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The Worst Presidents in History

ByLarry Horist

Jan 15, 2021

Those on the left keep referring to President Trump as the worst President in American history.  I suppose that may seem credible if you want to believe it and know nothing about American history.  And that is why the left has pushed civics out of the curriculum in our education system. Many of those who place that dubious honor on Trump know better.  They are just selling their fact-challenged political narrative. Here are some of the actual worst presidents in history.

James Buchanan

Many who hitherto held to the common belief that Democrat James Buchanan (pictured above) was one of the worst presidents in history are now claiming that Trump has surpassed him.

Well … there are two problems with that contention.  One can easily argue that Trump has been a better President than Buchanan. AND that Buchanan was not the worst President in American history.  I would nominate at least two or three contenders.

As for Buchanan, he was the last of the slave-owning presidents – some of whom he claims to have freed while converting them into “indentured servants” for political reasons.  His mishandling of the slave issue is considered the pretext for the Civil War.  That is pretty bad.

Andrew Jackson

Another President that easily surpasses Trump as the worst President is one of the Democrats’ favorites, Andrew Jackson.  In fact, “Old Hickory” is the namesake for hundreds of local Democrats’ annual dinners – just as the GOP has named their dinners after President Lincoln.

Of all the slave-holding Presidents, Jackson was clearly the most brutal and vicious, and was a strident white supremacist.   He took pleasure from personally beating his slaves – something no other slave-owning President is known to have done.

As a military leader, Jackson was murderous in his dealings with Native Americans – and has been accused of summarily killing captives.  He was responsible for the “Trail of Tears” which forced tribes to relocate by foot from the east coast to western reservations – the concentration camps of the day.  Hundreds died along the way.

Woodrow Wilson

Then there was another Democrat favorite, Woodrow Wilson.  He is another one of the racist, white supremacist progressives.  He was born in Virginia in 1856 to a slave-owning family – the patriarch of which was a staunch supporter of the Confederacy.

As President of Princeton University, he virtually eliminated all Black enrollment.

As President, Wilson segregated the Armed forces and the Executive Branch of the federal government.  He was aided in that pogrom by a Navy Department official named Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   Wilson instituted the practice of requiring photographs with work applications to weed out Blacks.

Wilson was also a staunch supporter of the Ku Klux Klan – and the Klan expanded greatly during his administration.  He held a White House screening of “Birth of a Nation” – a movie that glorified the Klan.   Wilson sided with southern Democrats on matters of civil rights and segregation – as did Roosevelt some 12 years later.


Hmmmm.   Maybe Roosevelt should be in the top three.  He was also a white supremacist.  The entire New Deal program was to take jobs away from Blacks and provide them to out-of-work whites.  The head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) referred to the National Recovery Act (NRA) as the Negro Riddance Act.

Throughout his presidency, Roosevelt owned and operated the health spa at which he died in Warm, Springs, Georgia.  He banned Blacks for admission to polio healing waters, despite the pleas of Black leaders and even First Lady Eleanor.

Of course, many Americans are aware of how Roosevelt violated the law and Constitution to ship Japanese Americans to concentration camps because – he claimed – we were at war with Japan.  We were also at war with Germany and Italy. But Roosevelt assured them that he would not take such action against white nationalities.  FDR also stated his belief that children born between an Asian and a Caucasian would be biologically “unfortunate.”


You can think what you will about the Trump presidency, but it is nowhere near the top of any objective list of the worst presidents in history.  Democrats and the anti-Trump media are relying on the American public not knowing the facts when they offer up their lies and false narratives.  Not only do they NOT give the full story, but they do everything they can to censor and cancel those who might.

And remember, this commentary is from a guy who does not like Trump personally very much.  But I also dislike the kind of lies and bogus narratives emanating from left field.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So, there ‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.

49 thoughts on “The Worst Presidents in History”
  1. Obama should be on that list because he hates America and was out to destroy it while he was president. He almost succeeded in totally destroying this country and would have if Hillary had followed him because she would have continued what he was doing. Thank God we got Donald Trump instead because he worked to bring us out of the that slump.

    1. Good for you , that is the truth , now what is going to happen now that ugly joe is going to be president 🤢🤬who of course was Vice President under un president obmuma . In my book he was never president just a evil faker .

  2. You forgot George H.W. Bush. Tell ya why:

    “I want America to be a kinder, gentler nation.”

