch ain’t it Nadler..

  15. Penquin got a nature surprise! He probably thought,?oh no, it’s a BM movement😱

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