• Sat. Apr 10th, 2021

Trump Says Dems Would “Fight to the Death” if Roles Were Reversed on Stolen Election

President Trump continues to insist that the election was “rigged” and stolen from him. The president went on a rant over the weekend, saying that if the shoe were on the other foot, the Dems “would fight to the death” to overturn the results of the election.

Trump said if the Dems had even an iota of the proof of the election being stolen from Biden, as he has of it being stolen from him, they would have already “declared war.”

In a Tweet, on Saturday, the president said, “If a Democrat Presidential Candidate had an Election Rigged & Stolen, with proof of such acts at a level never seen before, the Democrat Senators would consider it an act of war, and fight to the death. Mitch & the Republicans do NOTHING, just want to let it pass. NO FIGHT!”

Legally, an act of war was defined in 1973 by the “War Powers Act.” According to Producer and Host of C-Span John Mcardle, “the constitutional powers of the President as Commander in Chief to introduce the United States Armed Forces into hostilities are exercised only pursuant to a: Declaration of war, specific statutory authority, or a national emergency created by an attack upon the United States, its territories, or its possessions, or its armed forces.”

So, was Trump’s Tweet just typical of his usual tirade against the Dems and the stolen election, or was it something more? Was his use of the term “Act of War” a thinly veiled threat that he might – as the current Commander in Chief –  use the US military to intervene in overturning the election results? As we draw closer to Joe Biden’s contested inauguration, only time will tell.

Inauguration Day is Wednesday, January 20, 2021.

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41 thoughts on “Trump Says Dems Would “Fight to the Death” if Roles Were Reversed on Stolen Election”
    1. I have to differ with THAT “statement”..MANY “voting machines” were “caught” (and VIDEOED) changing votes, and were considered “glitches” just like what happened in this last FRAUD of an election with the Internet-connected foreign-owned”dominion” machines, but THIS time the DEMOCOMMUNISTS seemed to have perfected their FRAUD.

      1. What the hell is wrong with people trump lost by nearly 8,000,000 votes. 35 votes in Georgia and 125 in some town in Michigan couldn’t change the vote for dog catcher in Hicksville. U S A Why are you people insisting on trump to stage a COUP to overthrow democracy the last 6 weeks should show you that trump doesn’t give a shit about America or it’s citizens. His only care is for his selfish corrupt lawless self. Playing golf everyday isn’t helping america and all the problems we have today he’s like a spoiled child that didn’t get his way. These websites and the people who believe this bull shit are spitting on the constitution. If you people really want to be ruled by a dictator pack up your shit I’m sure North Korean or Russia would be glad to have you. Real patriots believe in the rule of law and the constitution not a want to be communist dictator. Give up this crazy BULL. SHIT

        1. You need to get your bloody head tested its a BIG SCAM YOU IDIOT just like this scamdemic go ahead support biden if you want to loose your freedom and you rights and of course be force vaccinated with what ever shit biden,gates and the rotschilds decide and of course be ruled by China and the USSR its UNBELIEVABLE how thick some of you are have you not observed how your economy has improved under President Trump get your bloody heads out of the sand before it too late if its not already

          1. You better look around you the economy is tanking the virus is devastating America republicans want to put a dictator in office and all this happened on trumps watch and you f ing morons think it’s o k stupid is as stupid dose.

        2. You are totally backwards on who is doing what. The democrats are the ones that are for Communism and that lie and cheated in the election(so much proof). Trump loves America the democrats are trying to distroy it, wake up.

    1. Considering the evidence shows massive “irregularities”, i.e. FRAUD……. it WAS an act of war.
      Many of us took an oath to defend the constitution AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC.
      As COMMANDER IN CHIEF, POTUS 45 has the right and DUTY to stop ALL siditious and high treason individuals, companies, & countries that attempted to instill THEIR choice over the AMERICAN VOTERS choice for President of the United States of America!!
      STOP THE STEAL……..
      “Sometimes good men have to do bad things”……. just saying.

        1. If you are not afraid of fraud being exposed, if there was no provable fraud, why do you refuse to even look at the evidence???
          I know why.

