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Teen Shot and Killed By Hunter

A Pennsylvania teen has died after being struck in the neck by a bullet that may have come from the gun of a hunter, according to reports. 18-year-old Jason Kutt of Sellersville was shot on Saturday on a visit to Nockamixon State Park with his girlfriend to watch the sunset.

“I believe this was either just a tragic accident or it could be a hunter who wasn’t potentially hunting the way they were supposed to,” Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub told a news conference Monday.

Weintraub said Kutt’s girlfriend heard a shot and saw him fall backward.

When she looked up she saw a man in hunting clothing looking in their direction from a distance of about 550 feet away, the DA said.

Police who searched the area didn’t find anyone fitting that description.

“We want to get to the bottom of this,” Weintraub said. “We don’t have any suspects. We don’t even know if a crime has been committed yet. But we need to understand how Jason Kutt died and we need your help to do that.”

Kutt’s death has devastated his family.

“Jason was 18 years old and a 2020 Pennridge graduate,” his family said Monday, according to ABC 6 Philadelphia. “He loved playing his guitars, video games and taking walks in nature to take amazing pictures and spending time with his girlfriend.”

“Please remember to hug your loved ones because tomorrow is never promised.”

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  1. So sorry for the families lost, it sounds like it may have been an accident. The fact that the shooter who may have been hunting missed his target then ran away after the accident could potentially develop into a crime.
    Either way, it is a tragic loss of life. May God grant the family His peace and comfort during this time.

    • My uncle was shot and killed accidentally by a hunter when he was just 15 years old. The hunter also left the scene of the accident. My father, his brother, found him 3 days later. Unfortunately our family never recovered. Too sad. Yes, hug each other and tell them daily that you love them. Life can change in the wink of an eye.

      • I had a classmate when we were15 who died in a hunting accident. It was devastating to the family and the small town we lived in.

  2. I am praying for you and your family, ,,, I Hunt but this is,Bad, we ask God that the person who did it would turn themselves in, Now in Jesus mighty Name ❤️, I will continue to pray for you All. Gordon Lewis

  3. No accident. This is negligence. Pure and simple and a crime of murder was definitely committed. The hunter needs to be found charged arrested tried and sentenced to the full extent of the law.

    • This is not the time nor the place to make reckless claims against an individual that may just have certainly missed his target and cause a freak accident. None of us really know until a thorough investigation has been completed.
      My prayers and condolences go out to all the family
      I have hunted for years and have witnessed events that would astonish many who consider themselves to be experts.

      • Noting that an investigation has not been finalized, the fact that the hunter was seen looking in their direction, …….. and never went back to at least check on his potential kill, only tells me he knew he f-cked up.

        And what if the boy wasn’t killed outright but was injured and required medical assistance?

    • I guess you have conducted and investigation and came up with that conclusion. There are many factors you are probably unaware of. I would hate to have you on a jury if I were ever accused of a crime.

  4. Hunters like this make it hard to defend our second amendment rights. Every gun safety course teaches to be sure if your target. Indiscriminate shooting gives ammunition to those who would attack gun rights.

    • The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting . There’s a good chance the shooter has no knowledge of what happened bullets can travel for over a mile.

  5. 2+2=5??? Looks like a hit to me. Best time to take somebody out is during hinting season. A neck shot at 550ft the person certainly knew what he was shooting at. Could of been drug related or maybe somebody didn’t want him dating his girlfriend

  6. Investigate this he killed an innocent person From a distance who’s next the whistle blowers… the computer guy. Lock him up and take away his passport

  7. Trumpster – I was a hunter at one time – a long time ago. (A combination of advanced age and the expense of hunting ended my hunting.) But I know, from personal experience, that it is VERY possible to hit even a very small object from a great distance (like a neck – or a half inch branch) accidentally, even when hunting responsibly. In fact, the average shooter is MORE likely to hit a very small object from a great distance accidentally than if he intended to hit it when he can hardly see it. Also the last sentence of your comment is silly. If he is locked up then the passport is of no use to him – whether he has it or not.

    • 550 feet is almost 300 yards away. Red hair of young man. What was he doing in a hunting area? Going to watch the sunset in the middle of a hunting area? I think the hunter saw something red and shot. However, if they had a scope, they knew what they were shooting at.

  8. Sorry, I was always taught to know my surroundings when out hunting. Being at a lake is even more important. You have people walking, fishing and even picnicking around the lake. You also have boaters on the water and on the banks of the water. If I were to miss my quarry in that situation. I’d track the trajectory of my round. So, Yes please investigate and the person that took off needs to turn their self in. Because they look more like a suspect by running then by coming forward. My condolences and prays go out to the family and friends of Jason Kutts

  9. Why does everyone believe it was a hunter? Does it sound reasonable that someone is shot from behind and then falls “backwards?” Sounds more like an execution to me, look at the ONLY “witness” closely

    • Yes. A study in WWII was done of enemy soldiers shot with the .30-06 M-1 Garand. Half fell forward, and half fell backward.

  10. Folks. The primary rule of hunting is: you always are positive what you’re shooting at. If you can’t see it clearly. don’t pull the trigger.

    • Condolences to the family and loved ones. We need to find out if it was legal to hunt in that state park and was it hunting season . If not allowed then it was definitely a crime, not an accident. Also if the shooter is discovered and claims to have been hunting did he have a hunting license?

    • ALWAYS know what you are have in your sights before pulling your trigger!

  11. this is compllete neglecence,what was he doing hunting in a national park with people around these high powered rifles can shoot a bullet a mile or so ,how does he know if there are any people within a mile,he cant possibly

  12. This Is very sad I am a hunter and I believe you have to know what your shooting,it just might be he was walking around with the wrong color clothes on. If your going to walk in areas that people hunt you should wear the right color clothes . Very heart breaking my prayers goes out for the family

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