• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Biden’s Record-Breaking Executive Orders – An Abuse of Power?

In an astounding abuse of presidential authority, the Biden administration has imposed a record number of presidential actions. As of Friday, January 29, Biden has pushed over 40 executive orders, directives, and moratoriums in his first ten days in office.

Several of his actions aimed to reverse President Trump’s immigration and climate policies and replace them with his agenda.

The Biden administration has also been trying to push a nearly $2 trillion stimulus package through Congress.

“The notion here is we have to act now. There’s no time for any delay,” Biden stated. “So we can end up with four million fewer jobs this year, according to Moody’s the Wall Street firm, and it could take a year longer to return to full employment if we don’t act and don’t act now.”

Biden has issued more executive orders in his first week alone than any other president in modern history. President Biden issued 22 executive orders in his first week. This compares to four executive orders issued in President Trump’s first week, five by President Obama, and zero by President George W. Bush.

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) criticized Biden for the large number of executive orders he has issued.

“The party that spent four years calling President Trump a dictator are now applauding Joe Biden for setting the record of week-one executive orders,” Boebert tweeted on Tuesday.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who served as former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, was also critical. “Biden once said that excessive reliance on executive orders, ignoring the Legislature, is dictatorial,” Giuliani said. “Well, Joe do you remember saying that it could be dictatorial. Are you aware enough that it now applies to you?”

It’s too early to tell if Biden will issue an unusual number of executive orders during his term. The initial slew of orders appears to be a reaction to the Trump policies that were still in place.

Biden is expected to slow down rolling out executive orders next week as he looks to shift gears to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic – but how far he is willing to use or abuse his newly found executive power remains to be seen.


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10 thoughts on “Biden’s Record-Breaking Executive Orders – An Abuse of Power?”
  1. Its shameful and costly to the American public for him in his haze or what ever is wrong with him to tear down perfectly good mandates made my President Trump, its obvious that this is on a personal level not things put in place for the good of the people. The Democrats hate Trump with a passion you can smell a yard away and they will stop at nothing, including pushing ex. orders under Biden’s nose to sign and alike good little dog, he did……caught on video and he said ” what is this? I don’t know what this is …….and in the background of 6 or 7 people in the office with him one of the them all but shouted at him ” sign it ! “

  2. I take it this article is a R article? And these comments that I can see are all R? Well guess what? Of course you will all detest a D President pushing out EOs to abolish all EOs put in place by a just defeated R President? Donald Trump – a President who was just a small boy (which is why he doesn’t understand ‘defeat’) with a small mind in an adult body; an egotistic and narcissist insurrection inciter President. And you all want to defend him and wash away all his socio- political mortal sins? Wow, this is too much. The US was a great nation of wonderful people. I’m sick to death of reading about R versus D every time I open Google. Donald Trump was a mighty big mistake for the US. That mistake is no longer. He is past tense. Now please move on and be the leader of the Free World again. I don’t care which Party President is in the White House or who controls the Senate and the House. Just get on with the business of Free World Leadership, before someone else does. The US cannot be the Leader of the Free World if doesn’t work with the rest of the Free World. That is what made your country and your people great and that is what will make your country Great Again. Not this small time inward looking, school yard infighting small nation mentality of Donald Trump. Move on. Move forward. Please.

    1. Are You Really that Blind and Ignorant that You Actually Believe the Crap You Wrote? The Mistake is Illegally in the White House Now!

    2. “The US was a great nation of wonderful people. I’m sick to death of reading about R versus D every time I open Google. ” Trump was great……Biden is worthless, NOT a good congressman and not a good President. I cannot fathom what about Biden you find so great.

    3. You need to do some research & see how much good Trump did for our country. More jobs, better standard of living, more minorities having better jobs & owning homes, less unemployed, etc. If you want to call Trump a school boy, what do you call wiping out all policys because you hate someone. Biden has destroyed thousands of jobs. What are those familys going to do? Why don’t you ask them? He is letting in millions, what are they going to do for jobs & housing. You will be paying for them with your taxes. And as for climate control, America was leading the way with less emissions than any other country. Do your research before you spout off on things you don’t know what you are talking about………..

  3. I only have one great concern that I believe needs to be addressed, with due diligence. And that is that Biden has to stop the drilling in the Atlantic Ocean and other off shore s every since the drilling began, our world has had so many climate changes and catastrophic damage, and that is what we have warned would happen if Trump allowed the drilling. Well it’s a very real thing, and if Biden can stop it from any more damage to the world, I am begging him to do it. Please stop the drilling

  4. Biden is undoing what the White Suprematist Trump did to our Democracy in our Country. We are not a third world country like some blind patriots think our country is made! We still have have lots of work to do for our Democracy!

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