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Chick-fil-A Sauce Combusts Without Warning!

ByAudra L.

Jan 4, 2021

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all in 2020… here’s a new one for you.

Recent reports have shared that customers of Chick-fil-A are complaining that their Polynesian sauce is exploding! Yes, that’s right. Sauce made of nothing more than apple cider, honey, and french dressing is blowing up and causing huge messes everywhere.

As it turns out, folks have been complaining about Chick-fil-A’s sauce exploding since 2016. It was during that year that one person even tweeted “I thought I was bleeding out, but turns out one of the packets of Chick-fil-A Polynesian sauce that I always carry exploded in my bag.” This tweet was met with hundreds others who agreed that they had the same experience when they left their sauce in a bag for a week or so.

Since 2016, the sauce has found it’s way back to the media for causing consumer distress. People have shared their pain on Reddit lately and they are finding others who can confirm their claims.

One person who posted their issue on Reddit alleged that their Polynesian sauce “opens up and gets everywhere after a month or 2 of having it.” Another Redditor posted that there “might be something acidic in the sauce that eats through the packaging.”  Wow. A sauce that can potentially eat through a package? If this is true, then imagine what it might do to your intestine!

Currently, Chick-fil-A has shared their news of going public with their sauce. According to a Fox 5 report, Walmart, Kroger, Winn-Dixie, and Publix will begin to carry Chick-fil-A’s Polynesian sauce beginning mid-November. Chick-fil-A did not comment on the claims that have floated throughout social media of their sauce exploding.

What can be done? Well, according to several reports that are attempting to address this issue, there is one way to hinder your sauce from exploding. Keep it refrigerated. Apparently, those who complained of their sauce blowing up seemingly left their sauce in a bag for extended periods of time without refrigerating it. Not that placing the sauce in a refrigerator will promise anything, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

It’s hard to say whether this claim of the exploding sauce is something to be taken seriously or not. There hasn’t been any lawsuits, and the Chick-fil-A corporation has not made any formal statements regarding this issue.

Additionally, the people who complain about the sauce exploding aren’t doing so with malice. They laugh about this issue and then go right back to the food chain to get another sauce packet. They love it.

So, if you are headed to Chick-fil-A and you just can’t resist getting the Polynesian sauce, just remember to use it right away. If not, you just might find yourself wearing it, rather than eating it.


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12 thoughts on “Chick-fil-A Sauce Combusts Without Warning!”
  1. People still drink coke products and you know what it can do. So they aren’t going to give up their favorite sause.

  2. This is just another sensationalist headline. The word “combust” indicates flames which they well knew by including a picture of a car on fire. Sauce packets splitting open due to fermentation is an entirely different thing. But if they said that in the headline no one would read the article.

    1. I could not agree any more than what you said Tim! The gases caused by fermentation , resulting in expand and split the package, resulting in a MESS. This is a totally natural process, accelerated by external warmth- the packages are not . designed for. If sold in larger quantities, it will most probably be in glass containers

    2. Agree with you Tim. If you leave a packet of sauce locked up in a hot car for a week or two or five, you can expect it to go bad even if it doesn’t burst open. Talk about much ado about nothing!

  3. Your stomach has hydrochloric acid in it so drinking a coke or eating this sauce probably gets neutralized by your stomach acid.

  4. Sorry, I don’t trust any comments about the “hated” Chik=fil-A coming from folks who blasted CFA for daring to close on Sundays

  5. As a retired fire investigator, the elements to create the combustion process just dosn’t seem to be present in the Polynesian sauce. If spontaneous combustion did occur, who was the expert that proved this?

    1. Most foods when they spoil produce gas which can rupture the package. Leave a gallon of apple cider in your car for a couple weeks and see what happens.

  6. They say the sauce has apple cider. Apple cider is acidic. If it is in an enclosed flexible container at room temperature for a long period of time naturally it will explode. As a child we use to take about 4 oz. of apple cider in an 8 oz. glass and add just a dime size of baking soda to the apple cider and stir it. Depending on the age of the apple cider you will get about a glass full of foam. The mixture will neutralize the acid causing it to foam. The tart apple cider will then become sweet. Also, aged apple cider will create alcohol and if cooled to about 30 degrees Fahrenheit and it separates, the alcohol can make one drunk. If the apple cider is pasteurized that will kill the living bacteria and then there is very little or no fermentation, no alcohol.

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