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Capitol Rioter With “Camp Auschwitz” Sweatshirt Has Been Arrested


Jan 13, 2021

A man who wore a “Camp Auschwitz” sweatshirt during last week’s insurrection at the Capitol was arrested by US Marshals in Virginia on Wednesday.

Robert Keith Packer, 56, was booked into Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Suffolk on federal felony charges.

Packer was photographed multiple times during the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, including in an ITV News report where people next to him showed off that they’d torn down House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nameplate.

For many, the blatantly white supremacist outfit he wore symbolized the racist elements of the violent attempted coup. Packer’s navy sweatshirt advertising the Nazi death camp, where an estimated 1.1 million people were killed during the Holocaust, also included an English translation of the “Work Brings Freedom” sign that stood over its gates.

A local news reporter from 13NewsNow published the arrest warrant for Packer, which shows he was charged for knowingly entering a restricted building and for violent entry and disorderly conduct.

Packer appeared in a remote court appearance on Wednesday, where a judge announced that as a condition of Packer’s release, he is not allowed to go to DC while he is on bail, unless it’s for a mandated court appearance. His next court appearance will be a virtual appearance on Jan. 19.

Multiple internet sleuths — including former colleagues and neighbors — had identified Packer in recent days after photos of him wearing the white supremacist sweatshirt went viral.

The FBI’s Norfolk office, the US Marshals, and the Newport News Police did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News.

So far, over 70 people have been charged with crimes relating to their involvement in the Capitol insurrection, ranging from trespassing to illegal possession of explosive devices and assault rifles.

The Justice Department has opened more than 170 “subject files” on people who are suspected of committing crimes during the attack.

Prosecutors say some of those arrested may be charged with sedition and conspiracy.

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16 thoughts on “Capitol Rioter With “Camp Auschwitz” Sweatshirt Has Been Arrested”
  1. What about all of the rioters, vandels and arcinists that stole from American businesses and burn’t down and ruined thier livlihoods. These people are americans with the same rights as our Politicians who work for us…. Only get pissed when it is in their house.

  2. This is the new normal…, the left can say and do what ever they want but if you’re a conservative you are violating their rights, what about our rights my rights, as a U.S. citizen I am angry over this suppression of my views but they Liberals, are not. The media , politicians and famous as well as rich who support this. We the people need to ask a simple question, in the coming years are you better off, than what you were previously, if not, Vote them all out in 2 years , No matter what party affiliation they are with. Power to the people…, vote, vote, vote….!

  3. Tim,
    I’m with you. Vote then all out in two years! What ever happened to “working and representing the people”? The liberals hate Trump because he wasn’t in anyone’s pockets, he was ‘for the people’. Look up which groups and Pacs donate to each senator or congress member and you will learn more about who they represent. Our right to speak and work are being taken away by leftist snobs and our supposed leaders. We need to vote all these corrupt and despicable politicians out of office, starting with 2022.

  4. Why is it the FBI isn’t letting EVERYONE know about the Capitol police opening the gates for ANTIFA & BLM??? This mess is sickening. But the good LORD will punish all these Deep State people so much more than police or anyone else can & WILL.

  5. It’s the old “addage” do as I say, not as I do. The next couple of years are going to tell which way this country is going.🙁😪

  6. Do you people always have an excuse trump and the republicans do. It sounds like you are condoning the insurrection the violence and the murder of a capital police officer. These animals that attacked the capital are communist acting low lives that seem like they would be just fine with living under the RULE of a DICTATOR real American patriots would never commit treason like these traitors did If these are the people that represent the Republican Party count me out

  7. Many republican congress members and senators have said that these insurrectionist were proud boys militia members white nationalist and other white supremacy groups all trump supporters but still there are some of you people that keep bring up this ridiculous lie. That they are antifa and B L M. Give up the bull shit lies and realize what trump has done

  8. Gaslighting is the Achilles heel of the Republican Party. Conservatives always blame anybody we can to make ourselves not be wrong or not be the root of our own problems. We must once again get back to addressing things truthfully and honestly and face facts. Photos and arrest records prove that each and every person charged from the Capital riot was a Trump supporter. Instead of blaming BLM or imaginary Antifa we should purge our party of idiots like this and get back to being a focus party that has a policy platform of values, principles, sound staggery etc. But no we would rather defend, ignore, hide, and or excuse away our mistakes, flaws, wrong and bad decisions. Surely as Linsey Graham said it “Trump would destroy our party”. We knew Mexico wasn’t paying for a wall, we always knew how Trump lies, we certainly know he brought a racist, white supremist element into our party, as declared publicly by Tucker Carson and yet the blatant eyes wide shut denial continues. There is currently nobody at the helm of our run away train and we want to play Shaggy it wasn’t me games. Seeing as we are forever affiliated with the cause of a international embarrassment, can we not right now!

    1. Apparently you’re unaware that at two people, one the founder of Insurgence USA, Utah activist, committed leftist was the one broke a window, purposly, & was yelling & inciting others to “let’s burn this sh—down, it’s our’s, let’s go,” and on & on. His companion excitedly yelling, “we did it! You were right, we did it!” He disguised himself as a Trump supporter, had a camera & filmed the event. He was a fake news tv; did you miss it? And that’s only ONE example; I can give you more since you aren’t up to date.
      Not saying that Trump supporters were all peaceful protesters, however, you sound like a liberal Democrat, ready to point the finger before knowing the facts.

  9. All summer long antifa thugs and BLM criminals raped, pillaged and looted (not to mention burned) cities all across the fruited plain and no one was ever able to catch a single one of them. And, if accidentally one of these criminals were picked up, they were back on the streets, either on their own recognizance or on bail provided by the Democrat Party, within an hour of being arrested. The FBI could find nothing wrong with these “peaceful demonstrations” and, so ignored them. It is sure as hell a different story when the perpetrators are Trump followers. First, it doesn’t qualify as a mostly peaceful demonstration it is an insurrection. And, within a week 170 are arrested and facing some serious jail time in the insurrection case. The Democrats have been begging for a civil war and it appears the FBI is more than willing to help them get it started. I wonder if the antifa crud who was first through the doors at the congress will be once again spared going to prison.

  10. It’s been said and it’s true, if Democrats didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.
    The BLM & Antifa mobs murdered more people, but it’s permissible because they’re protected and funded by the democrat millionaires and billionaires AKA ‘swamp inhabitants.’

  11. It’s really easy to just call everyone names but I don’t hear any logical arguments to back up your opinion

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