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Jeffrey Epstein’s Ex-Girlfriend Spills All The Perverted Secrets

One of Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriends has admitted to bringing three women to the now-deceased pedophile. She also admits to shopping for a “little schoolgirl outfit” for one of his teen victims.

Jersey City-based artist Rina Oh, 41, spoke for the first time about accusations that she joined her ex in abusing women after being tracked down by the podcast “Broken: Seeking Justice” — a charge she denied.

In addition to speaking about life with Epstein, she also spoke about being married to Vincent Amen — a former Michael Jackson employee who was named as one of five unindicted co-conspirators in the late star’s molestation trial.

Oh said Epstein was her “older, rich boyfriend” in the early 2000s. She said he constantly pestered her to bring other women to his Upper East Side mansion.

She said she was not concerned when he made her take then-17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre shopping with a twisted request.

“I was just called and told, ‘Can you take Virginia shopping for a little schoolgirl outfit. You will know where to go — take her there,’” she recalled Epstein saying, leading to a trip to an East Village store on St. Mark’s Place.

“I wasn’t asking any questions. I just did as I was told. And you don’t ask questions … that’s rude,” she said of “dealing with a billionaire.”

It did not concern her, she said, because “17 to me is not a child.”

“Seventeen is a minor — 17 is not a child. And 17 is of legal age in New York state … in most states, 17 is legal,” said the artist, whose artwork largely consists of paintings inspired by Epstein.

She later changed her mind, however, after what the podcast called an “increasingly tense” interview.

“I think it’s disgusting seeing 40-year-old men with 20-year-olds. They’re children,” she said later. “I think it’s disgusting and I’m so traumatized.”

Oh also claimed that she now realizes Giuffre was “brought in to serve a purpose.”

“Like she was groomed to do this. At an early age,” she said. “He’s not the only one who was involved,” she stressed, without elaborating.

During the podcast and also in court documents, Giuffre has accused Oh of joining Epstein in the abuse, which the artist strenuously denied.

“I’m just letting you know that what she accused me of doing is a complete fabricated lie,” she said. “My part of the story is I did not abuse anyone. Period.”

However, she freely admitted taking three women to Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, including Marijke Chartouni, a former model who has also accused Oh of joining the abuse.

Oh said the women were “people who knew about him and wanted to meet him” adding of Chartouni, “I brought her because [epstein] kept asking me to bring your friends.”

Oh also denied abusing Marijke — but admitted witnessing it.

“I was in the room when Marijke and I were both victimized by Epstein,” she said.

“I was tricked, from beginning to end. Everybody is tricked,” she said of Epstein’s devious ways. “You are shown a bunch of different cards throughout the process … it’s like a recruitment process,” she said.

“I wish I didn’t bring anyone there. I wish I didn’t go there. But I went there for a reason.”

“My husband was involved with Michael Jackson, for a reason. Between the two of us, we know everything that we need to know,” she said.

“I had to be victimized to understand what happens to victims. Between the two of us, we do talk about it all the time,” she said.

Despite Oh’s denials, Giuffre tweeted that Oh is a “virus on humanity.”

“Pathetic excuses from a deranged woman who was NO victim & should be sitting in jail next to [Ghislaine Maxwell],” Giuffre tweeted, referring to Epstein’s accused madam who is in custody awaiting trial.

“Rina — woman to woman, now that I am a woman, U disgust me,” she wrote.

Epstein committed suicide in a Manhattan lockup in August 2019, weeks after he was charged with sex trafficking.

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