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Pompeo: There will be a ‘smooth transition to second Trump administration’

Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has said there will be a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration” just days after Joe Biden was announced as president-elect.

Mr Pompeo made the comments when asked by reporters if the State Department was engaging with the Biden transition team.

The statement was followed by a stilted laugh, so it is unclear if he was speaking in serious reference to the Trump administration’s legal challenges to the election, or in an attempt at humor.

“We’re ready, the world is watching what’s taking place,” he said in follow-up.

“We’re counting votes, when the process is complete there’ll be electors selected, there’s a process the constitution lays it out pretty clearly. The world should have every confidence that the transition necessary to make sure that the State Department is functional today, successful today, and successful with the president who’s in office on January 20th.

Mr Trump has vowed to continue fighting the election after the results were projected by the Associated Press and other media orginisations, saying on Twitter “WE WILL WIN”.

Federal agencies, meanwhile, have reportedly been warned not to cooperate with the transition team of the projected president-elect.

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While Mr Pompeo was holding a press conference to discuss foreign policy issues, he became frustrated as reporters continued to ask about the election results and whether the State Department would work with the next administration.

“That’s ridiculous. And you know it’s ridiculous. And you asked it because it’s ridiculous. You asked a question that is ridiculous, this department cares deeply to make sure elections around the world are safe and secure and free and fair,” he said.

“We often encounter situations where it’s not clear about a particular election. We work to uncover facts, we work to do discovery, to learn whether in fact the outcome, the decision that was made reflected the will of the people.

“We want every one of those votes to be counted in the same way we have every expectation every vote here in the United States will be counted too. It is totally appropriate, the United States has an election system that is laid out deeply in our constitution, and we’re going to make sure that we get that right.”

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  1. ONLY Legal registered votes can count. Not all votes are to be counted. This an absolute disgrace and must be investigated. Expose all the corruption and lies Immediately

    • The only fraudulent votes that have been found are republicans who wanted to get an absentee ballot for his mother who had died last year and the woman who tried to vote in two different states who was also a repug. A repug friend of mine signed her father’s name and mailed in the ballot and within a week it was mailed back to her saying it was the wrong signaturew so she had to take her dad in and sign it again. They told her it was a felony to sign somebody else’s name.

  2. Love it!

  3. Count legal votes only. Dead people can’t vote. Ballots received after Election Day are not legal.

  4. Biden and the Democrats will totally ruin this country permanently and if these idiots that voted for him can’t see that they should be thrown out of the country permanently!

    • A president who ignored a pandemic causing almost a quarter of a million deaths will not ruin the country but a former vice president now president elect who saved us from a recession along with the auto industry will..What ever you are drinking please stop. If you care anything about this country stay away from TV and start reading, there are many other news outlets beside Fox News Can the stock market or a healthy 401K make up for all the disaster in the country today..We cant celebrate Thanks giving, we cant go out to bars stores are closing left and right unemployment through the roof and you want 4 more years of this?..Promises made promises kept huh,,,Did Mexico pay for the wall yet? Are the coal miners back to work full swing? Are you tired of winning? The answer to all of those is NO. The only promises he kept is the one about tax cuts, how did that benefit anyone earning under 50k? The other is immigrants, yes he put them in cages, abused them much to your delight which tells me a lot about you and that sir is too vulgar to print here..

      • Stop Snorting Biden Kool Aid…..& Sucking Down Fake News….

      • You can’t be that ignorant. Obama started to put children in cages. Where were you when this happened?. Don’t blame president Trump for Obama’ s atrocities against inmigrantes. Where was the media when this was happening?. America is in a much better financial position thanks to president Trump. Be grateful.

      • Really! He stopped the flights from China and Europe and your Communist party called him a racist. But I bet you don’t remember that? Biden and his family have sold out America to Red China and I’m sure you agree with him doing that as well. 10% for the big guy. Expalin that?

    • Your dumb ASS! should be thrown out of the country if you’re too stupid to see that that Jackass in the Whitehouse is ONLY IN IT FOR HIMSELF!! He doesn’t give a damn about anyone else but him and his family.He claims he created jobs, yeah 50,000 but that cliwn lost 5,000,000 jobs and over 200,000 lives!! Get a clue, take your head out of your ass, better yet take your head out of His ass!!!

      • Derrick, you are an idiot! President Trump is in it for himself? How much money did the Biden family rack up during his VP years, not to mention all the other money he and his family racked up in other countries during the 90s and 2000s. Figures you would blame him for the pandemic, not the Chinese. And what rock are you living under? Biden called Trump a racist when he closed the border to China. Biden said he would have closed the border around April 2nd. How many more lives would have been lost. Jobs? The economy was rolling before the pandemic. Lowest unemployment in many many many years. You voted for socialism, higher taxes, anti-American policies, shipping jobs over to China, defunding the police, socialized healthcare (worst health care ever Obamacare), dismantling the oil & gas industry, killing the unborn, getting rid of our 2nd amendment rights, open unsafe borders, corrupt politicians, corrupt FBI, and much more. Oh yeah did I mention higher taxes? And you have the audacity to call someone a dumb ASS?

    • You are the ones that can’t tell a thief and liar when you see one. He keeps saying he won so you fools can keep sending him money that he can go home with. No common sense left in this country.

  5. Only fools believe in Trump and it seems to be there are plenty of fools in America. Trump will not see a second term because, Joe Biden won the election, if you haven’t heard. Trump has got to be out of the White House on the 20 day of January 2021. He will not be able to even get past the security guards to access the White House after January 20.

    • This is how sad you are because it isn’t official yet, just because the media says so, it isn’t so. I’m not an American-born citizen yet I know more about civics and American history then many Americans., you included. I guess you have short term memory bacause as I recall Al Gore was declared the victor by the press and then lost the election. Oh yeah, facts don’t matter to you people.

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