    America was NEVER a gentle country. It was always big, brash, get it done, lead, follow or get out of the way.
    “You can’t win the Revolution!” We did.
    “You can’t save Europe.” We did, twice.
    “You can’t get to the moon.” We did. First to do so. And multiple times thereafter.
    “You shouldn’t nation build.” Why not – we’re actually pretty good at it, right Europe, Asia.

    Which is a perfect seque, if you think about it, about the other part of his statement. There never has been a kinder one.

    It was the seminal event that ushered in Political Correctness that is leading to our downfall.
    Ironic that it followed that Reagan Cowboy.

    Strong men make good times.
    Good Times make weak men.
    Weak men make hard times.
    Hard times make strong men.



  4. Roosevelt’s New Deal a “racist” program?
    – Allow me to disagree with you: The New Deal was program that kept millions out of starvation and built up infrastructure for a modernized industry – a necessary program against the danger of total economic collapse – like Trump’s Pandemic Support Program.
    With Andrew Jackson, I can agree: The “Resettlement” of the Native population was not unlike Hitler’s “Madagascar Plan”.
    And for Genocide, I would suggest Pres. Truman for his reckless testing of his new toy in Japan, also a power demonstration –
    and, of course:
    Bill Clinton who starved a good million Iraqis, mostly children, to death through siege and embargo throughout his 8 years in office;
    and Barak Obama (and Josef Robinetta Biden, Hillary Clinton) who also killed a good million people in their unjust war through arming Jihadists in Libya and the terrorists of ISIL and Al Quaeda in Syria. Added to Obama and Biden comes the bloodstained Putsch in Ukraine and the following civil war.

    1. I know the common belief about FDR, but he was a strident white supremacist — as were most of the progressives of the era. The New Deal was crafted and implemented by the racist southern Democrats. Ku Klux Klaner Hugo Black was one of the key figures. Prior to the Depression Blacks actually had a slightly lower unemployment rate than Whites — although they had the low level jobs. At the height of the Depression, White unemployment rose to around 20 percent, but Black unemployment rose to over 50 percent. There is only one explanation for that. Jobs were being shifted. You can see the racism in each of the New Deal programs. White farmers were compensated for land taken by the TVA — Black farmers nothing. Hoover (Bolder) Damn was being constructed by approximately 25,000 men — of which 25 were Black. Some Blacks were in WPA programs, but were segregated and had the worst jobs and worst living condition. Construction companies with Black workers were barred from government contracts. The NAACP and other Black organizations were out in opposition to FDR.policies — believing that he sold them out after they gave him votes. I have been writing a book on racism in America and have scores of examples of FDR’s and the New Deal’s fundamental racism. He and the southern Democrats worked to defeat GOP efforts to pass anti-lynching legislation. In terms of racism, the Democratic Party has been riding on fantasy narratives.

  5. President Trump will go down in history as one of the best presidents ever! Certainly, he has been the best during the lifetime of all of us Americans!

  6. Obama was by far the worst President of my 80 years he cut Military Spending as if he was our enemy wanting to conquer us and did absolutely nothing for the middle and lower class. Dumped on his own race like he hated them. Thank God for Donald Trump! First President to kick ass and take names. Put China back in its place as second super power of the world and really cared about ALL Americans, school choice, create jobs for all americans, cut taxes, brought back companys from China! and on and on! But the establishment hated him because he showed them how to run a country without lining their pockets so they destroyed him but setting him up with the riot at the Congress, all a big setup!! Plus 4 years of Bull about Russia and whatever else they could make up!! I am disappointed with the Democrats that are running this country, they better have some good answers for the Lord!!

  7. Most Americans know that American hating, race=baiter, obummer was the worst president ever, and will always hold that title. He was the biggest embarrassment and hypocrite, and the most spineless,president America has ever had,pathetic traitor, who sold us out to our enemies. One day he will pay dearly, for his crimes against humanity.

    1. Barack Obama was by far the worst. He and the Democrats sold America to our enemies. Mainly China, North Korea and Iran. Russia just got into it, before Trump stopped them.

