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Tucker Carlson Decimated the NBA In the Ratings and It’s Not Even Close

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is the most popular man on cable television. So popular that even the NBA isn’t capable of catching him.

Perhaps if the NBA wasn’t constantly shoving social justice concepts and political activist group’s messages into the faces of its viewers it would be doing far better, but as my colleague Brad Slager noted, the NBA’s ratings are incomplete freefall because of it:

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The playoff games saw a stark loss of -20% over last season’s playoff debuts across a number of networks. More telling, it was a larger drop in the key demo of 18-49 year olds, down -28%. This follows a trend that has been experienced since the league started its season back up last month. While team owners and many others want to attribute this to pandemic influences it also defies some of the realities coming into the playoffs.

The NBA has almost lost 50 percent of its audience since 2011. Meanwhile, Fox News has only grown exponentially.

As Show Buzz Daily noted, Fox News dominated the NBA on Monday night with Carlson bringing in 4.5 million viewers and the NBA game between the Lakers and the Nuggets bringing 1.5 million. Tuesday wasn’t even better as Hannity creamed the NBA with 4.6 million viewers to 930k.


The reason this is happening is clear. When people show up to watch sports they want to see sports. They don’t want to be preached to by a bunch of millionaires. There’s a time and place for that kind of thing, but it’s not on the court.

What’s more, it’s a form of escapism, and if you don’t allow people to escape the troubles of the world then they’ll go find a place that will allow them to do so.

Sports is supposed to be a unifying force that allows people of every walk of life to come together to enjoy something. It’s not a stage for political activism despite what some sports stars think. The NBA should have taken lessons from the NFL who lost 33 percent of its viewership in 2018 thanks to the kneeling controversy.

Politics should stay where it belongs, like Fox News. If Fox News suddenly became a channel dedicated to home renovations and gardening, they’d tune out. If you want that, you HGTV. That’s what that channel is for.

Moreover, however, it should be pointed out that the brand of politics being embraced by the NBA is a strikingly un-American one. Like the kneeling controversy in the NFL, many viewers who watch sports are patriots who won’t give the time of day to anyone who doesn’t respect the nation that gave them so much. It’s alienating and more than that, it’s insulting. My saying America is a racist or fascist nation, you’re calling the people who live there racist and/or fascist.

Why would anyone want to sit down and watch that?

Leave the politics at the stadium door and the viewers will come trickling back in.

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree…
    Thank you for this strong statement.

    • I said the same thing when Kaepernick took a knee, to me is showed how ungrateful he was to have the opportunity to play with the NFL. Keep your politics out of sports. Then the others started doing the same. The fans want to see the game not a political view. Now the NBA, and players like LeBron James is being vocal about his views. I stopped watching the NFL after the “knee” taking. I refuse to watch these over paid and over rated athletes disgrace themselves. I like s lot of other fsns, may not return and not watch or go to games. This is pathetic.

  2. Brainiac L.James the legend in his own mind, who players on his own team hate his guts, just destroyed the NBA,NFL,MLB with his holier than thou attitude, they will all thank him,when they all go bankrupt. The genius is going to watch the NBA go down the toilet like the main street media, and the dumbocrap party.

    • Right on the money!

    • As far as I care Pro Sports All of Them can close the door to the rest of the people in USA. Why should I support people who spend more money in a day than I get in a month in retirement. I gave up on pro sports about in 1995. I just don’t like it. I do not have any sports team stuff. It is not me. This is the way I feel. Sorry if I offend YOU.

      • I agree I stopped watching over rated and over paid athletes.

      • Thank you…..I,d like to see these overpaid whatever’s put their money to good use! Not on larger castles for themselves,but on helping the people they claim”matter”! Kneeling does nothing for anyone! Help our hungry families,help with better housing,help our schools, promote education,not riots, Put your money where your mouths are! Show you really care! Stay out of politics!!!!! Just do it!All lives matter!k

    • Pandemic is all over the globe, NBA is not. We are all affected by Covid 19, NBA is non-essential. So what affects the NBA viewership? It’s not politics.

    • Black sports and that’s what sports are
      Are done
      Their base is upper blue collar and middle class whites
      Blacks watch sports on tv’s they have stolen
      I will never support sports again
      I hope the first nfl games get what’s coming to them
      The very first blm treason as the game begins all spectators should leave or change the channel
      The next nba game the very first blm treason all spectators shoul leave or change the channel
      That happens a couple of times and sports will become all white or no longer exist
      Take the money
      And sports is over
      Walk out and sports is over
      Walk out and blacks have no place in sports
      It’s coming
      And it’s the blacks and democrats who are to blame

  3. Maybe CNN and the Madcow channels could team up with the rest of the sports leagues and they could all crash together. When they can’t afford basketballs they can use Humpty Dumpty.

  4. Who wants to watch a bunch of anti-American, overpaid African NBA jackasses badmouth our country and support a Marxist group – Black Lives Matter?

    Same goes for the NFL and Formula 1. They want to support rioters, vandals, looters and thugs that’s their choice but I’ll not support them or any other group or organization that does.

