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Man Arrested for Carrying Dead Dog By Neck for “One Last Walk”

Mugshot Of Man Who Took Dead Dog On Walk

According to reports, a dog owner has been arrested after carrying around his dead pet for “one last walk.”

After arriving at 40-year-old William Rose’s home in San Antonio, Texas, police were told that his dog died from depression.

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Neighbors called the police after Rose told them he was taking his dead dog for “one last walk.”

One witness saw what looked like wire wrapped around the animal’s neck. Another neighbor saw Rose putting his dead dog on a makeshift shrine behind his apartment.

Police found ligature marks around the dog’s neck, and an autopsy later revealed that the animal was likely strangled to death.

Rose was in prison in September for a separate offense, where he gave authorities a different account of his dog’s death. He claims an apartment security guard told him to put his dog on a leash while he had the pet out for a walk.

Rose said he did not have a leash, so decided to grab the dog by its collar, lifting the animal’s front paws off the ground.

Rose claims he didn’t realize the pet was struggling to breathe until the end of the 20-minute walk.

He then left his apartment with the animal inside and found him dead when he returned. Rose also told police that he planned to take the dog on one last walk before tossing it in a dumpster.

Rose has been charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals. A $25,000 bond has been set.

21 thoughts on “Man Arrested for Carrying Dead Dog By Neck for “One Last Walk”

  1. Comment on Man Carrying Dead Dog!!!

    The Coward (people that intentionally hurt animals, he wouldn’t do that to a human) should be dragged around by his neck! He killed that dog!! Monsters like this should have the same thing done to them that they do to animals! His pic says it all!! CRUELTY!!!!!! 😡
    This country is waaayy to lenient when it comes to all living animals.
    You hurt an animal, you should get punished big time, done ✅

  2. That jerk should rot in hell they should put a wire around his neck and starve him to death the baster !!!

  3. Just look at this maniac’s eyes. He is pure evil. He should spend a long time in jail and never ever be able to own a dog again. These low life dog abusers should be some how labeled so they can never have and hurt an animal ever.

  4. He should be punished to the full extent of the law.. He is a murderer. His face needs to be known to every animal group. I pray he gets the same treatment to the full extent of karma

  5. I agree with each of the responses. This man (!) is an idiot (defined as mentally-defective). He serves no useful purpose on this Earth and whatever manner is chosen by the jury/judge for his ‘expulsion’ from humanity is FINE WITH ME.

  6. Shame on you perhaps himself, suffering from depression, may have acting because he felt he could give his precious pet what it needed. And in a fit of despair decided to end its life. Perhaps he may have even been on the verge of suicide but was disturbed. There is never a one fit explanation for a problem.

    1. Very intelligent reply, June, but probably way to smart for these commenters. Thanks for trying tp give this person a chance and for not condemning him. Wonder if they felt as sorry for the Capitol security guard who was being crushed in a door by Trump rioters. They wouldn’t even back off when he was crying out in anguish. Haven’t seen any concern from them for the security guard killed either.

      1. What does today’s politics have to do with this article? Leave your views on freedom where it belongs, not here.

      2. Your so sure they were Trump supporters, looks more like Antifa tactics to me, but we cannot condemn the army of the left.

  7. I am a dog owner and love dogs. However, I do not know from your article, what exactly happened. If he did strangle the dog, punish him. But like someone says in an earlier letter, Murderers go free while we condemn a “possible” animal abuser. There are a lot of people I do not trust by looking at their photo, but I do not know them, why judge without facts. Very few judged the rioters that killed and burned buildings and destroyed families and businesses.

  8. Someone should do the same thing to this deranged looking insane lunatic since the wimp courts will only give this ugly low life monster a slap on his sickening wrist. This cruelty must be stopped.

  9. OMG, What the hell is the matter with a human that would drag his pet around by a wire wrapped around his neck? A vile and evil monster that is who would do this and he must be severely punished and that is not a slap on the wrist. He needs to be jailed for a year or two, fined a huge amount and banned from ever having or being around animal.


  10. This man can be termed as a dangerous mental case, and I do not use those words lightly. He could leave society tomorrow and no one would miss him. Being a multi-dog owner of over 30 years, there’s no way he could not have known the dog was struggling during the “20 minute walk” and this monster paid no attention. Wonder who or what else he’s maimed, injured or killed.

  11. Hard to figure what was going wrong in this guys mind. The fact that he walked the dog for 20 minutes in this fashion makes me wonder why someone did not stop him. Too many people stand by and don’t say anything when something is morally going haywire. We need to start caring again about people and animals. This just shows how much we fear doing what is right. He should be tried and if found guilty then punished (if possible; I don’t have a lot of faith in the justice system anymore). It saddens me that God’s creatures human and other are harmed and to so many there seems to be a way to justify it. There is a possibility that this person is a sociopath. Some people don’t need to be around animals or humans. Bottom line, to stop this kind of behavior we need to start saying something when we see something and possibly save the life of an animal or a human.

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