  8. Well I don’t know all the history of the previous Presidents, those who encouraged slavery were certainly not good Presidents, those who could have done something to improve the imagine of black, brown, red, yellow or white people in the United States but didn’t like President Obama isn’t in my book at the top of the list as best President. President Trump, who is not a politician did what he could for all people but will not be given the credit where credit is due. He really cares for all people and has done a lot to improve things for not only black but other minority groups. The record stands and the Democrats can’t take that away from him. They will tear down what he has accomplished and that is a shame but we as real Americans will keep his accomplishments alive, so don’t mess with us. Donald Trump is not a politician and that is what most Americans liked about him. He is a business man and that is what we needed to get this country back on its feet from what Obama and Biden tore down in the 8 years they were in office. This country needs to come together and work together to make it unified again and I don’t think that President Elect Biden will be able to do this alone, .However I do hope he will consider all and do what is right for the American people and try to bring it together again and I certainly would support that. When greed takes over, which is what has happened, then we will see downfall. Our Congressmen and women are elected to do the will of the American people. According to our Forefathers, they are only to serve for a short period of time, not for life.. Term limits should be enforced for all to follow. 2 terms for House and 2 terms for Senate. People who have been in longer than 18 years should not be voted in. ( 2 terms in house and 2 terms in senate is plenty for anyone.) There should be a limit of time on campaigning 6 months at the most and the money that is being used to campaign should be used to help our veterans and our homeless people. Now what we all need to do is pray for America and the world because there is much evil in it and in the end God will have the last say.

  9. Don’t forget George Bush who send the American jobs to China!..I remember this so clearly, when I worked for HartSchaffnerMarx for 32 years.. People were laid off, because it was cheaper to send the jobs overseas…Colle graduates holding sign for jobs downtown Chicago..This is far worst right now

  10. barry soetoro, aka barack hussein obama, ii, while terrible, was only the second worst U. S. President ever. He is second to lyndon baines johnson. Johnson’s intentional subversion of civil rights while Senate Majority Leader and later President set the stage for barry soetoro, aka barack hussein obama, ii, who as Dr. Alan L. Keyes so insightfully said; “[I]s a radical communist.

  11. MY list:
    BO: race relations, spying on a president
    Bush: no new taxes
    Carter: demolished the military
    Johnson: killed 58000 troops in VIET Nam for nothing
    FDR: New Deal

    All but one were democrats

  12. The “affirmative action” elected president, barak “hussein” obama was the worst president…and President “elected” who will go to WH next week will continue osama’s (uups obama) destruction of this great country…but let’s be thankful that the communist bernie sanders didn’t became president.

  13. None of the past presidents ever tried to destroy democracy or incite a insurrection where treasonous traitors attacked the capital and 6 people died those past presidents were at least American patriots

    1. Neither did Trump. Be patient, the truth is trickling out. We now know for sure one leftie, claimed to be associated with blm and antifa, in concert with a cnn employee are featured in a video celebrating and claiming victory for getting the riot started are featured in a nice video. More will come. Now, if you really believe Trump incited the violence, go to the impeachment filing and cite for us all the actual evidence that points to that. Hint, it is not there, as it does not exist. Also, do what real patriots do, listen to Trump speaking, then tell us where and when he called for violence.

  14. In my opinion Donald Trump was the best President of the presidents that I know, but probably the worst political personality

  15. I wholeheartedly agree with James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson who of course understandably Donald Trump placed a portrait of him in the Oval Office. Woodrow Wilson supported the KKK, but had the foresight with the League of Nations, forerunner to the United Nations. Harry Truman was very unpopular as he departed the White House but ended WWII after FDR’s passing. I am sure most Americans living at the time were glad that WWII ended in Europe and Asia. Truman also de-segregated the American Armed Forces. He lead the U.S. in creating NATO, the United Nations, the Truman Doctrine. FDR lead the U.S. out of the Great Depression and lead the world to victory in WWII and established future allies with Germany and Japan. So anyone who thinks Truman and Roosevelt were among the worst Presidents, pick up a good reliable history book. One President you failed to note was Donald J. Trump. He leads the way in corruption, incompetence, greed. He loves Putins and Kim of N.Korea. The nation ended with almost 400,000 dead Americans due to virus and the tragic thing, he does not give a damn. Other attributes include racism, ignorance, loves dictators, lied consistently about voter fraud which 60 courts and the Supreme Court declared “no merit”, simply another example of his fraudulent Presidency. He supported eliminating social security and medicare and wanted to take health care by eliminating Obamacare. We never did hear what his of the Republican health care plan was going to include. So you should put Trump at the top of the historical list of worst U.S. Presidents. He was the leader of the terrorists who attacked the Capital Building and the mob yelled hang Pence, etc. And of his premier example of his racism was to indicate Obama was born in Kenya. As a history major of many years ago, read history, not lies put forward by the ring wing, racist lying zealots.

