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“Mansplaining” Claim is a Silly Media Distraction

Following the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris on Wednesday, a dialogue on “mansplaining” has stirred in the media. Meanwhile, the public is battling a pandemic, a struggling economy, and perpetual riots.

It’s easy to distract yourself with these secondary conversations. It is also true that most women have at some point been interrupted by smug and condescending men.

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However, that was not the case between Pence and Harris. Pence spoke to Harris exactly how he spoke to Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) in 2016. Naturally, debates involve interruptions and explanations. The burden is on Pence’s critics to prove he approached the match-up with Harris differently than he would approach one with a man. Even if he did, the matter is still relatively trivial compared to policy issues on the table right now.

Martha Raddatz of all people said it best. Responding to George Stephanopoulos’s suggestion that Pence was “mansplaining,” she said, “Kamala Harris is a vice-presidential candidate. She should be able to stand up for herself … A man can interrupt another vice presidential candidate.”

When we treat political coverage like a sport, as much of the media does, the mansplaining debate is intriguing because it’s easier than policy. This situation is a useful case study in how poorly the media covers politics. It has done so in ways that long predate the rise of Donald Trump.

Journalists have different priorities and backgrounds than their audiences, which elevates those priorities above the priorities of the general public, and sucks the rest of us into these ridiculous conversations. The level of groupthink incentivized by Twitter exacerbates this problem greatly.

Harris was fine. Men interrupt and are condescending to each other in debates. They can do the same to women. The question is hardly worth spilling so much ink over, but here we are, in the middle of a pandemic and recession, squabbling over “mansplaining” while rioters shatter storefronts and a winter of growing economic uncertainty looms.

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  1. She was the one who was condescending to the Vice President and frankly
    was very disrespectful. I would never want her as Vice President and definitely
    not President. I cannot even imagine this woman dealing with leaders of foreign

  2. Funny no one picked up on Kamala’s
    facial expressions that at best could be called adolescent but more likely snarky and disrespectful. She kept a smirk on her face throughout most of the debate which made one feel she was not taking the whole event very seriously. I saw her write a number of things down. I hope she was keeping track of the lies she told.

    • I totally agree with you. That smirk on her face was disturbing and sneaky and what was all of her writing/note taking about? I felt that Kamara’s actions presented dishonesty and lies.

  3. The opposite, is that a woman will be handled with kid gloves, by Main Scheme Media. OOOPS we aren’t allowed to notice that.

  4. This snooty old hose bag is a newer version of Hillary
    She is HRC 2.0 , truth is she despises Old man Joe B. and
    all other old white men who can’t help her forward her ambitions, Remember how she treated CAVANAUGH ,
    Like most Democrats she belongs in a basket of despicables , UNPATRIOTIC, Disrespecttful , dishonest
    and a self serving RACIST. Hell she rides shotgun for the
    Baby killers! Need some baby parts? CALL KAMALLA

    • Kamala is so much ahead of Pence and Trump in intelligence and knowledge of how government is supposed to work. Trump is a pathological liar and a want-to-be dictator. If he were to get a second term we will lose democracy. Just look at the executive orders he has signed so that the congress did not have to approve. He took money from the military budget that was approved by congress to build a part of the wall. He promised that Mexico would pay for it, just another lie. He screwed a porn star just after Baron was born.

      • Harvey you keep on believing all that nonsense if it gives you comfort. Others here know it is just democrat lies. Just because you want it to be true does not make it true. But I will give you a chance, if you have any real proof then post it.

  5. She couldn’t even make it when she was running for President. Didn’t make it to Iowa…Why would anyone vote for her now? She is definitely unlike able!

  6. What American with half a brain would vote for this wicked wretch! Not only camelhumperdink but doofus
    China Joe ! He will probably copy this and claim he wrote it. I won’t help elect these traitors The dirty rat party will never get a vote from me for the rest of my life !!!
    Maybe Antifa and BLM peaceful protesters can get them across the finish line. I’m sure they will cheat as backup

  7. Why cant the moderators Control the debates better,cut off the mic and move to the next! Or stop the debate if they are not going to comply.The same with the campaign rallies,there should be a Sargeant at Arms to stop,Silence,or Remove any and all interference of the meeting!

    • Because as seen by what happened in the first debate, the “moderator” is no longer a moderate but a biased individual using his position to thwart the person that he disagrees with and aid the person that he sides with. The people have a right to hear the two candidates “go at it” without the distraction of a person who gives himself equal weight to two men running for the highest office in the land. Especially one falsely believing that he is the wise one in the room. It’s called arrogance when that “moderator” oversteps his position because of his own ego to prove himself. So a moderators voice should be heard as little as possible. The fact is that the “moderators” in recent times consider themselves as “kingmakers” able to tip the scales towards the candidate that they want to win showing disdain for our ability to listen to the candidates and discern their words for ourselves. That’s easily shown in just what they do daily on their “newcasts” in telling us what the person in power really said, again because we’re not not smart like they are in understanding. And Chris Wallace is in no way a moderate. He’s as much a moderate as Biden is. Which is no moderate at all. It would be nice if the moderator were just that. But the left controls that position and that’s a fact. So thinking that these arrogant “celebrities”, and that’s what they now are, can put aside their egos and bias is foolish. They have their own agenda. And that is, as I said, to show that they’re smarter than the guy who’s running the country and anyone else who enters the room.

  8. Kamala Harris slept her way into politics with who knows who. Will she also use this way with foreign diplomats to get their favor? Many make mistakes but she continues. She is not vice presidential, or for that matter presidential suitable. The Dems know Joe Biden has not long to go..they will oust him to get another stooge, Kamala in office.

    • kamala not even the ‘stooge in waiting” the scheme is to get Killery in as POTUS. If Biden and KKKamala happen to get elected with a record number of illegal votes, Biden will appoint Killery as VP when he steps aside and a short time later Kamala will step aside and Killery and probably Michael Robinson will be POTUS and VPOTUS as puppets for their husbands and the Bilderberg Cartel.

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