          1. Where is the evidence I will be very happy to see it. Trump and all of his cronies cant find it the courts can’t find it Attorney generals all across the country can’t find it the Supreme Court which has 6 republicans can’t find it they won’t even consider looking at it. So where in the hell did you idiots find fraud

      1. All too true Joseph its unreal how many idiots are against president Trump ah well maybe the will like been ruled by China and the USSR

      1. Some republican pollticisns are such cowards. DemonRats show more loyalty to their party than the republicans do. At the first sign of controversy republicans run with their tails between their legs! SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP you flakes!

  1. The Constitution says that only citizens of the country can vote in elections, must be living, and legal status in the state and county they live in. If this is not the case then this needs to be ammended. No one who holds dual citizen ship should be allowed to vote, their loyalty is divided, why do we even allow anyone that is not a registered citizen to vote…. Stupid.., I bet if you are living in another country but not a citizen of that country you cannot vote in their elections.

  2. I hope Trimp fights. My gut tells me the election was fixed…this president did more then snyi know. A man’s word is solid, ..

  3. Trump Pence definitely won the legitimate votes and must be in power. Can’t let the Dems widespread cheating and fraud be accepted.

  4. If it takes war then so be it. I’m readdy . I’m sure there a load of patriot that think this way. We will not stand by and watch the country we love be trashed by the dummiecrats . If they want socialism go to another country. We will not live in that kind of country. Get them oiled up patriots won’t be long now..

  5. Even the LORD got angry and overturned the tables in the temple!!! I do believe that we CHRISTIANS CAN also get angry when the minority did what they did to the mijorty of we the people who HAD voted for OUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP to keep our nation safe from ALL HARM——-and believe me people —–we WILL be harmed to no end if BIDEN takes over our beautiful and FREE country …. YES we are allowed to get upset and angry also to protect this BIG WONDERFUL COUNTRY that we still have. Only a few more days people to keep it that way !!!!! Our brave hero.s gave their lives for our freedom !!!!

    1. I do believe that our leader and PRESIDENT is telling WE THE PEOPLE to get a back bone and some guts and to get in there with him and fight and to fight any way that we can to sav e our beloved and FREE country!?!?

    2. I do believe that our leader and PRESIDENT is telling WE THE PEOPLE to get a back bone and some guts and to get in there with him and fight and to fight any way that we can to sav e our beloved and FREE country!?!?

  6. Trump is the true and clear winner of the election. The Democrats and their communist counter parts are out to destroy this country and plunge us into WWIII . China committed an act of war by manufacturing and releasing the coronavirus. People who are too blind to see the truth could wake up in a cattle car or surrounded by razor, barbed wire. Better start praying to JESUS.

    1. Show me PROOF not stupid uninformed opinions everyone of you say the same thing trump won but not one of you can’t show one instance of fraud you just mindlessly say the same thing. Get real proof than run your mouths

      1. No, How stupid can you be ? It’s just came out that Biden received more votes in Philly than they have legal voters.

    2. Yes Floyd, Trump is the true and clear winner of the election and the truth is going to come out, My hope, rather my prayer, is that the truth will come to light in time for the election to be overturned and sleepy Joe and his socialist brothers and sisters will be tossed out on their heads. Yes Floyd, JESUS IS LORD.

  7. Listen up my fellow patriots. I’ve been here on God’s green earth for a little over eighty-three years, served in our military twice account being called back in by president Kennedy because of the Berlin Crises. Provided communications for our Army Rangers because of my international Morris code knowledge. Now fellow patriots lend me your ears. I’ve seen many Presidents come and go in my lifetime and my top four would be the following; Kennedy ,Regan ,Nixon & Trump. Yes, I said Nixon and let me explain. Nixon knew something was fishy over at Watergate and did get caught for breaking in and gaining information that many members of the democratic party were active socialist. These two members of the Washing post, Woodard & Bernstein were responsible for his impeachment. But in my mind Nixon was a real hero. Now you have the rest of the story!!!

  8. Some of you are so busy spewing hate that you can’t see the forest for the trees! Donald Trump set this whole “election fraud saga” up, just like he did in 2016 except this time it backfired on him! Some of the people that he paid to do his dirty work, flipped on him, took his money and ran! That’s why he is so angry, his plan fell through! The only election fraud there was, is the one that Donald Trump set up!!!

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