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How Alex Trebek Spent His Final Moments

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek fulfilled his wish of spending his final hours with his longtime wife on a swing “watching the horizon” before he ultimately lost his battle with cancer, a show producer said Monday.

“Even in his book, he described that he wanted his final day to be sitting on his swing next to his wife, Jean, and kind of watching the horizon and he got to do that,” executive producer Mike Richards told the “Today Show.”

“He was coherent, he wasn’t in pain and the fact that he had a nice, final day makes all of us in the ‘Jeopardy!’ family feel much better.”

Trebek served as the beloved host of the game show since 1984. He died of stage-four pancreatic cancer at 80 years old on Sunday morning surrounded by his friends and family at his home in Los Angeles.

Trebek is survived by his wife of 30 years, Jean Currivan, and their two children, Emily and Matthew.

His death came more than a year and a half after he revealed he had been diagnosed with aggressive pancreatic cancer. The disease has the highest mortality rate of all cancers.

Throughout his cancer battle, Trebek continued to film new episodes of Jeopardy!, filming his last episode on October 29.

“He was incredibly hard-working. He cared about the show. He cared about the importance of the show that it helped people want to be smarter. He made that cool — he made wanting to be smart cool,” Richards said.

“The greatest thing about him was how much he loved his family. Of all the things he did and all the things he accomplished, the greatest thing to him was his family and his love of his life.”

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  1. Alex Trebek was a decent, honest guy. He was a perfectionist about everything he did whether it was helping someone else or his favorite hobby of woodworking. We’ll miss him. He left a great legacy. RIP, Alex.

    • Jeopardy was my two brothers favorite game on television for years..One thing that I truly admire how Alex was so strong to continue to go on with his job, with Jeopardy till his death…God love him…Rest in Peace Mr.Trebek… 😔

  2. We were Alex Trebek fans for several Years, every night at 6:30 we were watching & answering Alex’s questions.
    Alex Trebek was a class act at all times, very enjojoyable.
    We watched everyday but Sunday’s.
    Best host ever & we were glad we really got into his Jeopardy!!

  3. We are feeling very empty with Alex Trebek gone, Only his wonderful memory.

  4. My parents watched Jeopardy every evening M-S. Like my parents I watched Jeopardy every evening. It was on my taping list so I wouldn’t miss anything.
    I found Alex Trebek a man of integrity, a gentleman, with a heart of gold. All this he exuded from the TV. You felt you knew him personally because she shared himself with you.
    I will miss him more than anyone in my family can understand. He became part of my life. Rest In Peace Mr. Trebek and God bless you and your family.

  5. He was a class act and made learning fun. We will miss him greatly. Rest in peace Alex.

  6. Alex will truly be missed. He was the best game show host in history of game shows. His kindness and love for people was so apparent each and every show. God bless his lovely wife and 2 children during this difficult time. Alex will be truly missed, but more importantly never forgotten.

  7. Connie and Jay Colmer

    My husband and I feel as we have lost a friend – we would wait til It was time for jeopardy before turning the tv on for the day –
    He was a gentleman and a scholar who will be missed by all
    Thank you Alex,
    Connie and jay

  8. I saw a great tribute to Alex before the show last night. When they finished and the set came up dimly lit and no one on the set the tears started flowing . I don’t know who will stand behind the podium next but they will have big shoes to fill. Our prayers go out to the family of Alex. He had a way of making us all feel like family! We miss you.

    • “I don’t know who will stand behind the podium next but they will have big shoes to fill.”

      My guess, Ken Jennings. They already made him executive producer, and he has been appearing on the show as a clue reader. Good choice in my opinion!!

  9. Happy trails Alex you were so great at your job and just as great as a human being but most of all great husband and dad .iwill miss you and your show

  10. Truly a gentleman and class act. I cannot say that about very many men on tv today. I loved and respected his demeanor
    on the program. It’s one of the reasons I watched Jeopardy. He is irreplaceable in my opinion.
    My sincere condolences to his family

  11. Mr. Trebek was an awesome gentleman with a fantastic sense of humor…………………..he was kind, smart and loving. He will be missed………….but let’s thank God that he placed him in our lives for so many wonderful years. May God be with his wife and daughter at this time.

    Love and Prayers,


  12. So many nice comments. This is how it should always be!

  13. Watched every show that I could. Every night that it was on.l

  14. Alex was in a class of his own far above any other game show host ever. He projected an image of greatness in everything he did. He projected an image of one with great knowledge and position every time he took the stage of jeopardy. His image will live on forever. God bless him and his beautiful family.

  15. Watched the show more years than I can remember. He was the best I feel so sad that he is no longer with us. My prayers go out to his wife and children. May he rest in peace with the Lord

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