    1. For the record. The military was first integrated during WW II when General Eisenhower integrated Black Tuskegee Airmen with White pilots. Ike pushed Truman on the Issue. Facing the 1948 election and the lose of the Black vote, The NAACP was planning a massive march on Washington in opposition to Truman if he did not move on civil rights. Truman signed the desegregation order during the campaign — four years after he first assumed the presidency. BUT it was largely not implemented until Ike took office in 1952 and order complete integration.

    2. Read some of that “real” history and you will see Trump was much harder on Putin than obozo was. Also, you may recall the hot mic moment when obozo caressed the knee and thigh of the Russian and told him to “tell vlad to be patient, I will have more flexibility after the election.”
      In other words, “I can not be public about my support for Russia until after I clinch my second, and final term.” And on obozocare, all I have to say there is; “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. “The avg cost per family will drop by $2500 a year.” Three of the main lies there. Even friends of mine, who actually voted for that fraud, were mad as hell about that whole damned mess. Just for clarity, I am a registered Independent and have voted for both republicans and democrats. But it has, honestly, been a while since I could vote for a democrat, none since slick willy. Yall went to hell abut then. Almost the entire party.

  16. NO ONE living or desd could even come close to being the worst president than trump and I pray to GOD that no one in the future acts and talks like trump I can’t speak for you people but I don’t want to live under the RULE of a DICTATOR and that is exactly what trump would have been if he had won the election democracy means so much to me to have a treasonous traitor take it away

  17. Obama # 1..worst everything….person, president or whatever???
    Johnson and Clinton…tied for #2. These top three are actually evil (corrupt to the core) in my opinion.
    Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter…..somewhere in the top ten…not as a people…just inadequate to be president. Jimmy Carter was too nice a person to every be in politics

  18. Hey kenm we read American history books as for you i doubt you ever read any history book. But you can read some in the future and actually widen your mind. It helps reduce brainwashed minds

  19. To all the readers who picked Barack Obama as the worst President. For this commentary, I was focusing on truly evil men — and not so much bad policies. If you look at policy, I see a lot of presidents worse than Trump — from my perspective. Obama would be among them. I did a little checking out public opinion. Despite the adoration of the left-leaning press, the public generally does not rate Obama as one of the better presidents. In some surveys, he is in the bottom quartile. With regard to Trump putting up Andrew Jackson’s portrait in the Oval Office, I wrote a commentary criticizing it. I thought it was a huge mistake … and a missed opportunity to hang racist Jackson around the neck of the Democratic Party where he belongs.

  20. Can any of you explain why most of you picked Obama as the worst president that is so very easy to explain but most of you will vehemently disagree but if you all take a close look at yourselfs you will find that you are very RACIST

  21. If you’ve noticed all of them were Democrats. When the Democrat Party was formed, Satan thought to use the Democrat party to destroy America, every law or whatever the Democrats did was to entrap and destroy lives. Jesus said, “That Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy.” Jesus said, “That Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies.” So you don’t have to be genius to know who the father of the Democrat Party is.

  22. I am 73 years old, have seen my fair share of presidents. Obama is the worst in my life time. President Trump is the best this country has ever had. Ragan would be next. Thanks


  24. Add Kennedy and Johnson to the worst President list. Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crises and The Money Conflict of Vietnam ( They made millions ). In 4 Years you can add Biden/Harris. After Comrade Biden resigns because of mental illness, Comrade Racist Supremacist Harris Will take over.

  25. All of you who picked oboma for # 1 are right. Those few racists who picked trump need to go back to school because seem to have been brainwashed by the left wing teachers of todays school system.

  26. Worst President in my live time, 76 years for those that want to know:
    1. Obama. He was not even born in this country. He was hell bent to destroy this great nation.
    2. George W. Bush. He was dumber than dumb. He was just a puppet for the people that controlled him.
    3. Clinton. He was a pervert, corrupt and a crook. He had no decent morals and was a racist too.
    4. Carter. He was just a peanut farmer. He should have stayed with that. He was willing to give the country away..
    5. Johnson. He wanted to get rid of JFK. He was only interested in the rich and powerful elite. He made a mockery of the Vietnam war.

    As a side note: President Donald Trump is the best President this country ever had. Abraham Lincoln is right up there with him.

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