This week’s disastrous presidential debate was spoofed by Saturday Night Live as NBC’s comedy variety show returned for its 46th season, with Alec Baldwin reprising his role as President Trump and Jim Carrey debuting as Joe Biden.

In the sketch, Biden gets meditation guidance from Harry Styles to keep his anger in check, Trump steamrolls over a helpless Chris Wallace, and Kamala Harris scolds both candidates as if they were children.

The cold open begins with a narrator introducing the debate, saying: ‘We thought it was important to see it again, since it might be the only presidential debate.’

‘And it was fun to watch – as long as you don’t live in America,’ the narrator added.

The cold open begins with Chris Wallace, the Fox News journalist played by Beck Bennett, saying: ‘I think I’m going to do a really, really good job tonight.’

In real life, Wallace was widely criticized for not taking control of the debate, which deteriorated into a shouting match between the candidates as they frequently interrupted each other.

When Wallace asks Trump to keep quiet, he responds: ‘Tell that to my adderall, Chris.

‘Now let’s get this show on the road and off the rails.’

When Wallace asks Trump if he took a coronavirus test that he ‘promised to take in advance,’ the president answers: ‘Absolutely. Scout’s honor.’

a person standing in front of a screen: Carrey debuted his Biden impression. When he came out on stage, he sported Biden's signature aviator sunglasses

© Provided by Daily Mail Carrey debuted his Biden impression. When he came out on stage, he sported Biden’s signature aviator sunglasses

In real life, Wallace said that there was no confirmation beforehand that Trump tested negative for COVID-19 before the debate and that an ‘honor system’ was in place assuming that the president was not ill.

The revelation raises questions about whether Trump, who is currently in a Maryland hospital receiving treatment for COVID-19, traveled to Cleveland for Tuesday’s debate while he was infected with the virus.

The president was hospitalized as of Saturday night at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, where he is being treated for COVID-19.

In the sketch, Wallace tries to introduce Biden, but Trump keeps interrupting by jeering and laughing at Delaware, Biden’s home state, as ‘not even a real state.’

When Wallace introduces Biden, Carrey emerges while wearing aviator sunglasses that the former vice president is frequently seen with in real life.

Carrey will portray Biden this season – a role that has been played on SNL by the likes of Woody Harrelson and Jason Sudeikis.

The debate on SNL begins with Biden using a measuring tape to pull his lectern beyond six feet away from Trump, who has since tested positive for COVID-19.

Harry Styles and woman posing for a photo: Harry Styles made a cameo, narrating a meditation tape in order to calm Biden down

© Provided by Daily Mail Harry Styles made a cameo, narrating a meditation tape in order to calm Biden down

a person in a suit and tie: Trump's meditation tape was a narration of the fiery speech given by Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host who was spoofed in the sketch by cast member Cecily Strong© Provided by Daily Mail Trump’s meditation tape was a narration of the fiery speech given by Kimberly Guilfoyle, the former Fox News host who was spoofed in the sketch by cast member Cecily Strong

In the sketch, Biden brags that he has ‘46 fantastic ideas that I may or may not have access to’ – a reference to the perceived cognitive decline that has led some to question if the 78-year-old former vice president is too old to serve as commander-in-chief.

‘I’m holding my bladder. Let’s get at her,’ Biden says as he walks out to meet his foe, Trump.

In the SNL sketch, Trump expresses his excitement for his Supreme Court nominee, ‘Amy Cristina Barcelona.’

In real life, the nominee’s name is Amy Coney Barrett. The SNL sketch had Trump’s character confuse her name with the title of the 2008 Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

Video: Most memorable debate moments in US political history (FOX News)

‘It was so nice to welcome her with open arms and uncovered faces,’ the SNL parody version of Trump says in the sketch.

The joke was a reference to the White House reception for Coney Barrett held last Saturday, an event which is now thought to be the ‘super spreader’ that may have resulted in COVID-19 infections of several who attended.

a screen shot of Maya Rudolph in a suit and tie: Harris then appears to bring order to the out-of-control debate, while remarking that America needs a 'WAP - woman as president'

© Provided by Daily Mail Harris then appears to bring order to the out-of-control debate, while remarking that America needs a ‘WAP – woman as president’

They include Senator Mike Lee of Utah; former aide Kellyanne Conway; former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; the president of the University of Notre Dame, Reverend John Jenkins; Trump; First Lady Melania Trump; and possibly others.

In the SNL sketch, Biden continues to calm himself down as he is repeatedly interrupted by Trump, saying: ‘Just flash that smile they taught you at anger management.’

When Wallace tries to ask Biden another question, Trump interrupts again, saying that ‘he won’t answer any questions about his son, Hunter, and Burisma, and the mayor of Moscow, and Obama spying on me.’

Wallace tries to get the debate back on track by directing a question to Biden.

When Trump interrupts again, Biden replies: ‘Will you just shut up, man?’

