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When Will Mail-In Ballots Actually Be Counted?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a record number of voters are expected to cast their ballots by mail this year. In most states, election officials can even begin processing that influx of ballots in the weeks before Election Day.

But in a handful of states, election workers can’t begin the work of opening envelopes, verifying signatures, and removing secrecy sleeves, let alone counting, until the day of the election. In swing states where the margins of victory are likely to be close, those rules may mean it takes hours or days after the polls close before a winner can be declared.

State law in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, for example, does not allow election officials to process or count ballots until Election Day. Michigan election workers can begin processing ballots a day in advance, but they can’t be tabulated until November 3.

Some states and counties have purchased new technology or increased staffing to help tackle the huge number of mail ballots more efficiently.

Election experts say delays in no way suggest a problem with the integrity of the vote.

“If we don’t have results at 9 or 10 p.m. on election night, that doesn’t mean there’s anything nefarious going on,” Rachel Rodriguez, an election official in Wisconsin, told NPR’s Miles Parks. “It doesn’t mean that there’s any sort of conspiracy. It doesn’t even mean that there’s a problem. It just means that clerks are still trying to count ballots and they are trying to make sure that everybody’s votes are counted.”

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  1. I think new Jersey made it a mail in voting with no goiy into the post to vote so how are we to be sure my vote is actually mine and why if they are taking votes for a month and for a week after the ekection

  2. Pray, we know how slow they are, but all things said “President Trump/Vice President Pence will be re elected.

  3. I hope nd pray that after all the votes are counted we do not need to start calling each other comrade.

  4. Don’t rule out the so called mail-in ballots. Once the numbers are in on election night, the Democrats will know exactly how many mail-in votes they need from their harvesters trunks. Does anyone really believe that they won’t find a sufficient number to finagle a win?

    • I totally agree. That’s been their plan all along. There will be more Democrat votes than there are US Citizens and they will demand that we believe that it was an honest election.

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