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McDonald’s Customer Holds Employee at Gunpoint Over Milkshake Dispute

Many people have left a McDonald’s location frustrated after employees claimed the ice cream machine was broken. But not many have physically threatened an employee over it.

Police in Wichita, Kansas are looking for a man who allegedly pointed a handgun through the drive-thru window at a McDonald’s employee during a dispute over a milkshake, according to Crime Stoppers of Wichita-Sedgwick County.

No one was injured in the incident, but the man is being sought as a suspect for aggravated assault, according to Crime Stoppers.

The suspect drove off in a silver four-door sedan. He was wearing a red shirt, red hat, upper jewelry grill, and piercings in his left ear. Crime Stoppers shared surveillance photos of the man.

McDonald’s ice cream machines are sometimes a point of contention with customers, as they are often broken. However, one woman, Dessy Joseph, who claimed to be a former employee at a McDonald’s shared an insider secret on TikTok this past summer. She claimed that the machines are “actually rarely broken,” but the workers “just didn’t want to change those heavy bags of shake mix.”

Joseph’s video drew millions of likes on the platform. The process of changing the mix in the machine involves carrying a heavy bag up a ladder, and takes 15 to 20 minutes for the machine to then freeze it, according to the video.

“It’s super cumbersome,” she claimed in the video.

Other frustrated customers have taken more practical, and less violent, action after being spurned by unavailable McFlurries. In 2017, one customer even made an app to track the status of ice cream machines at nearby McDonald’s locations.

In the Wichita case, Crime Stoppers asked than anyone with information about the suspect share an anonymous tip online or by phone.

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  1. Figures it’s McDonald’s, wait, wait for service. Happens all to often…LAZY!

  2. I dare to say McDonalds ice cream/Milk Shake machines do not work 70% of the time. I ask for Milk Shake FIRST, if the machines are not working I leave,

  3. What do you expect all young black employees that could care less unless its on their phone. And if you are white find another place!

  4. Didn’t Obama do something similar, only without the gun? Oh it was Tranny Mike O that had problems.

  5. Must be some really good ice cream that one would try to kill for it . Weather he pulled the triger or not is a temp of murder . Is the ice cream really worth it ? Iam surprised he didn’t blame trump for no ice cream at Mc D he would get a …. get out of jail free card from the delusional democrats judges

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