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California Mom Dies After Hiking Accident Despite Being Rescued 2 Days Later

A single mom and nurse from California who apparently fell approximately 100 feet while hiking died after she was left stranded in the cold for two days, according to a fundraising page.

Cassandra Bravo went missing last week from Lone Pine after dropping off her young son on November 5. When loved ones called the local sheriff’s office, investigators discovered her car parked at Mt. Whitney Portal, just outside of the California town, according to a GoFundMe page created by friends and family.

Family, including Bravo’s father, searched through Friday and into Saturday – when it reportedly snowed – before a search-and-rescue team found her at the bottom of “a steep slope of rock,” the page states.

“It appeared she had slipped and fell[.] It is approximated she fell about 100 [feet],” the page states.

Bravo – who CBS Los Angeles reported was 34 years old – is believed to have crawled behind a fallen tree stump to seek protection during the “two very cold nights,” the post states. She was still alive when rescuers discovered her.

“She was mumbling at the time they airlifted her out,” the page states. “Everyone was shocked she had survived that amount of time outside in the cold in nothing but a tank top and leggings.”

Bravo was rushed to a nearby trauma center, but ultimately could not be saved.

The fundraising page describes her as a mother of a 10-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter, and a nurse at Loma Linda Medical Center.

Her son, identified by CBS Los Angeles as Jonathan, told the outlet his mother “meant everything” to him.

“I got to hug her and tell her I loved her and tell her goodbye,” the boy said. “It just sucks that she saved so many lives just for hers to be taken. … It’s not right.”

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  1. seems strange to be hiking in a tank top and leggings

    • Not strange at all!

      It gets very hot when hiking, running, power-walking, even in the fog or cold weather.

      People ski in the snow with tank tops and even bikini tops.

    • Ask anyone who hikes mountain trails…
      It’s very common to lose footing on gravel or sand on a steep hill.
      I think it’s not wise to hike alone and I’m always advising my adult daughter against it but she is an adult and is free to make unwise decisions.
      On the other hand, being alone and enjoying nature can be meditative and even spiritual.
      It’s so sad what happened. We can just pray for the young mother/wife/daughter and her family.

  2. This was not an accident, because of the walking ect… nurses have very good balance sure footing, their other skills make then quick thinking critical thinkers, make good judgement , tank top this time of year?? would not
    have considered as a mother, in any risky movements. I say again, not an accident… someone needs to look at the evidence, she hung on against all odds, until her rescue…. because she had something to TELL!!!

    • I totally agree. I hope they did a thorough examination of her body.

    • I completely agree. Its unlikely she just “slipped and fell” while hiking and where was her wind breaker or over shirt? They need to investigate this! It is not always safe to go hiking alone, you never know who is on the trails waiting for an opportunity. Wish these places were secure so we wouldn’t have terrible instances as this.

    • Richard Harrington

      Watching too many, “Law and Order” shows.

  3. Sounds pretty fishy to me. There’s got to be more to this story, than what were being told.

  4. I say under the conditions and what was stated, attempted suicide. If someone came forward and said she had more clothes on when she left then attempted sexual assult/murder.

  5. Need to look in to this a little more because it seem strange to me that a person with so much to live for would want to die like that. Was it an accident of not?

  6. Someone that has the authority too , should do an investigation of this fully.
    I know this mother of 3, a Nurse, a good career, and nurses go into nursing because they care, not because they think they are going to get rich. they think things through, and are quick thinkers, She didn’t slide on gravel and sand, she didn’t kill herself and leave 3 children behind. if she had wanted to do that her professional knowledge and access would have afforded her a much less painful quicker death. I think a man was involved. and just noticed the most no foul ideas were expressed by male. just saying !

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