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Ghislaine Maxwell Woken Up Every 15 Minutes To Prevent Death


Nov 26, 2020
Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein

Accused child abuser Ghislaine Maxwell is woken up by a flashlight every 15 minutes in her jail cell to make sure she hasn’t killed herself like Jeffrey Epstein. According to her lawyers, she is subjected to more onerous conditions than the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ most dangerous inmates.

“She is overmanaged under conditions more restrictive than inmates housed in 10South, the most restrictive unit in the MCC; or individuals convicted of terrorism and capital murder and incarcerated at FCI Florence ADMAX, the most restrictive facility operated by the BOP,” her lawyers wrote in a letter.

The letter is in response to a Monday filing from federal prosecutors informing the judge that Maxwell had a COVID-19 scare after possible exposure to an infected staffer at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and was placed in quarantine.

The government’s letter, which said Maxwell had tested negative for the virus, stated that she had received more favorable treatment than other inmates.

But the British socialite’s lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, wrote that just the opposite was true and provided a lengthy list of complaints about the conditions of her confinement.

The letter addressed to US District Judge Alison Nathan states that Maxwell had to endure two nasal swabs and was threatened with a 21-day quarantine if she declined. And, she was never informed of the results.

“Ms. Maxwell was ordered to remove her COVID-protection mask for an in-mouth inspection, further risking exposure to the virus,” Sternheim wrote.

Maxwell was also initially quarantined without soap or a toothbrush, and medical staff had ceased checking on her daily since she was put in isolation, the letter whines.

While staff are not supposed to enter Maxwell’s cell during quarantine, an unidentified man entered to snap photos of her and a guard to conduct a search, the attorney wrote.

Sternheim said the situation was no better pre-quarantine.

“Ms. Maxwell has spent the entirely [sic] of her pretrial detention in de facto solitary confinement under the most restrictive conditions where she is excessively and invasively searched and is monitored 24 hours per day,” the letter says.

In addition to a camera in her cell, another device records her every movement when she leaves, even during in-person legal visits, according to the filing.

“And despite non-stop in-cell camera surveillance, Ms. Maxwell’s sleep is disrupted every 15-minutes when she is awakened by a flashlight to ascertain whether she is breathing,” Sternheim wrote.

The letter requests that the judge summon Warden Heriberto Tellez for a full accounting of her “disparate treatment.”

Maxwell is being held without bail while she awaits trial on charges she groomed underage girls to be abused by her and Epstein.

Her lawyers wrote in a previous letter that she was being subjected to especially onerous conditions to ensure she didn’t meet the same fate as Epstein, who committed suicide in custody in August 2019 while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges.

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8 thoughts on “Ghislaine Maxwell Woken Up Every 15 Minutes To Prevent Death”
    1. It’s actually to prevent her from being “suicided” like Epstein. Whoever did that to Epstein only had a few minutes, and that’s all it takes. And she knows too much. A flashlight to see if she is breathing is the same as they do in some hospitals during the night, so no big deal. If she awakens to a flashlight, at least they know she isn’t dead.

      1. She’ll be dead just like Epstein when Clinton gets to her. He has $ 400,000,000 reasons to kill her just like he killed Epstein

  1. A ridiculous over-the-top practice not even used for condemned Nazis after the Nuremburg Trial.
    I suspect the prison authorities are still smarting over blame for Epstein’s death and don’t want to get caught out again.

  2. How many times did she awaken girls to be abused by her and her cronies. Pardon me while I shed a tear. Boo Hoo.

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