During the real-life debate on Tuesday, Biden angrily told Trump to ‘shut up’, at one point calling him a ‘clown’ and ‘the worst president’ in US history.

In the cold open, Biden breathes into a brown paper bag to regain control of his emotions.

After calming himself down, Biden then starts talking but loses his train of thought.

It is then Trump’s turn to speak. He speaks about the importance of ‘law and order’ and ‘facing the consequences of one’s actions.’

When Wallace brings up Trump’s taxes, the president says: ‘There have to be exceptions, Chris.’

‘Law and order is a very vague term and rules are meant to be broken.’

In real life, Trump’s tax returns are being sought by prosecutors in New York who suspect the president may have committed fraud in his private business dealings.

In the SNL sketch, Trump brags about flouting the rules regarding wearing masks.

‘I’ve got my mask right here,’ the president says before pulling out a pair of pink thong underwear.

In order to keep his emotions in check, Biden then starts to listen to a meditation tape narrated by Harry Styles, who makes a cameo on the show as himself.

Trump then listens to his own meditation tape, though this one is narrated by Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, former Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

Guilfoyle is played in the sketch by cast member Cecily Strong, who does a hilarious impression of the fiery speech that was given on the first night of the Republican National Convention.

While shouting at the top of her lungs, Strong spoofs Guilfoyle, saying: ‘Ladies and gentlemen, leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the American Dream, the best is yet to come!’

Wallace tries to restore order, saying: ‘Mr. President, if you keep interrupting this debate, I’ll do absolutely nothing about it.’

a screen shot of a man in a suit and tie: The sketch ends with Biden using a remote control to 'pause' Trump and appeal directly to the American people

© Provided by Daily Mail The sketch ends with Biden using a remote control to ‘pause’ Trump and appeal directly to the American people

‘I’m not going to be distracted anymore by this clown tonight,’ Biden says.

As the former vice president goes into a monologue, he is distracted by a laser pointer that Trump is aiming at him.

When Wallace asks Trump to stop, the president says: ‘It’s not a laser pointer. It’s a wand that cures the COVID.’

At this point, Senator Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, who is played in the sketch by former permanent cast member Maya Rudolph, emerges from backstage.

‘Boys, boys, boys, this stops right now,’ she says.

‘You do not treat my Joe like that,’ Harris tells Trump.

After the president apologizes, Harris says: ‘America needs a WAP – woman as president.’

‘WAP’ is also the title of a recent hit song by Cardi B.

In the SNL sketch, Harris says she’ll ‘settle for HVPIC – hot vice president in charge.’

a screen shot of a man in a suit and tie: ¿This November, please get on the Biden train, which is literally a commuter train to Delaware,' Biden says. ¿We can all make America not actively on fire again.¿

© Provided by Daily Mail ¿This November, please get on the Biden train, which is literally a commuter train to Delaware,’ Biden says. ¿We can all make America not actively on fire again.¿

A fed-up Biden then uses a remote control to ‘pause’ Trump.

Biden then wonders if ‘science and karma could somehow team up and send us all a message about how dangerous this virus could be’ by having the president infected with COVID-19.

He then looks over at Trump, who is still frozen.

‘I’m not saying I want it to happen,’ Biden says. ‘Just imagine if it did.’

‘This November, please get on the Biden train, which is literally a commuter train to Delaware.’

He adds: ‘We can all make America not actively on fire again.’

Biden then ‘unpauses’ Trump, who yells: ‘Antifa!’

‘Nope, can’t do it,’ Biden says. ‘I’m going to leave him on pause.’

15 thoughts on “Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin recreate Trump and Biden’s debate on SNL”
  1. Alec Baldwin is a disgrace snd as far as Jim Carter’s, his star had past years and years and years and years ago. Jim Carrey is a total waste. Instead of focusing on Trump why doesn’t Baldwin stop making babies at his age I’m wasting taxpayers money.

    1. I love your comments and they are SO TRUE…No one could ever lie about that…I think that Carrey is looking for attention and needs money and wants to get back to acting…Love what you said, about Baldwin having babies at his age…Imagine, if something ever happens to Baldwin and how his wife will have to take care of the kids,.,Hope he’ll leave tons of money for her and the kids…

    2. Both Alec Baldwin and Jim Carey are washed up as entertainers and this is the only gig they can get. They thought they were being cute but there ignorance showed big time. These two we can only hope if Trump wins that they move out of the United States.

    3. Susieq:I agree with you 100%…Look at him at the age of 62 and 5 kids…Now, that is really stupid…He’ll be an old man, in the nursing home while the kids enjoys his monies..

  2. Their both disgraceful his own brother doesn’t speak to him he said their Father would be so ashamed if he was alive today to see the way he disgracesl the President of the United States 🇺🇸 🇺🇲

  3. I believe, that all of his brothers don’t talk to him…He acts like he smarter and better than everyone else..
    One day, Baldwin will get too old fast and he walks like an old man bowled legged…

    I used to like him and he’s a great actor… What the hell happened to him?…

    1. That’s what happens when a person loses the discipline necessary to control their ego; they become the center of their own “special” universe. If nothing else, it’s an example of spiritual and emotional immaturity.