  5. We The People are tired of The liberal organizations, Sports Teams, MSM, Hollywood, force feeding propaganda & liberal ideology to the American citizens. I used to like sports but I don’t want any part of it if they continue disrespect those who hold conservative & Christian point of Views & true patriots. May the NBA & NFL go bankrupt if they don’t care about the Fans then let the fans stop paying their salaries by not attending. Let these over paid folks get a job at McDonald’s or Walmart & see what is like to be in our shoes for once.

    • I wholeheartedly agree, and I suggest a better idea—STOP buying tickets to watch a bunch of silly grownups chasing balls and i hope to end their BIG BUSINESS they call sports. !!

  6. The NBA millionairs act like the Hollywood millionairs. It’s Karma at it’s best when a multimillionair star falls out of their sky and has to become an ordinary person again working an ordinary job. Their thinking does an about face when they realize they weren’t such hot stuff afterall.

  7. I thought I was alone, so I’m so glad to read this! I was a 60 year pro-football fan. I haven’t noticed it since they let Kapernick turn the game into a political forum. We were huge NBA fans. Ditto. No more NBA games will.be found on our TV. And as much as we love college Basketball, we can just as easily drop them if they join the professionals in thinking we give a damn about their completely ignorant, mostly anti-American political blabberings. I doubt if any of them knows enough to even have a viewpoint.

  8. Today’s so-called sports is not SPORTS, but BIG BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!
    I t was “SPORTS” when i used to take my young boys for Little League practice, etc, etc. !!
    Stop buying their unworthy tickets —that’ will stop all the nonsense!!!

  9. Dave from San Antonio

    For me, it doesn’t matter if they stop all their SJ antics. They’ve shown their true colors and I’m ‘done’ with them…permanently. Besides…it seems to have completely become a popularity contest. Yes, players are good, but…

  10. Tucker Carlson is absolutely correct: “Moreover, however, it should be pointed out that the brand of politics being embraced by the NBA is a strikingly un-American one. Like the kneeling controversy in the NFL, many viewers who watch sports are patriots who won’t give the time of day to anyone who doesn’t respect the nation that gave them so much. It’s alienating and more than that, it’s insulting. My saying America is a racist or fascist nation, you’re calling the people who live there racist and/or fascist.” NBA and NFL political statements are insulting to Americans. I am not a racist and/or fascist and to be called one is so ignorant and insulting. Americans are the freest people in the world and yet a few lame and ill-educated people are declaring America has systemic racism? Evidence is good and they have none.

  11. I do wish Drew Brees had have held his ground!!!!!!!!! He first statement was right on the money. but then he candy out. If his his Grandfathers had the same attitudes once they fought their way up Mt. Suriibachi on Iwo Jima rather than raising ol glory they would have raised the jap flag. I say If a man tries to straddles a barbwire long enough sooner or later he looses his well Drew you get the point.(pun intended)

  12. Kaperndic sat on the bench like a spoiled child because he was not starting, then came up with the lame excuse why he did it and the movement was on. Anyone who has played sports has experienced this with a teammate along the way, they just may not have had as many lemmings to copy them.

  13. I am not watching any pro sports games, they are all ungrateful for the great opportunity to play a game, and be paid large sums of money. They disrespect our country and flag, we should boycott their games and the Chinese company’s they represent.

  14. The poor baby’s guess the millons they made weren’t enough . So now they cry about how ruff their life’s are as black basketball players . F#ck you … Y’all privileged dumb ass’s are not like the people on the streets . Yall been pampered to long For all the wrong reasons . And now yall think your special and can do anything yall want . Y’all just dumb jocks putting a ball in a hole . Anyone can do that . I stopped at 35 straight free throws shots because I was board and tired of putting a ball in a hole . I for one will never watch another game because yall are a bunch of pussys taking a knee to our flag . As a vet I say go you … f#ck you , you suck

  15. These spoiled brats are so self engorged they actually think we want to hear what they think by shoving “their” ideals on us when we only want to watch a sports event. They paint names and slogans on their jerseys, helmets, courts and playing fields but McMahon wasn’t even allowed to wear a sweat band with something on it!

  16. What’s really funny about all of this crap is that they really think that they matter and that we will do as they command. ROFLMAO. They can all go broke for all I care.

    • Exactly!! No one in my family will watch any of the pro sports because of their STUPIDITY!!! When these over paid fools start honoring our American flag and the National Anthem, we may go back to watching!!!

  17. Some may go back, but not Me; snubbed once, is once too many.

  18. I will never watch or go to another professional sporting event ever again. A bunch of cry baby millionaires that think they are oppressed and have no idea what it’s like trying to live paycheck to paycheck. Yet they talk to people as if they know what people are going through. Clueless millionaires that have no sense of reality.
    Hope all professional sports is cancelled permanently.

  19. NBA, NFL, NASCAR, or any of the “famous” singers, actors, etc… can keep their unwanted, spoiled overpaid opinions to themselves!!!
    Should you choose to voice your opinions, do so on your time… not the time I pay to see!
    Placing/forcing blm propaganda/garbage on uniforms, fields, floors, etc… will make me turn the channel even faster!
    Until then good luck getting people to pay attention to your tantrums, or games.

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