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Landlord Kidnaps his Tenants and Leaves Them in a Cemetery


Feb 26, 2021

A landlord in Albany, New York, abducted two of his tenants in their sleep and left them out in the cold in an empty cemetery. According to officials, the landlord was fed up with eviction rules amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 48-year-old landlord, Shawn Douglas, has been charged with second-degree kidnapping. Douglas, along with two others who have not yet been charged, was armed at the time of the kidnapping.

The incident happened between 1 a.m. and 8 a.m. on Sunday. Douglas and his accomplices abducted the tenants while they were asleep and assaulted them.

They then restrained the tenants with zip ties, tape, and pillowcases before loading them into a vehicle. They drove them to what they believed to be a motel in Colonie, a suburb of New York’s capital city.

According to the victims, the suspects were “in possession of an unknown type firearm.”

They were later left “in the middle of a cemetery” in the rural town of Ghent, New York. Temperatures in Ghent reached a low of 8 degrees Fahrenheit on the day of the kidnapping.

Court records show that Douglas has pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping charge.

Virtually all eviction proceedings are on hold in the state of New York due to a moratorium from the state legislature.

A federal moratorium is also in place for certain non-paying renters. In order to skip rent without being evicted, tenants have to provide a declaration to their landlord stating that they quality under specific criteria that the CDC set forth.

Landlords are not happy with the moratoriums. Some have not received rent at all during the pandemic, despite having their own bills to pay. In some cases, landlords have resorted to so-called “self-help” evictions, harassing their tenants to the point that they abandon the property.

Douglas was released from jail after posting a $50,000 bond, according to a spokesperson from the Albany County District Attorney’s Office. He does not currently have any formal court appearances scheduled.

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8 thoughts on “Landlord Kidnaps his Tenants and Leaves Them in a Cemetery”
  1. While this landlord broke all kinds of laws, the fact is that the government has placed the burden for this China Plague on the landlords to the benefit of the tenants. That is outrageous. Can those tenants also go to a supermarket and help themselves to free food? EVERYONE has to be responsible for their own care and feeding. Why should tenants be allowed to stay rent free and the landlords have to carry that burden. Should the landlord also pay that tenant’s heating and water bill? Where does this stupidity end? If you can’t pay your rent you need to move to a place you CAN afford. The government is upside down and wrong. Voters need to get rid of government politicians allow this.

  2. My sister is a landlord in Florida. She charges $1600 a month rent for a condo. The guy who lives there drinks , can afford to spend money on dates , drives a BMW but can’t afford to pay rent because of Covid 19 ? My sister has had to pay the bank for a year now out of her own pocket. Are landlords supposed to get a second job while maintaining maintenance for a tenant who pays nothing ? I don’t understand this no eviction notice. If I was there , I would kick the bum out myself ! Who’s ever been allowed to live somewhere free of charge ? It’s totally ridiculous and hurting my sister financially and causes stress she doesn’t need ! She’s a cancer survivor and does not deserve this BS ! I’m a security officer , I’ve not missed a day or been late to my job or not payed rent in a year ! Freeloaders like free things they don’t have to work for ! Get a fkn job or get out !

  3. I have a landlord that spoke to me about the rent. He said if I can’t pay all of it each month, I should pay what I can and make up for it when I can. And I will! Of course, I don’t have a ridiculous $1600 a month rent either!!!

  4. I have to agree with John. This landlord was a criminal and should be punished.

    However, how much can liberals and their “pandemic” push even one of their own, and let them be taken advantage of, before they crack?
    Now tenants can blame the “pandemic”, to not pay their rent, yet the landlord is still obligated to pay the mortgage and bills associated with the property?
    If tenants can not afford to live there, they deserve to move out so the landlord can replace them, so they can pay the mortgage their bills.
    If liberals do not like the idea of THOUSANDS of tenants being THROWN ON THE STREETS, then LIBERALS need to FIX the PROBLEM that THEY CREATED.
    Liberals need to let tenants go back to work or else LANDLORDS will NOT be able to pay the BANKS.
    If LIBERALS and the COURTS don’t give a Crap about Landlords, more Banks will go BANKRUPT.

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