      In a way, you have to feel sorry for these people because they are STUCK in a rut that they created for themselves decades ago and they have to call forth the protection from their inner tantrum-throwing four year old (or whatever) in order to preserve their illusion of self worth.

  4. These 2 have nothing better to do as they are has beens and can’t draw any interest from the public to go see any of their movies. If they are in a movie on Netflex I won’t watch it as I can’t stand Careys huge mouth and Bladwins fat body. Trump has more personality in his little finger than these two have in their whole body.

  5. Alec Baldwin and Jim Carey are both washed up horrible actors that are professional liars, they should focus on supporting our great president instead of knocking him, Trump has accomplished more than any other president by far

    1. You are either drunk, high, or absolutely crazy. Where is his unifying of America, or the infrastructure bill, or how embarrassing he makes America look. When he was campaigning in 2016 he was going to fix that. He says he is great and has nominated 3 Supreme Court justices. Yet the prior 100 years they all got at least 60% of the vote. He could not so 5he other clowns in the Senate voted to make it a simple majority sooner of his made the standard and now we have a rapist on the court. Tells more lies than truths. Hitler had more smarts than our idiot president. If you get covid make sure you inject clorox. 209,000 Americans dead many of them would be here today if only some truth could fall out of his mouth. One final point he has laundered 100’s of millions for Russians as several paid 10 to 15 million over asking price for Trump apartments in New York a week after he was in Moscow. That’s why we have not seen his tax returns.

      1. Trump is certainly not as well polished as Pence might be, but then NO ONE has dared challenge the globalists since JFK and Reagan. The problem with arguments like yours, Paul< is that you keep reaching for long hanging fruit. Trump was trying to expose the SWAMP, which in case you don't understand that significance, encompassed the corruption in BOTH parties. That is why BOTH parties tried to get rid of him four years ago, …. NOT because he wasn't a politician.

        Apparently, being a politician means becoming skilled at looking the other way while your fellow legislators RAPE the taxpayers blind; either that or actually taking part in the rape.

        Trump was the ONLY candidate willing to call BS on the whole process. It was no wonder everyone was trying trying to shut him up for fear of exposing the gravy train, ……. He was the only one. ALL of the Democrats except Tulsi Gabbard. whom I have a lot of respect for (except for her being a socialist), and her own party refused to allow her to attend the debates. THAT is corruption, the silencing of a voice.

        One thing you failed to recognize was that Trump stated from the get go in 2016 that he was only following the same set of rules that all voters and everyone in the legislature were allowed to use, the latest enhancements to which the Obama Administration had approved. Trump then said that he happened to have the money to be able to hire the lawyers necessary to take advantage of those tax breaks, and that if people didn't like those tax breaks, get rid of them, but just level the playing field. Did you forget that part? Because it was about THE most revealing of just who this president is and what he intended to accomplish.

        Of course, then we get these morons like Carrey and Baldwin who have no clue what the real issues are here. The globalists and international bankers have been hell bent on reducing the global population down to their version of a manageable number of compliant worker bees that would constitute the working end of their modern version of technocratic feudalism. The one thing that stands in their way is the US Constitution remaining in practice because it provides other countries with …. hope.

        Now, revisit why the Democrats (Hillary and her DNC) have wasted so much money tying up the president with this Russian Collusion crap. Had they not been able to get away with that, Trump would have made that light a lot brighter, while Obama had further emasculated the American male, thereby fraying the fabric of family and community.

        For those 100 years you spoke of, the globalists have illegally taken control of our banking system, illegally imposed federal income taxes, and convinced a dumbed down citizenry that they no longer needed to stay vigilant in practicing with firearms.

        The ball is in your court.

  6. The language used and the incorrect spelling of such, doesn’t prove that the Biden supporters have much going on :between their ears”. Since when did an updated career history, determine if you graduated Magna from an Ivy League University, and thus be qualified for our nation’s highest office?? I also would agree with many, that these two actors are actually gifted in each of their particular areas of the Arts, and did an excellent job at role playing Trump and Biden.
    I was shocked by the name calling from Biden to our President ( ex. shutup;clown etc. etc. ) Does Biden and his pals think that disrespect like what he showed on National t.v.) would get him voted into the Presidency ,acting the way he did,last Tuesday??

  7. Can not discredit the talent…thats as far as it goes. Their intellect and value to our Country are bigtime sucking! Seriously Hollywood, America’s citizenry made you into the product you are…a product is what you are, we’ll call you when we need you.

  8. Whoever proofread these comments doesn’t know the difference between ‘THERE’ and “THEIR” theirby fitting right in with the level
    represented by the actors here.

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