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Shattered bride marries the love of her life and watches him die

Just 13 days ago, Jade Brincat and Dan Horton were blissfully happy, engaged to be married and just about to welcome a child into the world.

Instead, last night the heartbroken bride married her husband just hours before she watched him take his last breath having never seen his newborn baby girl.

Disaster struck on November 7 when Jade got the worst phone call of her life – Dan, aged just in his 30s, had been crushed under a car while working in Summer Hill in Sydney’s inner-west.

She rushed to his side to find him with catastrophic injuries to his head, neck and upper body, having suffered a cardiac arrest at the scene.

Dan Horton, in his 30s, was crushed under a car while working in Summer Hill, inner-west Sydney on November 7

He lay unconscious in the the intensive care unit for days, fighting to survive and hold his baby in his arms and kiss his fiancee again.

Devastated and broken, a heavily pregnant Jade was rushed to hospital two days later with high blood pressure preeclampsia – a serious pregnancy complication that can damage organs and cause seizures.

On November 11, she gave birth to her daughter via emergency C-section without her soulmate by her side.

‘It was bittersweet as the happiest day of our lives should have been seeing her born together… but instead he was lying in ICU fighting as hard as he could to wake up and survive,’ she said.

‘Every day since the birth of our beautiful daughter, I had been holding on to hope, visiting him everyday and hoping that he would pull through.’

‘My heart aches that Dan never got to meet his daughter and now never will.’ Pictured: Jade’s ultrasound

Unable to bear the thought of not becoming Dan’s wife before he died, the couple married in small ceremony at his hospital bed – vowing to continue her ‘commitment, respect, love and loyalty to Dan’.

‘Although he couldn’t say “I do”, this is something that Dan and I had been talking about,’ she said, adding that the pair had been looking at engagement rings.

The following day – their first day as a married couple – Jade watched the man she loved take his final breath and ‘felt his heart beat for the last time’.

‘I’m heartbroken and feel lost. My heart aches that Dan never got to meet his daughter and now never will,’ she said.

‘My heart aches that my daughter will grow up not knowing her dad personally but I will do everything I can to make sure she knows who her dad was and that he loved her anyway.’

She said Dan’s memory will live on through her little girl and carry on his legacy.

‘I love you always and forever, Dan Horton. Rest in peace.’

She said Dan’s memory will live on through her little girl and carry on his legacy. Pictured: The couple together

The couple had been feverishly excited about the birth of their daughter, posting baby clothes and ultrasound photos on Instagram in the leadup to her birth.

Starting their relationship as friends, Jade wrote in an emotional Instagram post on October 2 that they didn’t date or fall in love until after they lived together.

‘Over 550 days spent with him, feels like eternity already,’ she wrote.

‘Although not every day we’ve spent together have been good ones, no ones relationship is perfect and we all know love works in mysterious ways.’

She said there was no one she would rather spend her life with and believed their relationship was ‘meant to be’.

‘Happy 18 months Anniversary Muffin. I love you.

Police, four ambulance crews and a helicopter, along with Fire and Rescue NSW trucks attended the scene (pictured)

Emergency services confirmed Dan suffered his mortal injuries when a jack suspending a vehicle he was working on failed, causing it to fall on him.

Police, four ambulance crews and a helicopter, along with Fire and Rescue NSW trucks attended the scene.

‘Emergency services did an exceptional job in releasing and stabilising the man, who had suffered from some pretty serious injuries,’ Inspector Brad Goodwin from NSW ambulance said.

‘We found the gentleman unconscious and unresponsive in cardiac arrest … he was extricated from under the vehicle with the assistance of emergency services.’

Paramedics restarted his heart and took him to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, but in the end it wasn’t enough to save his life.

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  1. Some things (in life) just aren’t fair. This story is absolutely awful to comprehend. Only God knows where happiness can intervene in a situation like this — It’s completely beyond me and any other human I know.

  2. I’m so sorry for loss. Believe and some day you will meet again.

  3. Why couldn’t she just keep her legs closed until after they were married? Now the kid’s a bastard and her mother is a slut!

    • YOU ARE THE BASTARD! you aren’t even a human being, Your a sociopath. Most unkind remarks from a
      heartless creature. may God have mercy on you, may you not have to eat those word at the time of you own death and judgment comes to your house.

    • Keep your old fashioned judgements and name calling to yourself. She has a child born of love and had that love ripped from her by death. She has enough to deal with.

    • read again you negative person ………..they did marry ……before he died n the hospital .

    • There is something seriously wrong with this reply. You need help in learning compassion and lessons in non judgement.

  4. Thank you for saying that. I agree.

  5. Joseph, you are a disgusting human being who will never understand or truly experience love like this. How dare you make a statement like that on someone who just passed, and their lover is grieving. I would be angry, but deep down I know I should feel pity for you, and I do. I truly pity you. You are a pathetic angry small little man who will never have true love. For a person who made a statement that seems strongly religious, there is also a place for people like you. Your judgement will come the same as the rest of us, and when that day comes…I sense a very lonely day and a longing to have lived a better life, and been a better human being. Who knows, maybe tomorrow is your day. Don’t fuck with karma, because it is always watching. Like they said in The Mummy, “You know, people like you always get their come up ants… Always.” It’s true, and one day, you will learn how true that statement is. My deepest condolences to the mother and child, may you find peace and joy, and live on and live life to the fullest for him. To the ass who said what you did, the universe is always watching, and will never forgive your statement. Say whatever comeback you wish, or tell yourself I’m wrong to make yourself feel better, but I am rarely ever wrong, especially about these things. May god, or whoever you believe in (even the universe), have no mercy on your soul…lucky for you it’s not my place to say, or judge you in the after life. However, I hope the powers that be see you through the same eyes as myself and the others for what you truly are. A sad, lonely, pathetic man with little man syndrome and small energy. Having found true love myself after years of terrible people, and a partner who feels the exact same way who will always be by my side through the best and the worst times for the rest of our lives, as I said before, I pity you.

  6. Only the stupidest humans do not use Jack stands when working on a car. Two of my friends kids WH I HAD TOLD AND GIVEN JACK STANDS TO had cars fall on them. One died the other s arm will never work well.

    • She and the wonderful little girl will find someone with more brains and someone who cares enough about his family to preform his work safely. You have no idea how many people who know better do stupid things like this. It keeps us ambulance chasers busy. You have no idea how many people are fired from work because they did not have the smarts to work safe. Workmans comp disability lawsuits etc allow lawyers to work till 90

    • Remind me to never get a jack stand from you. Seems that the people you give them to get injured or die. You chase ambulances, I’ve worked on them. I’ve worked in all of the protective services, and still am nowhere near as much an asshole as you are. Enjoy getting your jollies off on others, same as the other ass. Karma is always watching my friend. Also, how do you know it wasn’t faulty equipment? I can tell you’ve never done any protective services because you jump to conclusions before getting all the facts. People who assume are the first three letters of the word. An ass.

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