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Grandma Who ‘Handed Out Jellied Snacks Made from Flesh of Murder Victims’ Dies of Covid-19

Russian Killer

A grandma who allegedly gave out jellied snacks made out of the flesh of people she claimed to kill has died of Covid-19.

81-year-old Sofya Zhukova died in a Russian prison where she awaited prosecution over at least three murders, although police suspect there may be more victims.

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According to police, Sofya’s victims include an 8-year-old girl she killed who threw ice cream at Sofya after being told to be quiet.

When Sofya was arrested, police found human intestines in her fridge. People started calling her “Russian Sweeney Todd.”

Sweeney Todd is a British Victorian tale about a barber who sells people pies made out of human flesh.

Some fragments of human remains were found at the time. Authorities identified them as belonging to the 8-year-old child, shocking the girl’s mother Natalya Alekseenko.

Even when she was put on trial, she refused to accept that her daughter might not still be alive somewhere.

Police say Sofya began the murders in 2005 after the death of her husband.

She was held by police after a janitor named Vasily Shlyakhtich, 52, who had agreed to rent a room in Sofya’s apartment in the village of Berezovka,  vanished in January 2019.

According to locals, Sofya spent years working as a laborer, and she was strong for her age. She was also often seen carrying an axe with her.

They had often complained about her killing local cats, but had never suspected her of killing people.

One local said, “We always found it strange that despite being surly and unfriendly, she would often find the time to cook things for the local children. They were always meat dishes. Sometimes she gave them to the adults, she bought me and my husband plates with jellied meat.”

She continued, “I remember it well because my husband said let’s not eat it, you never know what it was made from, and now it looks like he was right.”

Police had claimed that she used meat from the people she killed for the dishes.

The three murders she was on trial for include the 8-year-old girl, Mr. Shlyakhtich, and a 77-year-old woman.

The case was delayed because of the coronavirus lockdowns.

11 thoughts on “Grandma Who ‘Handed Out Jellied Snacks Made from Flesh of Murder Victims’ Dies of Covid-19

  1. I remember reading about the Sweeney Todd from England..They the old photos of the barber chairs and the barber would pull the rod and the customer would land in the basement…A guy would cut the body up and put the guts in a bowl, for that barber’s wife, to make those English mince pies and sell them…

  2. Wow that is one sick old woman she had to be mentally ill one thing that stood out and I’m sorry for the 8 yr old kid that’s for sure but the cats I probably wouldn’t have been so upset if those two things hadn’t been put in this article but the others I feel for a small bit but they were old they were going to die anyways and also the food OMG!!!! How terrible do you have to be was she an ancestor or relative to Jeffery dahmer she must have been a relative or something idc if that kid threw shit at her she didn’t have to kill her this should be made into a movie wow! Just wow!

    1. So you are saying because someone is older they can be killed because they are going to die anyway. You are just as bad as that murderer. Everyone has a right to life even if you are older. What is wrong with some humans?

  3. I am a nurse, and the human flesh and the animal flesh is no different. Eating either is barbaric! You all reading this email, are hypocrites if you think different, because you murder animals everyday and eat them which is uncivilized filthy barbarian woman. I love all animals!

    1. If you all saw videos of how pigs, cows, and other animals are murdered for your consumption, you would be vomiting like you can’t believe it! No animal, human should be brutalized like this. So you animal flesh eaters, calling this scumbag woman evil, you all are evil. The pot calling the kettle black! Hypocrites. PERIOD!!!

      1. I don’t have teeth to chew only vegetables… vitamins and nutrients come from meat and are ohhh so delicious …. just because I don’t have the same thoughts and beliefs you do make me wrong… correct?! I don’t chastise vegans or vegetarians … Republicans or Democrats…. whatever you want to do as long as you’re not harming anyone is fine with me. The amount of hate and distain you show in your replies is disturbing and may cause high blood pressure or worse. Love thy neighbor and share a smile… it goes much further than pointing fingers!

    2. You may love animals, but your remarks are ludicrous. I don’t think any of us would be here hadn’t the pioneers eaten animals. You must really be abhorred by the animal sacrifices described in the Bible!

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