Fraud Fight Continues as Trump’s Legal Team Probes Michigan Machines

Even as Rudy Giuliani has been hospitalized with coronavirus, the courageous fight for the truth by the rest of the Trump legal team continues. A Michigan judge has approved a probe into potential voting machine fraud in the Great Lake State. Again, at the crux of the potential fraud is the notoriously unreliable Dominion voting machines.

The Judge’s order was issued on December 4, and it permits forensic photos to be taken from the Dominion tabulators in Antrim County. Before being revealed that he is now suffering from COVID-19, President Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, praised the decision and said that allowing the forensic review is a “big win for honest elections.”

On Sunday, Trump campaign attorney Jenna Ellis spoke on the move. She said the team will spend several hours inspecting the machines and gathering data.

Local election authorities confirmed the Dominion machines in question were the same ones that were indeed used in the presidential election on November 3. These machines, gathered from 22 precincts in Antrim County, were originally brought into question by a voter who claimed ballots were damaged during a recent recount of a marijuana proposal vote.

A similar examination recently occurred in Georgia as President Trump has raised concerns of widespread voter fraud, which rigged the elections in favor of former Vice President, Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, in a debate over the weekend, Georgia Senator Kelly Loeffler echoed President Trump’s assertion that he did not lose her state in November, as she debated her Democratic opponent, in Georgia’s upcoming run-off election, Reverend Raphael Warnock. The two Georgia Senate run-off elections could determine if the GOP retains control of the Senate in 2021.

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11 Thoughts to “Fraud Fight Continues as Trump’s Legal Team Probes Michigan Machines”

  1. Valentinediva

    Hopefully, the Demoncrats did not wipe the machines clean as they had enough time to do so, they need to hurry and check all if them ASAP!!!

  2. MV

    Fellow Americans, we continue together in prayer for our Lord’s Divine intervention to save America and protect all those that are working so hard in doing so, In Jesus Name, Amen! God bless America!

    1. Hal Lemoyne

      ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
      Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  3. The Bottom line is: where is the media’s evidence THAT THEY HAVE… that says Trump has no evidence indicating there is no FRAUD evidence?



  4. Barbara McKoon

    Trump Is a crook and the reason he is yelling voter fraud is because he can not have his communist allies hack into the systemas they did in 2016 because Democrats voted by mail and signed there envelopes and there signatures were checks by the voting teams .so there was no voter fraud and Trump lost because of his lying to the american people and his not doing anything to stop people dying from the virus . He is killing the American people and is nothing but another Hitler .

    1. Have you even looked at evidence???? Watch a few different news channels. You have been lied to. Get educated. You are a liberal sheep!!

    2. I can understand you being naive in 2016 because the democrats haven’t shown their true colors yet. What I can’t understand is your stupidity that still exists after seeing the crooked and unethical tactics the Democrats displayed over the past 4 years. May God help you and open your eyes.

    3. southern proud

      hey Barbara. did you listen to Mr. Coomer of dominion brag that there was no way in hell that Trump would win? that he had “fixed” that? guess not, since your comment reflects ignorance. what do you call all the hundreds of eye witness’s to fraud? could they all be liars? for what reason??? or have you watched any videos of demon rats cheating??? what about Ms. Ruby in Atlanta, saying she needed a lawyer since it was “bigger than her?” I would suggest you investigate on your own, not regurgitate the demon rats mantra of nothing to see here. why are the demon rats saying there is no fraud? if true, why not investigate?? if the demon rats are lily white, what’s the harm?? you are right, the dempm rats voted by mail. all the 10,000 or so dead ones did too. and states didn’t match signatures. ballots arrived from heaven that weren’t folded, so how in the hell did they get there??? carrier pigeon?? and please, educate me on why all the sting, I mean swing states all close down with Trump almost a million ahead in some states?? and how in the hell did Biden get all those 570,000 votes at once to Trumps 3200???? if you can satisfactorily explain that to me, I will agree that there is nothing to see here. if not, STFU.

  5. southern proud

    oh, and Barbara, will you explain to me how Trump is killing the American people?? is he personally infecting them? are they staying home, so he has to go to their houses? are they wearing masks when they party? please enlighten those of us. you seem to be an authority on all things pertaining to Trump. last I heard only GOD could perform miracles. no one can stop death from occurring. not even your hero, the demented biden. by the way, he is parroting all that my President has done to stop the spread. that rapist couldn’t have an original thought if his life depended on it. and while we are at the blame game, do you really support the devout catholic who is so for abortion??? the one who says the salmists, instead of the psalmists? he really knows his BIBLE. I am sooooo impressed. lets not forget his drug hunter son. if he pulled a quid pro quo on Ukraine over this loser, just think what he will give away as President to keep his pedophile kid out of trouble. ask ole Joe about his granddaughter, Natalie? you know, Beaus kid. the one that hunter sleeps with…. check it all out. then you can compare your hero to mine. you’ve already lost. and the liar is biden. no comment on whether he will pack the Supreme Court???????

  6. Barbara….you have missed several Big Gaps in your followings of the dems. When Trump first got in the White House and saw all the deceiptfulness, dem demands, and lies, and Democrats lining their pockets by selling America out to other countries and taking from Americans… under the table. Trump was the dems first president they couldn’t control and he refused to follow them and do what they said to keep their crimes on going. One thing they didn’t bank on…was Trump was ALREADY too WEALTHY and couldn’t be bought by other countries like the dems were already doing.
    When the dems saw Trump wasn’t going to participate in their demands and crimes…that’s when the dems really turned on him like they did. Everything they accuse Trump of…is exactly what they ARE GUILTY OF.
    Dems know if Trump wins this second term he has knowledge of evidence to put them away for a long time. The dems had nothing to lose at this point, so they carried on with there usual schemes of planting votes to win to get rid of Trump so they could change the laws and protect their past crimes they did before Trump got there. The dems convinced the news media that Trump was a bad guy etc.The media fell for their lies… and now when Trump gets in January 20, by the hand of God. ..all evil dems and media WILL go to jail and media stations will get replaced. The swamp will get drained in the White House, government, and media, (everyday people) everyone’s evil doings gets exposed…by God. Why? God is cleaning earth up to manifest HEAVEN on EARTH. I don’t expect you or anyone else that doesn’t know what Gods plans are.. .to believe me today. Just set back and watch for yourself…watch Gods plan to unfold. See it happen for yourself and get your eyes focused on God and stop letting Satan and dems,Medias control you with lies. Can you at least admit you can sense a spiritual war going on between God and Satan? At the end…. JANUARY 20, 2021 God CHECKMATES Satan in this chess game.
    God puts Trump in for 4 more years.

  7. Army Veteran, WP '82

    Wow. You folks are freaks. “Where is your evidence that Trump has no evidence!’ Pretzel logic there. My evidence that he doesn’t have evidence is that when his “dream team” is told to produce it to back up its claims in court, it can’t. To quote the courts (over 60 times, now), “Case Closed.”

    I have seen evidence of a single probable incident of voter fraud so far. It was a Trump voter allegedly having his dead mother vote in the election in PA: Bruce Bartman. Okay, that’s one. Now, it’s your turn. Show me REAL ACTUAL evidence of more. Not vague BS about voting machines (just saying it is so doesn’t make it so) and drunkish acting blondes saying things so stupid things in hearings, even RUUUUDY was trying to get her to shut up.

    Refute my evidence that there is no evidence by producing REAL evidence, not BS claims.

    I’m waiting.

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