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Soldier Kills Pregnant Wife Days Before Due Date

Fort Bragg Soldier Kills Wife

During a domestic dispute, a Fort Bragg soldier shot his wife to death before turning the gun on himself, all in front of their 3-year-old daughter.

According to the Fayetteville Police Department, Staff Sgt. Keith Lewis, a 31-year-old member of the Army Special Operations Command stationed at Fort Bragg, shot his 34-year-old wife, Sarah Lewis. Sarah had four children and was due to give birth to another on Christmas day.

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Keith died at a local hospital later on due to the self-inflicted gunshot wound. The couple’s 3-year-old, who witnessed the horrible incident, was unharmed. The couple’s unborn baby, who was going to be named Isabella, died.

“It’s a complete shock. It’s like a horror movie,” Tammy De Mirza, Sarah Lewis’ aunt, told WRAL. “She had a smile that would light up the room, I can’t explain it. She was vivacious and fun and lighthearted and easygoing and really head and heart to be of service.”

De Mirza also said that the 34-year-old was in the military until she gave birth to her first child and had since become a paramedic. According to De Mirza, Keith was Sarah’s second husband and had previously threatened her life multiple times. Police confirmed that officers had responded to a 2016 domestic dispute call involving Keith, but he was never charged.

Court records in Cumberland County show that Keith was charged with a misdemeanor in 2016 for pointing a gun at his wife. However, Sarah requested that the charges be dismissed.

Emilia River, the couple’s neighbor, heard gunshots coming from the Lewis house. She called police.

“We heard the gunshots. Immediately [my boyfriend] was like, ‘You know someone just died. You don’t shoot that many gunshots and not try to kill somebody,'” River said.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Sarah Lewis with multiple gunshot wounds.

The couple’s three-year-old daughter is staying with other family members. It wasn’t immediately clear where the other children were staying.

17 thoughts on “Soldier Kills Pregnant Wife Days Before Due Date

  1. I wonder what happened to her first husband. I hope they do a DNA on the the baby. If SSG Lewis was deployed and came back many time for SOG soldiers, I think a deep dive has to looked at. (I am a Retired US Army Soldier who served with SF and 82nd)

    1. Not really sure why you would make the assumption to have an DNA test on the baby. The soldier had no right to kill her and the baby, regardless!

  2. What in the hell is going on with Fort Bragg and this mayhem going in our Military Station. I come from a Military background and this terrible. What are the higher ups doing, they are not taking their position seriously and not looking out for their fellow country men/women just looking out themselves. I say bring in new people that our worthy of our country and we stand for

  3. It is a terribly sad story, but unfortunately not an uncommon story. I pray to God that the three year old child who witnessed the entire event will not be traumatized for the rest of her life, but will receive the best possible psychological
    care and counselling available, in order to avoid
    a lifelong mental trauma because of what she had to witness!


  5. C’mon Randall Craig, what if the other children WERE with the ex-husband. Does the ex NOT have a right to see and be with his kids? How does THAT explain anything? Long and short…even if the woman IS carrying someone’s else child, does that mean that she should be murdered? NO!!! It might mean she should be divorced, but NOT murdered. There’s a lot more to this story, but JUSTIFIABLE homicide IS NOT part of the story.

  6. What has happened too these people..????????? They refuse too grow with each other,nothing is good enough they respect no one children are a commodity,women screw around men s rew around. Our education system creates cannibalistic. Animals. MILITARY HAS BECOME TOO LAX. I MARRIED MILITARY,YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OF THE USA MILITARY. I NEVER INTERFERRED IN THE MILITARY. BUT NOW THEY LET EVERY POS IN. IT TAKE A MAN OR WO M AN ALL IHAVE SEEN ARE CHILDREN SEX TRAFFICKERS HUMAN SMUGGLERS DRUG DEALERS,MURDERER. . MEN CUT THAT DMN HAIR OFF,WOMEN BUN IT, SHAVE,WALK DONT PLOD, IRON THAT UNFORM TUCK AND BLOUSE. .LOSE SOME FAT, QUIT THE SINGLE PARENT. Welfare. A picture of a 6’4″ female with 4 kids,sloppy uniform,plods,,about 200 lbs overweight. She is no way ready for combat. My usa military would never allow this disrespect.

  7. Discipline!!! 24-7-365 that’s the key bottom line!!! People today in the military don’t have it they don’t have any principles they don’t have any morals and certainly they don’t have any dignity and most of all they donate any discipline!!!! Discipline is everything!!! Now at days they have the worst people in the military than ever before they just have and they are a bunch of scumbags!!! Becausd it shows!!! With everything’s happening and has happened in the military here in Fort Bragg, Fort hood and where else,, they ain’t got no pride!!!! To be a soldier not pride to be and American soldier!!! And they supposed to represent us?? they supposed to be our ambassadors?? It’s a shame!!!! With these people because they’re proving to be nothing but criminals, murderers, rapist, mercenaries. Killers!! Total disappointment!!! I’ was here stationed in Fort bragg THIS BY DEEDS!!! AS KNOWN!!! HOME OF THE BRAVE!!! AND I’M HERE TO TELL YOU OR ANYONE!! THAT WE WERE THE BEST AS PART OF THE 82ND AIRBORN WE WERE THE GOOD!! BOYS AMERICAS FINEST and I’m proud to say and to be what I’ was and i’ we did!!!

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