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Teen Who Shot George Floyd Video To Receive Human Rights Award

The Minneapolis teenager who filmed George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police will receive a prestigious award. Darnella Frazier, 17, is this year’s recipient of the Benenson Courage Award from PEN America, a leading literary and human rights organization.

“With nothing more than a cellphone and sheer guts, Darnella changed the course of history in this country, sparking a bold movement demanding an end to systemic anti-black racism and violence at the hands of police,” PEN CEO Suzanne Nossel said in a statement.

“With remarkable steadiness, Darnella carried out the expressive act of bearing witness, and allowing hundreds of millions around the world to see what she saw,” the statement said. “Without Darnella’s presence of mind and readiness to risk her own safety and well-being, we may never have known the truth about George Floyd’s murder.”

Floyd’s May 25 death sparked global protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

Frazier came upon the scene and started recording the incident with her mobile phone. The footage shows Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, pressing his knee on the back of a handcuffed Floyd’s neck as he lay on the ground.

Chauvin pinned Floyd down for nearly nine minutes while he pleaded, “I can’t breathe.” He lost his job following the incident.

Chauvin is now facing second-degree murder and manslaughter charges in the case.

Three other cops at the scene, who also lost their jobs — Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng — are charged with aiding and abetting murder and manslaughter and are also awaiting trial.

“The world needed to see what I was seeing,” Frazier told the Star Tribune a day after the incident. “Stuff like this happens in silence too many times.”

The teen has not spoken publicly about her video since. However, this week, a family representative said that Darnella is “very grateful” for the award.

The New York-based PEN awards were founded in 1963. Past recipients include Anita Hill, who testified against the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991, and a group of student activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who advocate for gun safety and control following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

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  1. George Floyd was not a Good Person !

  2. Don’t break the law! Don’t resist! Don’t take lethal amounts of drugs that will kill you! Racism is real there’s no doubt. George Floyd was a felon and a thug not a martyr or much less even an upstanding citizen. NOBODY should die at the hands of the police if it can be avoided, I get that. But the video shows what happened and not all that lead up to it nor does it tell everyone he was saying I can’t breathe long before there was an officer on top of him. Racism becomes a much bigger issue when the media shows white cop bad black guy good and crams it down our throats without telling the whole truth and the media in fact is a huge problem in the disruption of our country!! Selective stories are shown to push certain agendas and they know it !!

  3. The News Media should be sued for not showing the full video to the public right away! If they could show the arrest of Floyd when he was being handcuffed near the wall of the building, and then show him the width of the police car away from the curb line, they could have shown the whole video. I wondered what did Floyd do in between those two portions of the video that caused the police officer to treat him that way. The full video that I saw shown a man yelling he couldn’t breathe long before anyone had him pinned to the ground. He was going to die from the drugs he consumed, period! This incidence shows the corruption between the media and the democrat party that wants to impose communism on the American people!

  4. Floyd was nothing but a low life criminal his death can a attributed to one thing his life choices . It’s time this country stop honoring criminals . Do any of the stupid people in this country notice the level of crime in this country now with bail reform and defund the police . It look likes the Democrats are replaying Hitlers play book start with riots the go after the people of religion . Trump is not the reason of the divisive in this country just listen to the nut Pelosi holding the American people hostage with the stimulus just to get her way . How come no good law abiding citizen never takes a picture of the criminal committing a crime I wonder .

    • Because this media is the problem. They are insane liberals who have no common sense. A Obama appointed Judge feels that our ballots do not have to have the correct signature, drug addicts get a slam on the wrist, murders are rampant because we don’t have a universal policy of DEATH PENALTY! OUR PRISONS ARE OVERRUN BY MURDERERS AND RAPIST AND WE HAVE TO FEED THEM, AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE WELL TREATED! WE HAVE BEEN HOSTAGES OF THESE LIBERAL JUDGES, MAYORS, GOVERNORS AND POLITICIANS! IT IS TIME THIS ALL ENDS. GO TRUMP AND MAGA !

  5. The guy killed himself for all practical purposes and this kid caught it on his phone. That deserves an award for courage?? Lets nominate the kid for Nobel prize and maybe a couple of Big Macs too. They are all about equal value.

  6. So, THIS is HOW one gets AWARDED nowadays for being a “CRIMINAL” = LOW-life DRUGGIE…????

  7. Quote: “… risk her own safety and well-being, we may never have known the truth about George Floyd’s murder.” How did she risk her own safety? She was using her cell phone which the experts tell us is perfectly safe to do so as long as we are not driving, etc. Standing still there is zero risk. George Floyd was not murdered, he died of a self induced drug overdose. This award is bogus just like Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize when all he did was create more war. This award is bogus just like the New York Times Pulitzer Prize for their coverage of the Russian collusion hoax.

  8. What a joke!

  9. The media twists and distorts truth to push their own agenda Look over the years how from the 60s toward the present Yellow Journalism is now the norm. The liberals have taken over the mainstream media from liberal editors to liberal reporters. This is why the newspapers are all dying out from low circulation. No one wants to read there liberal garbage. That’s why newspapers and there liberal editors are dying on the vine because no one wants to read it anymore. Trump 2024!

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