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North Carolina Voters Received Multiple Ballots

It’s no train wreck, I admit—but it doesn’t negate the fact that this is yet again another story in which mailed ballots got negative press. In North Carolina, some voters received multiple absentee ballots.

Officials say there was no chance these folks, numbering fewer than 500, could vote twice and not get caught, however. That’s still not the point here (via Associated Press):

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A mixup with the first absentee ballots sent in North Carolina caused some voters to receive two identical ballots for the November general election, according to election officials.

Some ballots intended for voters in Matthews were mislabeled with the wrong names and were shredded before they could be sent this week, Mecklenburg County election officials told news outlets.

When officials printed new mailing labels to correct the mistake, some voters ended up getting two duplicate ballots.

Fewer than 500 voters were affected, Election Director Michael Dickerson said.

Obviously, most states are not equipped to handle the deluge of ballots that will be submitted by mail due to the COVID outbreak, despite the fact that in-person voting is safe. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci said so, which got buried by the liberal news media for obvious reasons.

They want the prolonged vote count, they want recounts, and they want liberals to be able to file lawsuits in order to make Trump’s re-election as big a circus as the Russian collusion myth.

The point is that everyone should just vote in-person. Second, yes, there might be fraud in this election. Democrats’ hatred of Trump, plus this mail-in voting scheme, and finally the lack of experience in states regarding counting ballots in this fashion will lead to a lot of funny business. It’s already happened.

We have dead cats getting ballots. In Paterson, New Jersey, their municipal elections had to be scrapped because some 20 percent of the ballots were tossed over fraud concerns. In Pennsylvania, they’re going to accept ballots even if the voter signatures don’t match.

In New Hampshire, a man was recently arrested for voting twice during the 2016 election. Also, check out a top Democratic operative who admitted that mail-in voter fraud is easy and more common than you think.

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  1. Typical illegal activities of the Lying Democrat’s.

  2. democRAT controlled states just can’t get the elction system correct , great for the interiority of the election system

  3. They said it “Was less than 500 voters” who were affected.
    They did NOT mention the breakdown of those 500 voters by party affiliation.
    All 500 were probably Democrats…

  4. I live in NC now, and theses rednecks could fuck up the free lunch program. I believe voter fraud was how we ended up with DemonRAT goober Cooper.

  5. That is correct! The Democrats are counting on voter fraud to steal the Election. This is not the first time……

    • IT is the ONLY WAY they can win…..TRANSPARENCY and HONESTY from these ANARCHIST BASTRDS are things they do not know how to practice….

      • Keep in mind if Pres Trump wins the socialist marxist democrats will be screaming fraud
        This mail in scheme is one Pelosi and gang are hoping that it will prolong the election so long that she will become sitting president
        We are doomed unless we get out and vote
        Your vote will save the Republic

  6. Totally outlaw vote by mail, nothing more than crooked Democrats behind this

  7. In California it was only the democrats party that received multiple ballots….figure that one huh?

  8. JUST GOES TO PROVE , as in NYC and NJ that whenever BLUE STATES het involved things get FUCKED YP

  9. Lawrence "Dutch" Keen

    No doubt that this election will have some fraudulent votes. Last week I got an invitation for an early ballot addressed to my father-in-law, who has never lived at this address, and has been dead for over ten years. I wonder how many other dead democrats received the same mailing?


  11. Putin has Botox, Trump sprays tan

    People please be aware! This article is Russian propaganda. They take obscure error regarding 500 duplicate mails and make false general assumptions as Russians with their lack of critical thinking usually do.

  12. The liberals & DemoRats have such an intense hatred for President Trump that they will go to ANY extreme to remove him from office. REPUBLICAN LEADERS WAKE UP. VOTER FRAUD CAN BE EXPECTED THIS ELECTION ON A MASSIVE SCALE. MAIL IN VOTING IS ONLY ONE AVENUE FOR VOTER FRAUD. SAME DAY REGISTRATION, VOTING WITHOUT PROVING IDENTITY,VOTING OUTSIDE REGISTERED DISTRICT WILL ALL LEAD TO VOTING FRAUD ,AND MUST BE MADE ILLEGAL BY FEDERAL STATUTE. PERIOD!!! Voting should be legal only in person or absentee ballot for good cause . Period. Anything else will amount to a bogus election, false Biden victory, & set a terrible precedent for years to come. REPUBLICAN LEADERS & COURTS WAKE UP.

  13. Gee, what a surprise! Dims will do anything to steal this election. We need to be hyper vigilant and watch every move these haters make. Their blind hatred for President Trump and we Conservatives have completely destroyed their brain.

  14. All the people I know are planning to vote in person, only the Demos are going to vote by mail. If 20% of the mail-in votes get thrown out, who cares?

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