Dog Race Winner Disqualified After Testing Positive for Meth

Greyhound Race

A New Zealand greyhound trainer has been disqualified from racing after her winning dog tested positive for meth.

Zipping Sarah finished in first place at Christchurch’s Addington Raceway in November 2020. Her trainer, Angela Helen Turnwald, earned a $4,000 stake for her trainer Angela Helen Turnwald, according to the New Zealand Herald.

However, the prize money was withheld after a post-race urine test revealed methamphetamine and amphetamine in the dog’s system.

“The level of amphetamine (as it metabolized from methamphetamine) in the sample was particularly large,” said Warwick Gendall, panel chairman of the Judicial Control Authority for Racing.

He also noted that the potent stimulant “poses significant animal welfare issues.”

Despite the evidence, the committee couldn’t find Turnwald guilty of “deliberate wrongdoing” because they were unable to determine when the drugs were administered.

Still, the racing authority wanted to make their drug policy clear as possible. So, they disqualified the trainer for four months and fined her $3,500.

The penalty came despite the fact that the JCA had received countless references in support of the trainer — as well as a personal statement.

This is the third case of its kind in six months, which drew in attention from animal rights advocate SAFE who called animal abuse.

“Giving a dog methamphetamine to improve their race performance is depraved,” said SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe, adding that the government should “halt racing” until conducting a review of the industry.

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  1. Elsine

    Stop the insanity of racing these beautiful dogs throughout the world. We have a retired grey hound that we rescued. . Great dog But this needs to stop

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