A wax museum in downtown San Antonio, Texas sas forced to remove its wax figure of Donald Trump after it was repeatedly vandalized and punched by visitors.

Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks took the wax figure out off public display and into storage after multiple beatings.

Clay Stewart, the regional manager of parent company Ripley’s Entertainment said that the scratches on the wax Trump’s face were especially damaging.

“When it’s a highly political figure, attacks can be a problem,” Stewart said.

The wax figure of Trump will probably not return to display until the new wax figure of President Biden is added to the museum. It is currently still in production in Orlando, Florida.

After the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Trump left the White House with record-low approval ratings. A February poll from YouGov and The Economist found that Trump was named the worst president in U.S. history.

That doesn’t sway his loyal base. Trump is the top contender for the 2024 presidential GOP race. A recent survey obtained by The Hill found that 51 percent of GOP voters will support Trump in a future primary.

The same survey revealed that 88 percent of voters who are registered Republicans or who affiliate as Republicans approve of Trump’s presidency.

10 thoughts on “Museum Forced to Remove Trump Wax Figure After Multiple Beatings from Visitors”
  1. That’s is a bunch of bullshit.worst president s are Obama !Biden !Clinton ! & the peanut dick ! Group of pure shit !

    1. Totally agree, this would never have existed if we had real representation of the people,we need better vetting of politicians

  2. Easier solution to this problem, stop letting liberal thugs enter the Museum. Obviously they are not there to learn anything. And their leader wants UNITY, NOT!

    1. Somebody didn’t get the memo! UNITY is the word from the left. Now that they have the whole sand box and all the toys! As usual though, the party of hate and discontent and all things free. Can’t control themselves and act like human beings! A bounty might not be a bad idea……no real value unless you have a plot of land you don’t want anything to grow on! Asphalt maybe?

  3. Shame on whomever is responsible for removing the President Trump wax figure! He has been the best president during our lifetime!!!!!!!!!! Whoever did this is the person who should be removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Listen, you can’t tell me that you don’t have cameras and security in that museum and you can’t make me believe you don’t have pictures of the person or persons doin the damage. What you are trying to make me believe is that it is a mystery and that once again Trump is to blame. Well, I am not buying it, what I am buying is that you are to chicken shit to charge these people doing the damage because you are afraid they will come back and do more damage. You are the problem and this will continue until you stand up for your rights.

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